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  • Saint Gabriel Catholic Community At St. Paul Church in Franklin

    At St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Tilton

    How to reach us Phone: Parish Office: (603) 934-5013 Rel. Education: 934-4372 Fax Line: 934-3469 Mail: P.O. Box 490, Franklin, NH 03235 Street Address: 16 Chestnut St. Tilton 110 School Street Franklin E-mail: [email protected] Web site: stgabrielnh.org

    Pastor: Rev. Raymond E. Gagnon Deacon: Rev. Mr. Thomas Matzke Office Mgr: Claire Connifey Bulletin Editor: Meri-lynn Banton Rel Ed. Coord.: Mary Ellen Shaw Music Ministry: Debbi Gibson Food Pantry: John Bruno Cemeteries/Maintenance: Gary Plourde & Mike Parmelee

    Office Hours Monday thru Thursday from 9AM - 4PM

    Food Pantry Monday & Friday from 9AM – Noon (Tilton)

    Join us in prayer Weekend Mass

    Saturday at 4:00PM (Franklin) & 6:00PM (Tilton) Sunday at 8:30AM (Tilton ) & 10:30AM (Franklin)

    Weekday Mass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:00AM in Franklin

    Reconciliation Saturday at 3:15PM (Franklin) & 5:15PM (Tilton)

    Eucharistic Adoration Every Tuesday from 1:15 to 3:15PM (Tilton)

    Second Sunday of the Month from 3:00–4:00PM (Franklin) Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

    Please call the office to request the Sacrament of Anointing or homebound visits. Baptism–Marriage

    Call the Parish Office to schedule instruction and the ceremony

    St. Mary St. Paul

    We’re here for you

  • Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 15 & 16, 2017


    Reading s for next Weekend

    Sixteenth Sunday, July 23

    First : Wisdom 12:13, 16-19

    Second : Romans 8:26-27

    Gospel : Matthew—13:24-43


    Mon July 17 Pastor on Vacation (2 weeks)

    Mon July 17 6:45 PM KC #12147 Meeting (F)

    Tues July 18 1:00 PM Communion @ MCNH

    Tues July 18 1:00 PM Communion @ Golden Crest & Mt. Ridge

    Tues July 18 1:15 PM Adoration (T)

    Thurs July 20 6:00 PM Crafters

    Fri. July 21 10:00 AM Communion @ NHVH

    Sun July 23 2nd Week of Fr. Ray’s Vacation

    FREE LUNCH: The Franklin Parks and Recreation Department in collaboration with the Twin Rivers Clergy Fellowship and Franklin High School are making

    lunches available during the summer months Pick-up lunches are available at Franklin High School (119 Central Street) and the program is open to all children 18 and under. Lunches can be picked up Monday thru Friday between 12 PM and 12:30PM starting June 26th through August 25th. The St. Gabriel team serves on Tuesdays. Our team is co-chaired by Ernie Solis (603-998-0260) and Deacon Tom (603-934- 6680). If you can help out on Tuesdays, give them a call. For more information on the program contact Krystal at 603-934-2118. This program reaches out to those who depend on the school lunch programs.

    WEB PAGE (www.stgabrielnh.org): Did you know you can find the church bulletin on our web page ? Also Liturgical Ministers, there is a copy of the schedule on the web page. Check it out.

    Offering June 25 July 02

    Loose Money 841.00 1,225.00

    In Envelopes 2,218.00 4,087.00

    Building Fund & Fuel 90.00 644.00

    Masses 30.00 210.00

    Candles & Memorials 34.00 37.00

    Fundraising 0.00 60.00

    E—Giving for JUNE 0.00 2,624.30

    TOTAL FOR PARISH 3,213.00 8,887.30

    Peter Pence 485.00 85.00

    Offering July 09

    Loose Money 1.323.00

    In Envelopes 3,327.00

    Building Fund & Fuel 530.00

    Masses 105.00

    Candles & Memorials 135.00

    Strawberry Festival Receipts 2,987.00

    Other Fun Raisers 10.00

    TOTAL FOR PARISH 8,417.00

    Peter Pence 6.00

    Parish to Parish 11.00


    Message from Fr. Marc Drouin, Pastor of St. André Bessette and Pastor of St. Jo- seph Parish (Belmont): Due to the addi- tional pastoral responsibilities, the Sun- day evening 5:00 PM Mass (in Laconia) is being suspended for the remainder of the summer season. Plans are to resume this mass after Labor Day. This change is ef- fective immediately.

    Strawberry Festival Income: $2,987 Expenses ($1,077) Net Profit: $1,910

    Thank you to all those who helped make this a great success. Special thank you to Market Basket, Hannafords. BJ’s; Granny Judy’s; Royal Nails & Spa; Tanger Outlet; and an anonymous St. Gabriel donor. These donations helped de- fray other costs. We could not have done it without you!

  • Sanctuary Lamp From this Sunday thru next Saturday, the sanctuary lamp in church will burn in memory of: St. Paul’s: Ray & Beatrice LaPlante by Reggie & Pauline St. Mary’s: All Faithful Departed by Dolly Cutting


    Sat. July 15 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Rosanna Marceau by Rachel & Jesse Carroll Eric Johnson by Judy & Jack Manning

    Sun. July 16 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Ann Fortune by Beverly Cullen Jill Pouliot by the Family

    Mon. July 17 8:00 AM

    Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Tues. July 18 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Wed. July 19 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Thurs. July 20 Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Fri July 21 8:00 AM (F)

    Ordinary Weekday No Mass

    Sat. July 22 4:00 PM (F) 6:00 PM (T)

    Anticipated Mass Jack Sutcliffe by Mr / Mrs J Manning& S. Peverly Mark Legare by his Family

    Sun. July 23 8:30 AM (T) 10:30 AM (F)

    Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Ralph Cullen by Beverly Cullen Therese Parenteau by the Hansens

    ST. GABRIEL’S PRAYER LINE If you’d like to call in your prayer requests, this month’s contact is Judy Mills 286-7322. You can also write in your request in the book at either church.

    Prayers Requested Elaine Hennessy Olga Buczynski

    Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for July: Lapsed Christians: That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and wit- ness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of Christian life.

    THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Growing in God’s garden. Ever wonder why some people are very religious and other not so much? Jesus tells us in today’s gospel that there are a variety of reasons for this. He says some people are like a footpath: they watch (or even help) others follow their faith but they’ve decided this religion thing is for them. Others are more like rocky ground: they see the value in God’s Word but just can’t stick to it. They quit when it gets demanding or contradicts their plans. Others are like thorn bushes: faith and God are just not today’s priority. Sooner or later they’ll get to it . And, of course, there are those who embrace their faith and allow it to nurture their life. This is the kind of person God wants us to be. Now, this may be a good parable but it does not explain what makes one person ‘rocky soil’ or ’thorns’ while another is

    ’good soil’? Does God play favorites? I hope not! I believe that God has made each of us different, with our own unique gifts, talents, values, insights and life experiences. And He treats us as individuals. That means that my faith is not compared to yours. I may have more than you or less than you. I have what I need; you have what you need. We will both be eval- uated on how much we got and what we did with it. We will, however, get the same opportunities to make it grow and nourish us. And that’s where this parable comes in. We can squander it on a footpath, rocky soil, or thorn bushes. We can place it in fertile soil. The better we choose, the more it will grow. And that’s what the Master Gardener is trying to tell you!

    Liturgical Ministers - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 22 & 23, 2017

    4:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:30 AM 10:30 AM

    Servers Leo St. Pierre Jack Manning

    Mark Lemire Alan Cushing Ayden Cushing

    Jesse & James Potter Rebecca Emery

    Lectors Mark Williams Tim Stangroom

    John Bruno Jeanne Petrin Meri-lynn Banton Ken Merrifield

    Eucharistic Ministers

    Deacon Tom Claire Wallace Annie Calkins Bronwyn Walsh

    (H) (H) (C) (C)

    Deacon Tom Carole Lemire

    (C) (C)

    Deacon Tom Barbara Proulx Bette Paquet

    (H) (C) (C)

    Deacon Tom Debra Mekula Rose Archambault Judith Cloutier

    H) (H) (C) (C)

    Greeters Betty Meyerhoefer Peg Halm Kelly Chandonnait

  • PARISH FOOD PANTRY With school vacations in full swing, we

    need help meeting the increased de- mand: Cereals; Condiments: ketchup, may-

    onnaise, mustard; canned vegetables; canned soups; Mac & Cheese. We also can use

    personal hygiene items and diapers. Thank you for your continued generosity.


     July 29 & 30, Mission Appeal. Fr. Samuel Samy will be at St. Gabriel. Fr. Samy comes from the Di-

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