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  • Saint Joseph ROMAN CATHOLIC Church


    Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 17, 2018

    Sacrament of reconciliation Saturday at 4:00-4:30pm or by appointment

    Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage or Personal Appointments

    Please call the Parish Center

    Schedule of Masses Weekdays

    Monday-Friday at 12:05pm

    Weekends Saturday (Sunday Vigil) at 5:00pm

    Sunday at 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:30am

    Misa en Español todos los Domingos a las 2:30pm y tambien, el tercer Lunes del Mes a las 7:00pm

  • Our Parish Family is Served By

    Weekly Mass Intentions

    Father ST Sutton, Pastor 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Father Alexander Londono, Migrant Ministry Fr. [email protected]

    Father Edward Davey, Pastor Emeritus

    Deacon Thomas Zayac, Deacon

    Anne Lundgren, Office Manager 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Karen Glowatski, Office Assistant 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Linda Gorski, Director of Faith Formation

    973-383-8413 - [email protected]

    Christine Shell, Faith Formation Assistant [email protected]

    Kelly Dachisen, Director of Music Ministry [email protected]

    Sharon Eltzholtz, Bulletin Assistant [email protected]

    Robert Lasser, Finance Administrator 973-383-1985

    TRUSTEES OF THE PARISH Dorothy Bosi, George Hayek

    and Gerard Woodring

    Saturday 6/16 5:00pm For all fathers living & deceased

    Sunday June 17th

    Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time




    For all fathers living & deceased

    Monday 6/18 12:05pm Eugene DiBella

    Tuesday 6/19 12:05pm Sarah DeLucia

    Wednesday 6/20 12:05pm Robert Brelsford

    Thursday 6/21 12:05pm MaryAnn

    Friday 6/22 12:05pm Paul Kelusak

    Saturday 6/23 5:00pm Steve Raynor Donald Lamb

    Sunday June 24th

    The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist




    Francis & Stella Covel John Roy Charlie Lundgren Debbie Modrow Snook

    Garrett Conlan Nicholas Marino

    eleventh Sunday in ordinary time - june 17, 2018

    The Sanctuary Lamp, which burns near the Tabernacle as a reminder of our Lord’s presence in the Most Holy

    Eucharist, burns this week in loving memory of:

    And the hosts and wine, which will become the

    Holy Body and Precious Blood of our Lord, were given in

    loving memory of:

    Weekly Remembrance

    May they now be resting in the peace of the Lord’s heavenly kingdom!

    Please remember in your prayers the following members of our parish family:

    Ron Ayers, Fred Bender, Mary Benziger, Donald Charette, Consuelo Chronis, Father Angelus Croce,

    Penny Decker, Peter De Kleine, Jennifer DiNardo, Pat Fitzpatrick, Kathy Flores, Linda Flynn, Daniel Glowatski, Joy Grenewicz,

    Jim Huff, Susan Kadar, Jessica Kirby, Kerri Knight, Shirley Lavin, Bill Matulewicz, Jeff Matyas, Deirdre Metzger,

    Tammy Miserendino, Mike Palumbo, Michael Polster, Michael Porfido, James Proulx, Bishop Frank Rodimer

    Anthony Roselli, Linda Ross, Alexia Russ, Michael Ryan, Patty Savacool, Cynthia Savage,

    George Scarpa, Christel Siro, Gloria Steets, Margherita Vass, Cathy Veluta, Sherry Williams

    and Rita & Tom Zimich.

    May the Lord touch their lives with His healing presence!

    “Oremus Pro Invicem”

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Monday, June 18

    7:00pm Spanish Mass (Church)

    8:30pm Migrant Ministry Dinner (Community Center)

    Wednesday, June 20

    10:00am Prayer Shawl Ministry (Parish Center)

    7:00pm Bible Study (Library)

    Thursday, June 21

    1:00pm Legion of Mary Meeting (Parish Center)

    Saturday, June 23: 2:00pm Detwiller Wedding (Church)

    This week’s events



    June 10, 2018 Collection $7,530

    Online Giving $604 Diocesan Assessment $1,748

    Total: $9,882

    Thank you for your generosity

    Weekend Mass attendance: 661

    No More Second Collections $1,560

    Just a reminder that our weekly budget is $10,000.

    Thank you for all those who have generously given to the “No More Second Collections” collection. To date, we

    have collected $13,017 (which is a little more than half of last year’s total to date). This special collection eliminates

    almost all 2nd collections throughout the year, which affects 100% of the parish. Please prayerfully

    consider being part of your parish family in this endeavor.

    Thank you for your generosity!

    Food pantry

    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be suspended for the summer months of July and August. With so many people away during these months, the attendance at First Friday Adoration has not been sufficient to continue during the summer. We will resume Adoration after Labor Day on Friday, September 7th.

    Many of the children of our Food Pantry families

    receive free or reduced price breakfasts and

    lunches at school everyday. However, during the

    summer months, their families must provide these

    additional meals for them. We are looking for

    donations of items that will help parents provide

    daytime meals and snacks for their children

    during the summer when the children are not in


    Please consider adding these items to your regular

    donation: Chef Boyardee all varieties, Lunchables,

    mayonnaise, cereal, granola bars, cookies, juice

    boxes, snack size apple sauce, snack size puddings

    and paper towels

    We truly appreciate your continued

    support and generosity!

    Weekend readings

    June 24, 2018

    Isaiah 49:1-6 Acts of the Apostles 13:22-26

    Saint Luke 1:57-66, 80

    4 th

    of July mass

    Mass on Wednesday, July 4th, Independence Day, will be at 9:00am

    in the church .

    There will be NO 12:05pm Mass that day.

    Summer hours

    The Parish Center offices

    will close at noon on

    Fridays during July and

    August, beginning Friday,

    July 6th through Friday, August 31st.

  • THANK YOU FROM Deacon jerry

    Father’s day



    IF A GIFT FROM GOD A father who’s loving

    and gentle and kind

    living each day

    with his children in mind

    is a gift from the heart of God.

    A father who’s asking

    for guidance through prayer,

    Listening and helping

    and just being there.

    Planning the future

    with wisdom and care

    is a gift from the heart of God.

    Specials thanks to Salesian Sisters Monica and Theresa as well as Michelle Gallagher for preparing Pacifique and Shaloom Umutesi as they were welcomed into the

    Catholic Faith and received their First Holy Communion this past weekend at the 11:30am Mass. We congratulate Pacifique and Shaloom on this wonderful achievement in their lives and look forward to seeing them each and every week with their family of faith here at Saint Joseph in Newton where “All Are Welcome” at this table of the Lord.

  • Come Lean into god!

    We need the Mass, God does not! It is a meal with a family with all its pomp and circumstance, bells and smells. It is an opportunity for us to step out of our “regular” world. Mass can actually be captivating, enlivening. It is not just history but actually mystery. Keeping Holy the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-10) is commanded by Jesus “Do this in memory of me” (Luke 22:19). So we have to ask ourselves “How does love work in all of this?” Quite simply, God needs to be in the center of our hearts and our lives. God comes to feed us, to nourish us with His very self. God is the loving Father who knows what we need to live life to the fullest.

    What is interesting is that Jesus is the ONLY religious leader who claimed to be God and people followed Him. So why would God come in the flesh? God creates a plan to save us. He is Jesus (which means “God saves”). Throughout the history of salvation, we have followed God then have broken the covenant again and again. This time, God becomes the covenant itself. Jesus saves us and redeems us by bringing heaven to earth. He shows us what love is. It is sacrificial and other orientated. He gives us a true model for holiness; living and breathing service.

    In the Eucharist, we partake in the divine nature, we become like God because He gives His divine life to us (we call this grace “charis”). And this is only possible because of the Priesthood. God wishes to dwell within us. Notice that grace is central even to the word “Eu-charis-t.”

    Making the commitment to come to church is all about priorities. Especially families who have children, who are pulled in a hundred different directions, coming to weekly Eucharist must be a priority. Priorities tell us what we value. How

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