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  • Saint Gabriel Catholic Community At St. Paul Church in Franklin

    At St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Tilton

    How to reach us Phone: Parish Office: (603) 934-5013 Rel. Education: 934-4372 Fax Line: 934-3469 Mail: P.O. Box 490, Franklin, NH 03235 Street Address: 16 Chestnut St. Tilton 110 School Street Franklin E-mail: [email protected] Web site: stgabrielnh.org

    Pastor: Rev. Raymond E. Gagnon Deacon: Rev. Mr. Thomas Matzke Office Mgr: Claire Connifey Bulletin Editor: Meri-lynn Banton Rel Ed. Coord.: Mary Ellen Shaw Music Ministry: Debbi Gibson Food Pantry: John Bruno Cemeteries/Maintenance: Gary Plourde & Mike Parmelee

    Office Hours Monday thru Thursday from 9AM - 4PM

    Food Pantry Monday & Friday from 9AM – Noon (Tilton)

    Join us in prayer Weekend Mass

    Saturday at 4:00PM (Franklin) & 6:00PM (Tilton) Sunday at 8:30AM (Tilton ) & 10:30AM (Franklin)

    Weekday Mass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:00AM in Franklin

    Reconciliation Saturday at 3:15PM (Franklin) & 5:15PM (Tilton)

    Eucharistic Adoration Every Tuesday from 1:15 to 3:15PM (Tilton)

    Second Sunday of the Month from 3:00–4:00PM (Franklin) Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

    Please call the office to request the Sacrament of Anointing or homebound visits. Baptism–Marriage

    Call the Parish Office to schedule instruction and the ceremony

    St. Mary St. Paul

    We’re here for you

  • The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time February 06 & 07, 2016



    Sun Feb 07 8:30 AM Mass attended by CCD Classes

    Sun Feb 07 9:30 AM Religious Education (K-8) Special Session (T)

    Sun Feb 07 7:00 PM Confirmation—NO CLASS

    Mon Feb 08 7:00 PM RCIA: Reconciliation: Expe-riencing Forgiveness (T)

    Tues Feb 09 1:00 PM Homebound Visits

    Tues Feb 09 1:15 PM Adoration (T)

    Tues Feb 09 3:00 PM Communion @ Peabody Home

    Tues Feb 09 7:00 PM K of C #12147 Meeting (F)

    Wed Feb 10 ASH WEDNESDAY

    Wed. Feb 10 10:00 AM NHVH: Communion Service and Distribution of Ashes

    Wed. Feb 10 1:00 PM Nursing Homes: Communion and Distribution of Ashes

    Thur. Feb 11 7:00 PM Adult Enrichment Gospel of St. Luke Intro/Birth of St. John (T)

    Fri Feb 12 9:00 AM Adult Enrichment Gospel of St. Luke Intro/Birth of St. John (F)

    Fri Feb 12 10:00 AM Mass @ NHVH

    Sun Feb 14 9:00 AM Religious Education (K-8) (F)

    Sun Feb 14 1:00 PM RCIA Rite of Election /Cathedral

    Sun Feb 14 7:00 PM Confirmation—NO CLASS

    Mon Feb 15 7:00 PM No RCIA

    TRIP TO WASHINGTON, DC June 23-27, 2016 - $609.00

    Looking for 7 more! We have 23 people signed up so far and another 12 have the paperwork. If all

    12 sign up, we’ll be at 35. Our target is 42. If we have less than that, there will be a $25 per person surcharge. Better to get another 7 people than pay an extra $900. If you know someone who is think-ing of coming, please give them a nudge. We have to work our roster out before our February 28th planning session. If we have to cancel the trip, eve-ryone gets their money back (even the deposit). This trip includes 5 days, 4 nights (3 full days in Wash-ington), 4 breakfasts, 3 dinners, tours, etc., with a train option. Our pre-trip meeting will be Sunday February 28, at 2PM in the Boutin Center. It’s a great excursion for the money.

    Offering Last Week Jan. 31

    Loose Money 1,015.00

    In Envelopes 3,491.00

    Building Fund & Fuel 161.00

    Masses 350.00

    Candles & Memorials 98.00

    Donations 750.00

    Motherhood of Mary 5.00

    TOTAL FOR PARISH 5,870.00

    Seminarian Fund 10.00

    “It’s Raining….” those words spark pan-ic, where will it leak this time? Where to put the bucket? In addition, the dripping is ruining our pews and floor. To fix this

    problem, we are going to need to replace the roof of St. Paul Church at a cost of approximately $54,000. Through generous donations from a few St. Paul Parishioners, we already have $21,000 earmarked for this project. but we are going to need every one’s help to pay the rest. So, we’re asking you to support this desperately needed project. Could you please purchase at least one of 420 squares at $50 each? Once the chart is full, we’ll have another $21,000 towards the new roof. If we all pitch in, we can make it happen!.

    We have approximately 82 squares ‘adopted’. We are on our way, only 338 to go! We will keep you posted! Please see the information below.

    Please do what you can.

    Collection on February 10, Ash Wednesday The Diocesan collection for Ash Wednes-day is for Aid to Churches in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as churches in

    Africa. When communism fell in the 1990’s, the Catholic Church was allowed to start

    back, but it had nothing to work with (churches, cler-gy, institutions, etc.) This collection helps these new

    Catholic communities build churches, train semi-narians, and provide pastoral care and catechesis.

    A portion of this collection supports the Pastoral Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa. Your con-

    tinued generosity is appreciated.

  • Sanctuary Lamp From this Sunday thru next Saturday, the sanctuary lamp in church will burn in memory of: St. Paul’s: Al Archambault by Rose & Family St. Mary’s: Ruth Gyure by the MCNH Ministry


    Sat. February 06 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Masses David Nadeau by Therese Gail Walker by Jack & Judy Manning

    Sun. February 07 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time All Parishioners Roger L. Leroux by Roger and Genie

    Mon. February 08 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday Bertha Paquette by her family

    Tues. February 09 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday George L. Nadon Sr. by Mary Lee Nadon

    Wed. February 10 8:00 AM (F) 7:00 PM (T)

    Ash Wednesday Pete & Marie Sylvester by Janet Jurta Ruth Gyure by the Parish

    Thurs. February 11 6:00 PM (T)

    Thursday after Ash Wednesday Rev John McMahon by Meri-lynn Banton

    Fri. February 12 8:00 AM (F)

    Friday after Ash Wednesday Deceased Members of the Forest & Philbrick Family

    Sat. February 13 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Masses Jane LaBelle by her husband Rosemary Gauthier by Food Pantry workers

    Sun. February 14 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    First Sunday in Lent Beloved Deceased John & Jeannette Bruno Louise Reed by daughter Rose

    ST. GABRIEL’S PRAYER LINE If you’d like to call in your prayer requests, this month’s contact is Mary Lacroix at 286-7867. You can also write in your request in the book at either church.

    Prayers Requested: Ruth Gyure

    THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Vote like Jesus would. Every leap year it’s the same: a horde of politicians run up and down our State looking for votes. By the time we get to vote, they have bad-mouthed each other to the point that we don’t know which one is “the lesser of the evils”. We sometimes go into the polling booth holding our nose. It’s not easy to figure out which one is honest, competent or reflects our views and values. We are tempted to just forget to vote. According to today’s Scriptures, that is not an option. There is a reason God made us Christian and it is not to remain silent and passive. We’ve been recruited just as surely as the prophet Isaiah and the apostles to do the Lord’s bidding. If Jesus were voting this Tuesday, who would He choose? Definitely someone who shares His values! And what are His values: the first is hu-man life: He taught us that life is a precious gift from

    God: we should cherish it from our first whimper to our last breath. Someone who can’t see this would be automatically disqualified. All other values and vir-tues flow from it. He’d want a candidate who also re-spects God’s creation and wants to leave this world better than he found it. He’d certainly want someone who truly cares about the plight of the poor, the sick and the refugee (just like He did). Of course, it would be easier for Jesus: he can read hearts. He can tell when a person is saying things just to get elected and when they truly believe what they are saying. We have two days to do our homework. Two days to find out who truly shares our values, who will protect and promote our way of life and who would be most likely to win the Lord’s stamp of approval.

    Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for Febru-ary: Interreligious Dialogue. Care for Crea-tion. That we may take good care of crea-tion—a gift freely given—cultivating and pro-tecting it for future generations.

    Liturgical Ministers - First Sunday in Lent February 13 & 14, 2016

    4:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:30 AM 10:30 AM

    Servers Mark Williams Joe Landry

    Chet Kulus Alan Cushing Aydan Cushing

    James & Jesse Potter Rebecca Emery

    Lectors Jack Manning Leo St. Pierre

    Debbi Gibson Anne Howe Rose Archambault Rich Dougherty

    Eucharistic Ministers

    Christine Dzujna George Dzujna Mildred Sullivan Bronwyn Walsh

    (H) (H) (C) (C)

    Kathy O’Brien Jeanne Petrin

    (C) (C)

    Bob White Ceil White Florence Dawson

    (H) (C) (C)

    Marty Russo Kathie Russo Doug Bickford Donna Bickford

    (H) (H) (C) (C)

    Greeters Betty Meyerhoefer Connie Forest Bette Femenella

    Dot Ackerman Peg Halm

  • Council #12147 will meet Tuesday, February 9 at 7PM in Franklin

    Statement of Contribution If would like to receive a statement for your contribu-tions made during 2015, you will need to contact Claire in the office at 934-5013. Statements will not be mailed out unless they are requested.

    Contribution Envelopes If you are not currently using envelopes and would like to, please contact the Parish Office at 934-5013.

    Beginning this week: Our Faith Enrichment Pro-gram for Lent 2016 is a Bible Study: Gospel of Luke. This is a six week program for adults and begins Thurs-day, the 11th. See the insert in bulletin for additional information. Two sessions are available. This is a great activity for Lent. Come join us for the fellowship. Re-member that you will get out of Easter what you put into lent!

    Lent Starts Wednesday February 10! Ash Wednesday Masses (on February 10th) are at

    8 AM in Franklin and 7 PM in Tilton. Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast & Abstinence and

    every Friday during Lent is a day of Abstinence. See the in-sert for additional guidance and information.

    Twin Rivers Interfaith Food Pantry Three of the (key) charter members are retiring and they are in desperate need for volunteers to replace them. They will be without a manager and a logistics manag-

    er—the backbone of the day-to-day operations. If this is something you could do please contact Heather Makechnie at: (603) 738-4002; [email protected]; or by mail to 158 Boston Hill Road, Andover, NH 03216. This is an opportunity to serve the Lord in one of the most basic ways possible. Peek behind the doors of homes in our community and you will find a shocking level of food insecurity (over 369 households in December). Do not be fooled by the obe-sity we see. Junk food is cheap, and many a child is going to bed with nothing more than a stale Twinkie to fill the empty hole. Please consider being a part of the solution.

    Pilgrimage to Medjugorje Thirty-five years ago Our Lady appeared to 6 young people and is still appearing and delivering messages to the World. Please consider

    joining a pilgrimage retreat October 25 to November 4, 2016. Deacon Geoff Ashman, St. Matthew Parish in Windham, NH, will be the Spiritual Director. For more information please contact Doreen Duquette at (603)-216-4186 or at [email protected]


    Knights of Columbus St. Mary of the Assumption

    Council #11868 Grand Knight: Aaron Boudreau 998-2806 Bishop Leo O’Neil Council #12147 (Franklin) Grand Knight: Tim Stangroom 934-6782 Fr. A.J. Timon Assembly #638 (4

    th Degree)

    Faithful Navigator: Omer Ahern 536-2224 At www.franklinknights.org

    Catholic Schools Holy Trinity School (Pre-K to 8) 50 Church Street Laconia, NH 03246 Web:www.holytrinity.pvt.k12.nh.us Phone: 524-3156 St. John Regional School (Pre-K to 8) 61 S. State Street Concord, NH 03301 Web: www.stjohnregional.org — Phone: 225-3222 Bishop Brady High School (9 to 12) 25 Columbus Ave Concord, NH 03301 Web: www.bishopbrady.edu — Phone: 224-7418

    Catholic Charities

    Laconia District Office 528-3035 17 Gilford Ave., Laconia, 03246

    Counseling - Elderly Services - Adoption/Maternity Parish Nurse - Children’s Home -

    Food Bank St. Francis Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 406 Court St., Laconia, NH 03246 Phone: 524-0466

    Parish Outreach Franklin Regional Hospital Leo St. Pierre At Merrimack County Nursing Home Meri-lynn Banton - Janet Jurta NH Veterans Home Rev. Ray Gagnon - Steve Archambault Mt. Ridge Nursing Home Nancy Carr - Mildred Sullivan - Chrissy Avila Golden Crest Senior Resort Nancy Carr - Mildred Sullivan At Peabody Home Angela Mundy—Christine Dzujna

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