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Date post: 17-Jan-2022
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Saint Damien Parish Saint Damien Parish Saint Damien Parish St. Augustine Church 13th St. & Wesley Ave. St. Frances Cabrini Church 2nd St. & Atlantic Ave. Our Lady Of Good Counsel Church 40th St. & Asbury Ave. PARISH OFFICE: 1337 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226 (609) 399-0648 Ocean City, New Jersey www.StDamienParish.com Reverend Michael P. Rush Pastor Reverend Allen B. Lovell Parochial Vicar Reverend Alvaro Diaz Parochial Vicar-Hispanic Ministry Deacon Michael J. Carter Sister Joelle Thren, SCC Director Religious Education Katherine H. Waldow Director of Youth Ministry Mass Schedule for Summer 2019 Our Lady of Good Counsel Church St. Augustine Church St. Frances Cabrini Church Sunday: Saturday: Daily: Confession Saturday: Sunday: Saturday: Communion Service Daily: Confession Saturday: Sunday: Spanish Mass Sunday: Saturday: Daily: Confession Saturday: Eucharistic Adoration: 7:45am 9:15am 10:30am 4:00pm 4:00pm (Mon-Fri) 3:00pm 7:30am 9:00am 10:30am 5:00pm 7:00am (Mon-Fri) 4:00pm 8:00am 9:30am 11:00am 6:00pm 4:30pm 8:30am (Mon-Sat) 11:00am 9:00am-noon (Mon-Fri) 7:00pm-8:30pm (Wed)
St. Augustine Church
40th St. & Asbury Ave.
PARISH OFFICE: 1337 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226 • (609) 399-0648
Ocean City, New Jersey • www.StDamienParish.com
Reverend Michael P. Rush Pastor
Reverend Allen B. Lovell
Deacon Michael J. Carter
Sister Joelle Thren, SCC Director Religious Education
Katherine H. Waldow Director of Youth Ministry
Mass Schedule for Summer 2019 Our Lady of Good Counsel Church
St. Augustine Church
8:00am 9:30am 11:00am 6:00pm 4:30pm 8:30am (Mon-Sat) 11:00am
9:00am-noon (Mon-Fri) 7:00pm-8:30pm (Wed)
Saturday, June 8 th
8:30am Special Intention: Pat Crowley requested by her Friends Phil Costello “Happy Birthday” requested by Carm Rosch 4:30pm Eileen McGowan requested by the Shields Family Robert Mullins requested by his Wife Sunday, June 9
8:00am Leon J. Kazmierczak requested by Lucille & John Worley Al Perino requested by his Wife 9:30am People of the Parish Vincent Reilly requested by the Husted Family 11:00am Adeline Hester requested by Ora Mae Carroll Kristin MacDonald Fenerty requested by the Bongiovanni Family Monday, June 10
8:30am Michael and Jim O’Brien requested by O’Brien Family Wednesday, June 12
8:30am Paul & Pauline Rush requested by their Sons Thursday, June 13th 8:30am Felix D’Aloise, Sr. (54
th Anniversary)
requested by Therese Donlan Warren Shortlidge requested by Bob & Sue Halon Friday, June 14
8:30am The Schiavo and Welker Families requested by Ralph Schiavo
Mass Intentions at St. Augustine Church
Saturday, Saturday, June 8th 5:00pm Henry Concina (7
th Anniversary)
7:30am Donna Muller and Richard Muller requested by William Zeiger 9:00am Jim McGuckin (25
th Anniversary)
requested by Marge McGuckin Jim and Michael O’Brien requested by the O’Brien Family 10:30am Al Perino (3
rd Anniversary)
requested by his wife, Elaine Catherine Decker requested by Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D’Ambrosio Monday, June 10
th - Friday, June 14
Intentions For Next Weekend…
Saturday, June 15th 8:30am Joseph Nociti 4:00pm James Blackburn and Luna Navo 4:30pm Wayne D. Schlegel and Rose Iacone (75th Birthday) 5:00pm Anthony Addario and Maureen Unger Sunday, June 16th 7:30am Thomas Williams and James Mahar 7:45am Harry Vanderslice, Sr., Jack Davis, III and Jack Davis, Jr. 8:00am Thomas Quinn and Kenneth Layre 9:00am Frank Manco and Laurence W. Stedem 9:15am Trudy Squarcia and Charie Cabrey 9:30am Dan Gallagher and Living and Deceased Members of the Mack and Murtaugh Families 10:30am Robert McDowell and Joseph Marchese and Fred Campo 10:30am Dr. Donald Raymond Lintner and Mrs. Mary Theresa Lintner 11:00am Raymond Murphy, Jr. and Dick Connolly
Saturday, Saturday, June 8 th
4:00pm Nancy Scorn requested by Brian & Tina Kolmer Lauren Catherine Armstrong requested by Dave & Cathy Neder Sunday, June 9
7:45am Mary Lee Hansbury requested by her husband, Bob 9:15am Bill Gruber requested by his wife, Pat Thomas Joseph Foster requested by the Family 10:30am Emil Maikner requested by Kim Schleider Special Intention: Roseann & Michael Naviglia Monday, June 10
4:00pm Helen & Earl Kearns requested by Barbara & Bob Lautenschlager Tuesday, June 11
4:00pm Bill Shaw requested by Barbara & Bob Lautenschlager Wednesday, June 12
4:00pm Raymond J. Garrison, Sr. requested by Mary Jude, Dave, and Chris Zarkoski Thomas J. Cassidy (2
nd Anniversary)
4:00pm William & Gertrude Foster requested by Bob Foster Eileen Sladek requested by her Family Friday, June 14
Mass Intentions at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church
The Flowers on the Main Altar at St. Augustine are in Loving Memory of:
Thomas Williams and James Mahar donated by Gail and Karen
Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019
Mon-Sat: Pray the Rosary-St. Frances Cabrini 7:50am Mon: Miraculous Medal Novena-St. Frances Cabrini after the 8:30am Mass Mon-Fri: Eucharistic Adoration-St. Frances Cabrini 9am-noon
Tues: Legion of Mary-St. Frances Cabrini after the 8:30am Mass
Wed: Holy Love Prayer Group-St. Frances Cabrini 9:00am
Wed: Eucharistic Adoration-St. Frances Cabrini 7-8:30pm
Thurs: St. Frances Cabrini Novena-St. Frances Cabrini after the 8:30am Mass
Sandwiches for Catholic Charities We will be preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for
Catholic Charities, on the 2nd Thursday of each month. We will meet again
this Thursday, June 13th at 8:30am at St. Frances Cabrini, Culliney Hall
If you will be joining us, please call Kay Manco at 399-2810. All are Welcome!
Note: If you would like to make a donation of peanut butter and jelly, please leave your donations
on the kitchen counter in Culliney Hall. We would appreciate any and all donations!
For ALL Youth Ministry schedules and activities, please go to:
Travis Benson, USN, Christian Blasy, Shawn Braue, Megan Burton, Peter Busillo, USN, Paul Cassidy, Yetta E. Concina, Luke Dever, Christine Eberly, Will Eberly, Christopher Edwards, Joseph Egro, Tommy Fahy, Maj. Gen. Michael A. Fantini, USAF, Neal Ferrano, Eric Forcillo, Richard Gegeckas, Katlyn Gregorio, Scott Howley, Ryley Huber, USA, April L. Kelso, USAF, Matthew Kilroy, USMC, Michael Kilroy, USA, David Koch, A.A. Rosario LaRosa, USN, Nicki Leber, Jason & Joann Levin, USCG, Stuart R. Lockhart, USMC, Flynn Luurtsema, Shane Luurtsema, Ryan Luurtsema, Rollie Malfitano, USN, Lori Marshall, Bobby Martin, Mary Martin, Ryan Martin, Michael McClellan, Thomas McKenna, Erik Miller, Edward Montgomery, Brendan Meyers, Kristen O’Neill, Vincent Petrucci, Michael Price, John Price, Scott Quattrone, Matthew Ross, James Michael Scheibein, USA, Jacob Libby Schor, USMC, Jonathan Sheldon, USMCR, Scott Sladek, George Josh Slawter, Max Slusher, Marshall Smith, Robert J. Smith, USN, Michael Truszkowski, USMC, Luke Walsh, Cecily Walsh, USN, John Anthony Walsh, USN, Sgt. William Henry Warren, Reid Wilbraham, Jason Willhide, USN.
Please contact the Parish Office at 399-0648 to remove a name from the sick list or,
to add a name to the sick list. Names will remain on the sick list for 1 month unless we are notified to keep them on longer.
Please pray for the sick and infirm of our parish — especially:
Teresa Bokoski Beth Bowman James Bradley Janet Burk Jacqueline Caroccio William Cruice Agnes Mc Donald Jane Doren Caroline Duke Victoria Gallagher Pat Horan Ryan Hughes Theresa Ifkovits Jean Leach Florence Lynch Jacqueline Master
Myra McCann Bill McMahon Jim McMahon Sharon Muller John Quinn Constance Russell Ken Russo Layla Santangelo Nicole Santangelo Joy Simmerman Mitchell Snapper Margaret Steigleman Bill Thomas Dr. Patrice Trauffer Richard Weaver
Please pray for those who have died, and their families, and friends; especially:
Catherine Adams and
St. Vincent de Paul
St. Vincent de Paul is in need of
a Car in good running order If you would like to make a donation
please call the parish office @609-399-0648
TO BENEFIT ST. VINCENT DE PAUL The Thrift Shop located
at 914 Haven Avenue First Floor OPEN
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm
Stop by to see what’s new!
PENTECOST SUNDAY First Reading: Acts 2:1-11 The disciples were celebrating Pentecost together when "tongues of fire appeared which parted, then came to rest on each of them." The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in foreign tongues. Visitors from many different countries were amazed that each guest could hear his or her native language being spoken as the disciples proclaimed God's glory. Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13 Each person has received different manifestations of the same spirit to contribute to the common good of all. All members of the church have been baptized into one body because of our belief in the Holy Spirit, who was sent to us by God. Gospel: John 20:19-23 Jesus appeared to the disciples even though they had locked the doors in fear. Jesus then showed the disciples his hands and his side; and they rejoiced at his presence. He breathed on them saying "Receive the Holy Spirit." He then gave the disciples the power to forgive others or hold them accountable for their sins.
Monday 2 Cor 1:1-7; Mt 5:1-12
Tuesday Acts 11:21b-26; Mt 5:13-16
Wednesday 2 Cor 3:4-11; Mt 5:17-19
Thursday 2 Cor 3:15-4:1, 3-6; Mt 5:20-26
Friday 2 Cor 4:7-15; Mt 5:27-32
Saturday 2 Cor 5:14-21; Mt 5:33-37
As we continue to move forward toward our goal of $230,149 for this year’s campaign, I ask that you continue to pray for those who are relying on us for our prayers and our generosity. We have, thus far, received pledges and gifts totaling $78,068.00. Thank you to all who have contributed to this annual campaign. To those who have yet to participate in this fund raising effort, we your priests at St. Damien’s parish, issue a special plea to consider a pledge to help in this truly Christian ministry of providing support to the poor and needy of our community. Please take a moment to fill out a pledge card and know that whatever you do for others you do for Jesus himself. Pledge cards can be found in the back of the church. Thank you all for your generosity and your help.
2nd Collection this weekend ~ June 9, 2019 is for the Annual House of Charity Appeal
Please be as generous as your means allow, to help us help others in need.
Join us for all or part of this beautiful and rich 7 week study.
Thursdays June 27th - Aug 22nd from 9:15am to 10:45am,
immediately following 8:30 morning Mass in Culliney Hall at St Frances Cabrini
2nd St. & Atlantic Ave. Email [email protected] or 215-287-7069
A Biblical Walk Through The Mass
The Bible Study Group will meet at Our Lady of Good Counsel on
Wednesdays, after the 4pm Mass, in the “Cry Room”, from 4:30 to 5:30pm. Beginning Wednesday, June12th.
All are Welcome ~ Please join us!
Christ at Mass We commonly think of Pentecost as the “birthday” of the Church. On the other hand, great saints saw the Church as born from the side of Christ on the cross; “the Church was born from the pierced heart of Christ hanging dead on the cross. (St Ambrose, Catechism of the Catholic Church 766).” We could, however, see Pentecost as the “Confirmation” of the Church. Just as Christians receive the fullness of Christ’s baptismal promises at Confirmation, the infant Church becomes fully prepared for our mission to the world at Pentecost. The mission of the Church is the mission of Christ, to reconcile people to God, forgive their sins, and show them the path to full and eternal life. At the Last Supper, Christ says to the apostles, “the one who loves me keeps my commandments.” and he said, “the Holy Spirit will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” On the First Easter Sunday, Christ breathes on the apostles and says (this Sunday’s Gospel), “receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive are forgiven.” On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate God’s gift of the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins. As we accept forgiveness, we need to remember and be faithful to the teachings of Christ, which we have with certainty, through the Church by the Holy Spirit.
Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019
St. Damien Joy of the Gospel
As Missionary Disciples, we are called to the evangelization of others and transforming our culture with the love of the Lord and His teaching. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our St. Damien Parish Community strives to bring Christ to others by following the way of Missionary Discipleship: Encounter, Accompany, Community, and Sending Forth. Our faith Community is a place of invitation, welcome, hospitality and service. We can be Christ for others through our St. Damien Ministries. 1. Eucharistic Adoration (interested adorers contact Barb 609-560-0383)
2. Know your Fellow Parishioner. A new proposal to write a regular feature that will introduce members of the parish to the larger community. The aim is to help us know each other better and appreciate the diversity and richness of our parish community. (Contact Deborah 608-772-6244)
3. Welcoming New Parishioners (interested volunteers contact Mary Terese 410-952-2865)
San Damián Alegría del Evangelio Como discípulos misioneros, somos llamados a la evangelización de los demás y a transformar nuestra cultura con el amor del Señor y su enseñanza. Con la guía del Espíritu Santo, nuestra comunidad de la parroquia de St. Damien se esfuerza por llevar a Cristo a los demás siguiendo el camino del discipulado misionero: encuentro, acompañamiento, comunidad y envío. Nuestra comunidad de fe es un lugar de invitación, bienvenida, hospitalidad y servicio. Podemos ser Cristo para los demás a través de nuestros Ministerios de San Damián. 1. Adoración eucarística (los adoradores interesados contactan con Roberto 609-470-1405) 2. Conozca a su compañero feligrés. Una nueva propuesta para escribir una característica regular que
presentará a los miembros de la parroquia a la comunidad en general. El objetivo es ayudarnos a conocernos mejor y apreciar la diversidad y riqueza de nuestra comunidad parroquial. (Póngase en contacto con Deborah 608-772-6244)
3. Bienvenida a los nuevos feligreses (los voluntarios interesados se comunican con Mary Terese 410-952-2865)
The Holy Spirit is Here and Dwelling Among Us The Spirit promised Jesus that he would not leave them orphaned. The advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you. In today’s Gospel, He breathed the Spirit of Grace upon His apostles and gave them the power to forgive sins.
Domingo de Pentecostes ~ Se Llenaron del Espirtu Santo El espiritu Santo vino sobre los apóstoles llenándolos de una fuerza especial. El Espíritu Santo se manifiesta en nosotros de diversas maneras para el bien de la communidad, llamados a ser creadores de la unidad integrándonos en el único cuerpo de Cristo. Cristo resucitado se aparece a sus apóstoles para darles La Paz e infundir en ellos su Esipitu. Con estos dones, Cristo les ordena que vayan al mundo a impartir el perdón de los pecados! Retenerlos cuando sea necesario.
St Damien Parish has a new Facebook Page!
Like us at:
Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019
Parish Community Event
School Supplies for Children in Haiti One of our parishioners is collecting school supplies for the children of LaMontagne Jacmel, Haiti in the name of Fedabel,
Inc., which is a 501(c)3 corporation that raises money for tuition and collects basic medical and school supplies for 100 children in this village. There will be boxes for these donations at the main entrances of all our churches,
from May 24th until August 4th. The following is a list of things that are needed for these children:
• 100 Backpacks/School Bags • 840 Composition Books 9 3/4” X 7 1/2” • 500 Pencils • 300 Pens (Blue ink) • 300 Pens (Red ink)
• 70 Geometry Sets • 70 Rulers • 200 Boxes of Crayons • 100 Manual Pencil Sharpeners • 100 Pairs of Children’s Shoes • 100 Pairs of Children’s Socks
While shoes may sound unusual, these children climb mountains to go to school and may drop out if they have no shoes. They are in different levels of primary school, so any size children’s shoes would most likely find an owner.
Thank you for any and all donations! For further information, please call Gerry Barsotti at 609-805-1421
Check us out at www.fedabel-haiti.com
The Knights of Columbus Ocean City Council #2560, meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at Culliney Hall, St Frances Cabrini Church.
New members or transfers from other councils are welcome! For more information, contact: Deputy Grand Knight, Stephen Van Natten, 610-217-4775.
Come, spend an hour with me.
Great News! Eucharistic Adoration Monday through Friday (9:00 am to Noon)
and Wednesday (7:00 pm to 8:30 pm) Adoration and Rosary begin at 7pm, after Rosary is finished, Adoration continues until 8:30pm
at St. Frances Cabrini Church. Eucharistic Adoration will conclude with Benediction. Call Barb O’Brien 609-560-0383.
"¡Una gran noticia! Adoración eucarística de lunes a viernes (9:00 a.m. a mediodía) y miércoles (7:00 p.m. a 8:30 p.m.
Rosario a las 7 pm para el final del aborto) en la iglesia St. Frances Cabrini. La adoración eucarística concluirá con la bendición.
Póngase en contacto con Roberto Bautista 609-470-1405
Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019
AMERICAN LEGION - PANCAKE BREAKFAST The American Legion Morvay-Miley Post 524, at
46th St. & West Ave., Ocean City will host an~All You Can Eat~ Pancake Breakfast, including Scrambled Eggs, Sausage,
French Toast, Potato Patties, Fruit Cup, Juice, Coffee & Milk the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month from 8:30 am to 12noon.
The cost for Adults is $9 and Children $5.
The next breakfast is Sunday, June 16th
ALSO SERVING LUNCH EVERY WEDNESDAY Featuring: Assorted Hoagies, Sandwiches and Salads served
with Potato Salad, Chips & Cake from 12noon to 1:30pm; Cost $7. Everyone is welcome!
Proceeds benefit veterans projects
VFW Post 6650 ~ PANCAKE BREAKFAST Also serving eggs, bacon, sausage home fries
and SOS! Every 2nd & 4th Sunday ~ 8:30am to 11:30am
The next breakfast is this Sunday, June 9th at 1501 Bay Avenue in Ocean City.
The cost for Adults is $10, Children $5 (under 10yrs.)
Everyone is welcome!
Parish Community Events
The Inlet on Olde (formerly Westy’s Irish Pub)
North Wildwood Featuring: Free Buffet, reduced drink prices,
50/50 with cash prizes and DJ. Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 day of affair.
Please contact for more information: Tom Dorrian @484-431-0781, [email protected]; Peggy Panichelli @610-420-0987, [email protected]
George Light @610-853-2028
Annual Day at the Bay Event
Roman Catholic High School and John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School
Saturday, August 3rd from 2 to 6 PM at Keenan’s Irish Pub
in North Wildwood, N.J. Tickets: $30 in advance and $40 at the door
Roman Alumni: 215-627-1890 ext 315 Hallihan Alumnae: 215-563-8930 ext 117
Catholic Community Events
“Opioids: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly!” presented at St. Joseph Church in Somers Point
on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:30 pm in the church – free of charge. The Opioid Epidemic in the USA is claiming a countless number of lives each year.
Substance Use Disorders affect all levels of society. This program is being presented to discuss:
What has caused this epidemic? The physical and psychological manifestations of opioid dependence
Treatment and relapse prevention strategies Presented by Al Rundio, PhD, DNP, APN, C, FAAN.
Come join us! All are welcome. If you have any questions, please call the parish office at 609-927-3568, ext. 10.
St. Damien Parish saves souls...Now, help us save lives! We are beginning the process of installing AED’s (heart defibrillators) in each church and the parish center.
If you are or would like to be CPR certified and willing to assist at Mass or parish events, please fill out the form below and place it in the collection basket.
Please feel free to contact: Lynn Rybicki (609) 780-7260 or Maria Mozzani (609) 335-6929, with any questions.
I would like to help in case of emergency: Name: Phone: Email: I am CPR certified I would like to become CPR certified
Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019
Diocese News & Events
Diocese of Camden Soccer Cup ~ Saturday, June 15, 2019 8:30am to 5:00pm
St. Augustine Preparatory School 611 Cedar Ave., Richland, NJ 08350
Come for a day of family fun and happy, healthy and holy competition. There will be music, prayer and food for our participants and their families.
Age range to participate in the tournament is 18-30 years old. There will be all girls teams and all boys teams. Admission is free
For more information, please contact us at: [email protected] or 856-583-6172
Torneo de Fútbol Diócesis de Camden ~ Sabado, 15 de junio de 2019 8:30am - 5:00pm
Escuela Preparatoria San Agustin 611 Cedar Ave., Richland, NJ 08350
Venga para un día de diversión familiar y competencia feliz, sana y santa. Habrá música, oración y comida para nuestros
particiantes y sus familias. Edad para participantes en el torneo es 18-30 años de edad
Habrá equipos femeninos y equipos masculinos. La admisión es gratis
Para información y registro pro favor contacte a: La oficina de tu parroquia.
Patrocinador por Oficinas del Ministerio Hispano Ministerio de Jovenes y Adultos Jovenes [email protected] or 856-583-6172
FATHERS & FAMILIES A special celebration on Father’s Day
Games ~ Prizes ~ Food ~ Funwalk (Rain or Shine)
Father’s Day, June 16, 2019 ~ Cooper River Park, Pensauken, NJ
1:00pm-3:00pm ~ $10 per Family
Dress Code: SLOPPY (you may get dirty from the egg toss or tug-of-war contest!)
All fathers and kids of all ages WELCOME - moms too!
Bring signs in support of Dads!
Register Today!
Home Cooked Meals Needed...
The “Food for Life” program has been in existence for a number of years. Parishioners have provided frozen, home cooked meals for people in need of assistance. St. Damien parishioners are asked to consider making an extra portion when they are preparing a meal. Microwavable containers for this purpose can be found in baskets at each parish church. Please place meals in the freezer, found in the Usher’s Room (the room to the right when you enter the front door) at St. Frances Cabrini. The Church is now open Monday thru Friday from 8:30am Mass to 12 Noon in addition to Saturday & Sunday. Your generosity will be appreciated. Frozen meals are used to help members of our community as the need arises. Thanks to all who participate in this worthy ministry. Please contact St. Damien Parish Office (609-399- 0648) if you know someone who wishes to be helped by this program.
Parish Community Ministries
Transportation Ministry
Outreach Services: Our drivers continue to provide transportation for persons in our local area, to doctor’s and hospital appointments.
If you need transportation, please call: John Cogan @609-398-7663
***Please Note: You must be ambulatory in order to receive this service.***