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Saint Gabriel Catholic Community...2018/09/02  · your destination. I have to admit, however, that,...

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  • Saint Gabriel Catholic Community At St. Paul Church in Franklin

    At St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Tilton

    How to reach us Phone: Parish Office: (603) 934-5013 Rel. Education: 286-4554 Fax Line: 934-3469 Mail: P.O. Box 490, Franklin, NH 03235 Street Address: 16 Chestnut St. Tilton 110 School Street Franklin E-mail: [email protected]

    Pastor: Rev. Raymond E. Gagnon Deacon: Rev. Mr. Thomas Matzke Office Mgr: Claire Connifey Bulletin Editor: Meri-lynn Banton Rel Ed. Coord.: Mary Ellen Shaw Youth Minister Karen Ober Music Ministry: Debbi Gibson Food Pantry: John Bruno Cemeteries/Maintenance: Gary Plourde & Mike Parmelee

    Office Hours Monday thru Thursday from 9AM - 4PM

    Food Pantry Monday & Friday from 9AM – Noon (Tilton)

    Join us in prayer Weekend Mass

    Saturday at 4:00PM (Franklin) & 6:00PM (Tilton) Sunday at 8:30AM (Tilton ) & 10:30AM (Franklin)

    Weekday Mass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:00AM in Franklin

    Reconciliation Saturday at 3:15PM (Franklin) & 5:15PM (Tilton)

    Eucharistic Adoration Every Tuesday from 1:15 to 3:15PM (Tilton)

    Second Sunday of the Month from 3:00–4:00PM (Franklin) Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

    Please call the office to request the Sacrament of Anointing or homebound visits. Baptism–Marriage

    Call the Parish Office to schedule instruction and the ceremony

    St. Mary St. Paul

    We’re here for you

  • Twenty– Second Sunday in Ordinary Time September 01 & 02, 2018


    Readings for next Weekend

    Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

    September 08 & 09 2018

    First : Isaiah 35: 4-7a

    Second : James 2:1-5

    Gospel : Mark 7:31-37


    Sat & Sun Sept 01 & 02

    PICK—Up Tickets for Angel Fair Pre-sale after all masses

    Mon Sept 03 Holiday—Labor Day

    Tues Sept 04 1:00 PM Mass @ Golden Crest

    Tues Sept 04 1:00 PM Communion @ MCNH

    Tues Sept 04 1:15 PM Adoration (T)

    Tues Sept 04 2:00 PM Communion @

    Fri Sept 07 10:00 AM Communion @ NHVH

    Sat & Sun Sept 08 & 09

    CCD Registration after all the masses.

    Sun Sept 09 3:00 PM Holy Hour

    Offering Aug 26

    Loose Money 1,004.00

    In Envelopes 3,370.00

    Building Fund & Fuel 197.00

    Masses 40.00

    Candles& Memorials 40.25

    300 Club 60.00

    Feast of the Assumption 20.00

    TOTAL FOR PARISH 4,731.25

    Mission Appeal Papua New Guinea 482.00

    Catholic University 100.00

    Manchester Mission 125.00

    On September 18th, we will begin our Con-vert Instruction Classes (RCIA). If you know a non-Catholic who wants to learn more about our faith or a Catholic who

    would like to prepare for First Eucharist and Confirma-tion, please encourage them to find out more. They can call the rectory or talk to Deacon Tom or any team mem-ber. The classes run through the winter and conclude at the Easter Vigil, April 20, 2019.

    KC Soccer Challenge Saturday, September 22 (rain date 9/29) @ the Bessie Rowell Community Center

    (12 Rowell Dr.—Franklin) Registration at 9 AM and starts at 9:30 AM Sponsored by the KC Councils from Belmont, Frank-lin & Tilton. For more information contact Tim Stangroom (Youth Director) at (603) 934-6782.

    Travel Group 2019 Trip to Niagara Falls/Toronto

    We will be traveling to Niagara Falls June 24-28, 2019 (5 days

    and 4 nights). The cost is $675 per person (double occupancy). The trip includes 4 breakfasts and 4 full dinners; tour of Niagara & Niagara-on-the-lake; a day trip to Toronto, featuring Casa Loma; and much more. See the bulletin insert for detailed in-formation. A valid passport is required for travel-ing into Canada! Note that the bus is limited (54), but we can add a second bus. Thirty-four travelers have already put down their deposit so don’t wait too long! Full payment is due May 10, 2019; (note: the $50 deposit is refundable until that date).


    We have set up a lending library in the back end of the chapel. You will find Bible study tools, Lives of the Saints, meditation materials, a Church Directory and some liturgical catalogues. We have an extensive library in the office meeting room, but no one visits. Perhaps if the materials are more accessible, more people will take advantage of it.

    300 Club Congratulations to our

    August winners:

    $100.00 - Bob Bachler #241

    $ 50.00 - Judith Knight #113

    $ 25.00 - Eileen Wilson #146

    Our thanks to all club members who help us pay our bills. May God repay your kindness!

    This week’s Diocesan Collection is for the Catholic Uni-versity of America & U.S. This collection provides funding for academic scholarships at the University and supports the work of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Please be as generous as you can!


    Sat. Sept 01 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Dora Leroux by Genie & Roger Catherine Coen by daughter, Patricia Benoit

    Sun. Sept 02 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Chester & Dolores Davidson by the Family Dick Nilsen by Jane & Meri-lynn

    Mon. Sept 03 8:00 AM (F)

    St Gregory the Great, Pope & Doctor No Mass (Labor Day)

    Tues. Sept 04 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday (22nd Week) Rachel Trottier by Leon & Family

    Wed. Sept 05 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday Ernest Belliveau by Lorraine & Family

    Thurs. Sept 06 Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Fri Sept 07 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday John Bolduc by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Houle

    Sat. Sept 08 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Philbert & Andy Aulis by Joanne & Family Dick LeClerc by Tilton Mercy Meal Group

    Sun. Sept 09 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time Richard Colby by his daughter Maurice Perreault by Germaine & Family

    Sanctuary Lamp From this Sunday thru next Saturday, the sanctuary lamp in church will burn for these intentions: St. Paul’s: Mary Wolener & Joseph Collopy by the Beaudry Family St. Mary’s: Claudie Courtemanche by the family

    ST. GABRIEL’S PRAYER LINE If you’d like to call in your prayer requests, this month’s contact is Jeanne Petrin, 286-3393. You can also write in your request in the book at either church.

    Prayers Requested Claire Fleury

    Raymond Trudeau

    Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for September: For people in Africa. That young people may have access to education and work in their own countries.


    Following directions. Today, all you have to do is punch in a street address and the car tells you how to get there. It’s a no-brainer! However, for those of us still driving old clunkers, “Map-quest” is still a blessing. If you follow it faithfully, step by step, you’re sure to reach your destination. I have to admit, however, that, at times, because of traffic, road conditions or a desire to explore, I have deviated from the prescribed path. When I did, more often than not, I have gotten lost or added many miles (and many hours) to my trip. In to-day’s readings, Jesus reminds the Pharisees that God has provided clear instructions on how to get to heaven. Follow the Commandments, listen to the prophets, pay attention to the Son. He is criticizing these ’blind’ lead-ers of creating detours, providing distractions and even changing key parts of the instructions. The end result is that both they and the people are hopelessly lost and wandering aimlessly. Jesus is trying to get them back

    on the right path but their pride and their lack of faith are keeping them from referring back to the “map”. I imag-ine that at times we’ve all been ‘pharisees’, guilty of in-terpreting God’s directives to our advantage. We either conclude that “this isn’t what God meant” or we deter-mine that we are an exception to the rule. For example, God says to go to Church but we go “when we can”, God says we should love our neighbor but we’ve found that not all neighbors are lovable, God says to forgive and forget but we have a hard time doing either. If we could follow His directions to the letter, imagine how di-rect our path to heaven would be, how little stress we would have along the way and how unlikely that we would get lost? Maybe we need one of those fancy car devices after all: this way God could give us one step at a time and we would not get as confused or creative. It’s pretty clear that we’re not good at follow-ing directions.

    Liturgical Ministers - Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time September 8—9, 2018

    4:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:30 AM 10:30 AM

    Servers Mark Williams Joe Landry

    Mike Murphy Thomas Dube

    Chet Kulus Angelina & Dante Parmelee Payton Cloutier

    Lectors Jack Manning Leo St. Pierre

    Doug Dube Bob White Marty Russo Blaise O’Mara

    Eucharistic Ministers

    Gerry Chenel Marilyn Plourde Marianne Calkins Judy Manning

    H H C C

    Deacon Tom Hope Dube

    C C

    Barbara Proulx Bill Driscoll Gail Bestick

    H C C

    Deacon Tom Yvon Cloutier Judy Cloutier Bette Meyerhoefer

    H H C C

    Greeters Shirley Peverly - Pete Sorette - George Dzujna

    Peg Halm Kelly Chandonnait

  • Council #11868 Meets 4th Wednesday @ 7:00 PM in Tilton. Council #12147 Meets 3rd Monday @ 6:45 PM in

    Franklin Assembly #638 Meets last Monday @ 7:30PM.

    School will be starting up soon and CCD Classes will follow. Registration is planned for next

    Sunday, September 8 & 9 after all the masses. Clas-ses will begin September 16. Letters have been sent out to families previously registered in our program. If you are new to the program, call the office at 934-5013. Don’t forget that the CCD classes have been moved to the Boutin Center in Tilton. By the way, remember that a lot has changed: First Eucharist and Confirmation will be celebrated in Grade Three, and , this year, Con-firmation will also be conferred in Grades Eight, Nine and Ten. Make sure your students attend regularly.

    Having an all cash raffle was a success last year and we will be doing the same this year. We are seeking cash contributions to cover

    the prize money ($2,050). We are accepting donations from organizations or individuals (minimum of $25). Funds in excess of the prize money will offset other fair expenses. A list of donors will be published at the fair and in the bulletin with the fair results. You can mail your donation or put it in weekend collection, but be sure that you put it in a separate envelope with the purpose clearly marked If you have any questions or comments or just want to add your name to the list of volunteers contact Sandra Burney at 934-3564 or [email protected]

    A Holy Hour of Reparation & Solidarity

    Requested by the Holy Father

    (Deanery Event)

    At the request of the Holy Father, we will hold a Holy Hour

    of Reparation and Solidarity on Wednesday September 12

    in St. Joseph Church at 6:30 p.m., during Adoration.

    “Today we are challenged as the people of God to take on

    the pain of our brothers and sisters wounded in their flesh

    and in their spirit” (Pope Francis).

    During this Holy Hour, we will pray for the healing of those

    who have been abused by the very people who were entrust-

    ed with their care and protection. We will make reparation

    to our Heavenly Father for the sins of the world. We invite

    everyone to come spend an hour in prayer.

    38th Annual Scout Retreat is scheduled for Friday, Sep-tember 14 thru the 16th for grades 6-12. For information or to register: www.catholic.org/scout or email at [email protected] or call 603-224-4393 extension 1.


    Knights of Columbus St. Mary of the Assumption

    Council #11868 Grand Knight: Aaron Boudreau 603-998-2806 Bishop Leo O’Neil Council #12147 (Franklin) Grand Knight: Mark Lemire 603-738-3101 Fr. A.J. Timon Assembly #638 (4th Degree) Faithful Navigator: Francis (Frank) Ruffing 603-491-2613 At www.franklinknights.org

    Catholic Schools Holy Trinity School (Pre-K to 8) 50 Church Street Laconia, NH 03246 Web:www.HolyTrinityNH.com Phone: 524-3156 St. John Regional School (Pre-K to 8) 61 S. State Street Concord, NH 03301 Web: www.stjohnregional.org — Phone: 225-3222 Bishop Brady High School (9 to 12) 25 Columbus Ave Concord, NH 03301 Web: www.bishopbrady.edu — Phone: 224-7418

    Catholic Charities Laconia District Office 528-3035 17 Gilford Ave., Laconia, 03246

    Counseling - Elderly Services - Adoption/Maternity Parish Nurse - Children’s Home - Food Bank

    St. Francis Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 406 Court St., Laconia, NH 03246 Phone: 524-0466

    Parish Outreach Franklin Regional Hospital Leo St. Pierre At Merrimack County Nursing Home Meri-lynn Banton NH Veterans Home Rev. Ray Gagnon - Steve Archambault Mt. Ridge Nursing Home - Deacon Tom Nancy Carr - Mildred Sullivan - Chrissy Avila Golden Crest Senior Resort - Deacon Tom Nancy Carr - Mildred Sullivan At Peabody Home Angela Mundy—Christine Dzujna

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