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  • Saint Gabriel Catholic Community At St. Paul Church in Franklin

    At St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Tilton

    How to reach us Phone: Parish Office: (603) 934-5013 Rel. Education: 286-4554 Youth: 286-1290 Fax Line: 934-3469 Mail: P.O. Box 490, Franklin, NH 03235 Street Address: 16 Chestnut St. Tilton 110 School Street Franklin E-mail: [email protected]

    Pastor: Rev. Raymond E. Gagnon Deacon: Dc. Thomas Matzke Office Mgr: Claire Connifey Bulletin Editor: Meri-lynn Banton Rel Ed. Coord.: Mary Ellen Shaw Youth Minister Tishie Skaff Music Ministry: Debbi Gibson Food Pantry: John Bruno Cemeteries/Maintenance: Gary Plourde & Mike Parmelee

    Office Hours Monday thru Thursday from 9AM - 4PM

    Food Pantry Monday & Friday from 9AM – Noon (Tilton)

    Join us in prayer Weekend Mass

    Saturday at 4:00PM (Franklin) & 6:00PM (Tilton) Sunday at 8:30AM (Tilton ) & 10:30AM (Franklin)

    Weekday Mass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:00AM in Franklin

    Reconciliation Saturday at 3:15PM (Franklin) & 5:15PM (Tilton)

    Eucharistic Adoration Every Tuesday from 1:15 to 3:15PM (Tilton)

    Second Sunday of the Month from 3:00–4:00PM (Franklin) Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

    Please call the office to request the Sacrament of Anointing or homebound visits. Baptism–Marriage

    Call the Parish Office to schedule instruction and the ceremony

    St. Mary St. Paul

    We’re here for you

  • Third Sunday of Advent December 14 & 15, 2019


    Readings for next Weekend

    Fourth Sunday of Advent

    December 22, 2019

    First Isaiah 7:10-14

    Second Romans 1: 1-7

    Gospel Matthew 1: 18-24


    Sun Dec 15 9:00 AM CCD Classes K-8 (BC) (Birthday Party for Jesus)

    Sun Dec 15 3:00 PM Confessions (F)

    Tues Dec 17 1:00 PM Communion @ Golden Crest & Mt. Ridge

    Tues Dec 17 1:15 PM Adoration (till 3:15 PM) (T)

    Tues Dec 17 2:00 PM Mass @ MCNH

    Tues Dec 17 6:30 PM The Eucharist (BC)

    Tues Dec 17 7:00 PM Parish Council & Finance Coun- cil Christmas Gathering (F)

    Wed Dec 18 1:00 PM Book Club (F)

    Fri Dec 20 10:00 AM Mass at NHVH

    Fri Dec 20 6:00 PM Confession (F)

    Fri Dec 20 7:00 PM Confession (T)

    Sat Dec 21 6:45 PM No Youth Ministry

    Sun Dec 22 9:00 AM NO CCD Classes K-8 (BC)

    Mon Dec 23 6:00 PM Confessions (T)

    Mon Dec 23 7:00 PM Confessions (F)

    NEW THIS YEAR! We have a Hope Tree out- side both churches. We have placed knitted hats & mittens on them. People who need them are encouraged to take them anonymously when they

    go by. If you’d like to help us keep the trees supplied, you can drop off your handmade/bought knit items in the box- es inside each church. We’ll try to keep this going through the winter.

    Reconciliation @ St. Gabriel: Reconciliation will be celebrated at St. Paul in Franklin at 3 PM this Sunday (12/15). Fr. Ray will be the only priest available. Additional confessions are:

    Friday 12/20 6 PM (F) 7 PM (T) Saturday 12/21 begins at 3 PM (F) Monday 12/23 6PM (T) 7 PM (F)

    This is a great opportunity to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord.

    It is not too late to contribute to the special collec- tion for the Retired Religious. This collection helps provide for the long term care of our aging reli- gious. Please plan to give back to those who have given so much.

    The parish Christmas Trees are up in both churches! There are three choices: your family can make your own ornament at home or you can pur- chase an ornament that you think best represents your family or you can use the one we provided last

    year (they’re in the convent wing - in alphabetical order in Franklin, and on the small table in Tilton - with no names). There is no limit to the number of ornaments you add to the tree—we have noticed each child likes to put his own up! Thank you to the families taking the time to add a personal touch to the tree every year!

    Christmas Flowers If you wish to donate toward our Christmas flowers, please use the envelope provided. If

    you do not use parish envelopes, just put your dona- tion in a plain envelope marked ‘Christmas Flow- ers’. If you would like your donation to be in memory of loved ones, please write the name on the envelope.

    Offering Dec 08

    Loose Money 761.00

    In Envelopes 3,302.00

    Building Fund & Fuel 119.00

    Masses 50.00

    Candles & Memorials 231.00

    Donations 1,000.00

    Christmas Flowers 236.00

    TOTAL FOR PARISH 5,699.00

    Human Development 21.00

    Retired Religious 948.00

    It’s not how much we give ,but how

    much love we put into giving

    mother teresa

    No Youth Ministry or CCD Classes (K-8) the next two weekends (12/22 &12/29). Classes resume 1/04 &1/05.


    Sat. Dec 14 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Rita Menard by Sam & Gloria Roland Cullen by Beverly Cullen

    Sun. Dec 15 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Third Sunday of Advent Arthur Paradis by Beverly Cullen Bob Madore by Ruth & Family

    Mon. Dec 16 8:00 AM (F)

    Advent Weekday Gene Banton by Meri-lynn

    Tues. Dec 17 8:00 AM (F)

    Late Advent Weekday All Parishioners

    Wed. Dec 18 8:00 AM (F)

    Late Advent Weekday Special Intention by Nora Fitzgerald

    Thurs. Dec 19 Late Advent Weekday No Mass

    Fri Dec 20 8:00 AM (F)

    Late Advent Weekday Alice T Nadon by Mary Lee Nadon

    Sat. Dec 21 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Nelson Sylvestre by Michelle & Gina Marjorie Bennett by the Family

    Sun. Dec 22 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Fourth Sunday of Advent Priscilla Beaubien by Dick Maher Olivier & Jadwiga Lagace by Daughters & Family

    Sanctuary Lamp From this Sunday thru next Saturday, the sanctuary lamp in church will burn for these intentions: St. Paul’s: Walter Kulacz by Anna Mayo St. Mary’s: Rita Novak by Jean Mellott & Family

    ST. GABRIEL’S PRAYER LINE If you’d like to call in your prayer requests, this month’s contact is Carol Seely at 520-5235 You can also write in your request in the book at either church.

    Prayers Requested All those traveling during the Christmas


    Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for December - The Very Young: That every country resolutely com- mits to taking the necessary measures to make the fu- ture of the very young, especially those who suffer, a priority.

    THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK All Part of the Master Plan: During the next two weeks, we will review God’s Plan to save us. How I mar- vel at how well-thought-out and well-executed it was. Of course, the entire Old Testament set the stage and es- tablished the case that we needed to be saved (from the devil and from ourselves). But if you zoom in on the Savior’s birth, it gets even more impressive. There’s the angel Gabriel who came to announce good news and encourage cooperation. There’s Elizabeth and Zechari- ah, asked to bring forth a very special child, one who would grow up to “prepare the way of the Lord”. There’s John the Baptist himself, inspired by God to change minds and hearts. There’s the Holy Virgin Mary, con- ceived without sin so she could be a fitting mother for the Son of God. And, of course, Joseph, who had more than enough faith to embrace the awesome responsibili- ties God was entrusting to him. And God even orga

    nized a welcoming party: local people, shepherds and magi who could make the newborn feel loved and want- ed. Despite the challenges they faced, like advanced age, strict moral codes, political intrigues and a story-line so incredible that could only have been developed by God, it all fell in place beautifully. You and I are part of another section of God’s Master Plan. After all, God is not done saving the world! How well prepared are we to identify our role and assume it? I’d like to know if God is sending me to the ends of the world or across the street? Does He want me speak or lead by example? Do I leave everything behind or use my blessings for His purposes? So many questions! Now that I’ve seen how He operates, I’m confident that if I’m as willing to be a part of God’s Plan as were those who went before me, He’ll let me know what He has got planned.

    Liturgical Ministers - Fourth Sunday of Advent - Dec. 21-22, 2019

    4:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:30 AM 10:30 AM

    Servers Jack Manning Leo St. Pierre

    Thomas Dube Bette Paquet Riley, Kaia & Noah Roper

    Lectors Joan St. Pierre Claire Wallace

    Doug Dube Anne Howe Meri-lynn Banton Ken Merrifield

    Eucharistic Ministers

    Deacon Tom Sandra Burney Susan O’Connell Judy Manning

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