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Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

Date post: 23-Oct-2021
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Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish September 05, 2021 www.stastr.org TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Pastor Father Albin Roby Parochial Vicar Father Diego Hernandez Weekend Associate Bishop Edmund Whalen Parish Secretary Sirena Huang Parish Office 602 Port Richmond Avenue Staten Island, NY 10302 (718)442-4755; [email protected] Monday—Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Religious Education Program Classes begin September 15 Please Register “BE OPENED!” (Mk. 7:31-37)
Page 1: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

Saint Adalbert Saint Roch


September 05, 2021


Pastor Father Albin Roby Parochial Vicar

Father Diego Hernandez Weekend Associate

Bishop Edmund Whalen

Parish Secretary Sirena Huang

Parish Office 602 Port Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10302 (718)442-4755; [email protected] Monday—Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Religious Education Program

Classes begin September 15 Please Register

“BE OPENED!” (Mk. 7:31-37)

Page 2: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

St. Roch Church 602 Port Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10302

Weekend Masses Saturday…...4:00 PM (Vigil)

Sunday:….8:00 AM &10:00 AM 12:00 PM (Spanish)

Weekday Masses Monday – Friday:…...8:30 AM

Thursday…7:00 PM (Spanish)

Confessions Saturday:…...3:30 PM - 3:55 PM

Baptisms Saturday:…...1:00 PM

Sunday:…….10:00 AM

St. Adalbert Church 337 Morningstar Road Staten Island, NY 10303

Weekend Masses Saturday:…….5:00 PM (Vigil) Sunday:……..10:30 AM & 12:00 PM

Weekday Masses (Holy Days of Obligation) 9:00 AM Saturday: ……12:00 PM

Confessions Saturday:…...4:30 PM - 4:55 PM

Baptisms Saturday:…...12:30 PM Sunday:…….12:00 PM



Church Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Saint Roch

8:30 AM

Fr. Diego

Fr. Diego

Fr. Diego



Fr. Diego

No Mass

Saint Adalbert

9:00 AM

12pm Mass Fr. Diego


St. Adalbert Church

05:00 PM Fr. Diego

10:30 AM Fr. Roby

12:00 PM Fr. Roby

St. Roch Church

04:00 PM Fr. Roby

08:00 AM Fr. Challman

10:00 AM Fr. Diego

12:00 PM Fr. Diego

Page 3: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

St. Adalbert

Saturday, September 11

12:00 PM Felicitation Lavides By Louie & Wilma and family 5:00 PM Joseph A. Salmone By wife Christine Sunday, September 12

10:30 PM Olmedo Gonzalez By Mr. & Mrs. Ron Salguera

12:00 PM Alfonse DeFrancesco By Family _________________________

This Week’s

Memorial Offerings

The Sanctuary Candle in St. Roch Church

was donated this week in memory of

Anna Diorio & Damato Fanily By Battista & Diorio Family


Collection for Haiti: Today we will have a collection for our Haitian brothers and sisters suffering from the devastating effects of an earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace. Please prayerfully consider helping them in their recovery.

St. Roch

Monday, September 6

8:30 AM Rita & Francis Farley By family

Tuesday, September 7

8:30 AM Retirement Blessings to Bob Sloan (L) by Sirena Huang

Wednesday, September 8

8:30 AM Lucille DiBerardino Ross By the St. Ann Society Thursday, September 9

8:30 AM Mark Hegarty By family Friday, September 10

8:30 AM In honor of St. Joseph By Sirena Huang Saturday, September 11

4:00 PM Victims of 9/11 and their families Sunday, September 12

8:00 AM Joseph Ryan, Anniv. in Heaven By family 10:00 AM Kevin Asia Almazan By family 12:00 PM Communal

Page 4: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

Pray for the Departed

Camille Roccanova, Ann Wegner, William Counts, Jean Marretta, Grace Quattrocchi, Jay Marco Lavides Belen, Salvatrice Cirmia, Norma Santos, Helen Cichon, Harold Eckett, Robert D. Rosa, James Otten, Amanda Libutti, Joseph Milazzo, .Jennifer Lea Snyder-Gibbons, John LaGreca, Walter C. Santos, Philip Denino, MaryLou Sanginari, Dorothy Czajkowski, Delfino Ramirez Pablano, Roland Deschaine, Luis Pavia Ramirez, Harry Buddy Fahey, Lucille Ross DiBerardino, Michael Raia, and Joseph May, Ronald Brier, Gerald Sansevero, Margaret Abbatiello, Joseph Pinzolo, Rose Rotunno.

Pray for the Sick & Homebound

Maria Adorno, Johann Bavuso, Jacob Bendicto, Steven Bon, Jean Caldarera, Joseph Cashin, Ursula Cashin, Easton Clark (1yr old), Jeanne Colca, Phyllis DeMartinis, Anthony D,Angelo, Michael Dote, Tom Drabick, Salva-tore Fedele, Susan Ferris, Gerri Fleming, Patty Forrstrom, Anthony Galano, Lina Gangidino, Jennifer Gibbons, Dan-iel Guzman, Manny Hernandez, Erich Kensella, Dianne Kinsella, Maria Lamia, Fred LoCasto Jr., Mariana Loiz, Stacey Mazur, Marie Luongo, Anthony Lupia, Jerry Mercertelli, Fr. Angelo Micciulla, Ann Merlino, Ida Merli-no, Charlie Milatta, Ralph Muniz Jr., Kevin Neavear, Gra-zia Lella Palumbo, Mikey Pizzuto, Terrence Reed, Luz Maria Rosado, Johnathan Ross, Deborah Rossetti, Ulises Ruiz Jr., Linda Rupert, CHarlies Russell, Ron Salguera, Stephen Schodowski, George Sharrett, Claire Sharett, Ha-zel Shea, Helen Shea, Phyllis Sloan, Ruth Torre, Michael Trombetta, Joseph Ursillo, Sal Vitagliano.

Collections for August 28 & 29

1st Collection: $4749

2nd Collection: $758

WeShare: $435

Total Donations: $5942

Attendance: 437


50/50: Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. William Lyman on winning $607 in our July/August 50/50. If you would like to be a part of our September/October drawing please submit your $5 donation in an envelope with your name and telephone number. Label the envelope “50/50” and submit it to us no later than Sunday, October 31.

Memorial Candles: You can remember a loved one in a special way by donating a perpetual memorial candle in his/her name. Donations include a small gold plaque in front of the shrine you choose. For more information, please call the rectory on weekdays (718)442-4755.

Thank You! We wish to express our sincerest gratitude to Mrs. Liliana Silva for dry cleaning the garments on the Infant of Prague statue in St. Roch Church.

Labor Day: The rectory will be closed on Monday, September 6 for Labor Day.

Choir Seasonal Decorating Columbiettes Seniors Group Divine Mercy St. Ann Society Food Pantry St. Simon Stock Lay Carmelites Holy Name Society St. Vincent De Paul Society Hospitality Group Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit Prayer Group

Page 5: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish


Beginning in September Sunday baptisms will be celebrated as a community during the at 10am mass in St. Roch Church and 12pm mass in St. Adalbert Church. All parents baptizing a child for the first time must take a class. Please call the rectory for more in-formation.


Confessions are available in the rectory on weekdays by appointment or in St. Roch Church on Thursdays at 5pm.

Wedding To arrange a wedding at St. Adalbert/St. Roch Parish, consult with a priest at least six months prior to the proposed date and before social ar-rangements. Attendance at Pre-Cana and Natu-ral Family Planning classes is required.

Anointing of the Sick Communion to the Homebound

We apologize, but in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19 virus, we cannot visit the sick at this time. You may call the recto-ry or email us with the name of your loved one and we will add him/her to our prayers.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry is in need of peanut butter and jelly, rice, powdered potatoes, ce-real, instant oatmeal, canned fruit, kids snacks, juice boxes, diapers, and baby wipes. We will be open on Tuesday, September 14 from 5pm—6pm. Please come if you can use some help this month.

Page 6: Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish

Religious Education Program: Registration and reregistration for the 2021-2022 school year has be-gun. Please stop by the rectory for an application or call (718)442-4755. For new registrants please bring a copy of your child’s baptism certificate. First Communion and Confirmation are 2 year programs. Classes begin September 15.

Adults Seeking First Communion and Confirma-tion: If you are 17 years old and over and would like to receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation please call the rectory.

St Ann Society: The St. Ann Society will meet on Monday, September 13 at 1pm in the Parish Hall. Please wear a mask and bring your vaccination cards. All attendees must be fully vaccinated. Thank you for your cooperation. Beginning in October, the St. Ann Society meetings will be held on the first Tues-day of the month at 1pm in the parish hall. All ladies of the parish are invited to join the St. Ann Society.

Prayer Group: The Prayer Group invites you to their meeting on Thursday, September 16 at 1pm in the parish hall. Please wear a mask and bring your vaccination cards. All attendees must be fully vac-cinated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Holy Name Society: Will meet in the parish hall on Sunday Sept 12 following the 8am mass. Men of the parish are welcome to join.

Holy Spirit Revival: SI Council of Churches in-vites you to a Holy Spirit Revival on Saturday, Sep-tember 25 from 9am—4pm in Immanuel Lutheran Church located at 2018 Richmond Ave. Breakfast & lunch included. Free. Space is limited. To register go to [email protected].

Bus Ride: Join us for a trip to Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on September 20. Tickets are $45 per person with a $20 return. Please call John or Kat (718)698-4117.

Día del Trabajo: La Rector ía estará cer rada el lunes 6 de septiembre por el Día del Trabajo.

Programa de educación religiosa: Ha comen-zado la inscripción para el año escolar 2021-2022. Los niños que se preparan para recibir la Primera Comunión deben comenzar las clases de educación religiosa cuando ingresen al primer grado en la es-cuela pública. Visite la rectoría para obtener una solicitud o llame para obtener más información al (718) 442-4755.

¡Gracias! Deseamos expresar nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a la Sra. Liliana Silva por lavar en seco las prendas de la estatua del Infante de Praga en la Igle-sia de San Roque.

Sacramentos: Comenzaremos un Pr ograma RI-CA para edades de 17 años hasta adultos que se reunirá los lunes por la noche en el Salón Parroqui-al a partir de septiembre. RICA es un programa de educación religiosa para aquellos mayores de 16 años que deseen iniciarse plenamente en la Iglesia Católica al recibir los sacramentos del Bautismo, la Primera Comunión y la Confirmación. Llame a la rectoría para obtener más información.

Confesión: Las confesiones están disponibles en la iglesia de St. Roch los jueves a las 5 pm. No es necesario concertar una cita.

Registro: Si desea registrarse en la par r oquia, por favor pase por la oficina de lunes a viernes en-tre las 9 am y las 5 pm. No se requiere docu-mentación. Viaje en autobús: No quer rá per derse nuestro último viaje en autobús "Lunes" del verano. Únase a nosotros para un viaje a Resorts Casino en Atlan-tic City, NJ el 20 de septiembre. Los boletos cuestan $ 45 por persona con un retorno de $ 20. Llame a John o Kat (718) 698-4117. Despensa de Alimentos: Nuestra despensa de alimentos estará abierta el martes 14 de septiembre de 5 pm a 6 pm.

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