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  • Roman Catholic Church Saint Joseph

    PASTOR: Msgr. David C. Hubba

    PAROCHIAL VICARS: Rev. Anthony Di Stefano

    Rev. John Z. Radwan

    DEACON: George Montalvo


    Rev. George M. Reilly

    MASS SCHEDULE Saturday 5:00 pm

    Sunday 7:30am, 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 noon

    DAILY Weekdays 7:00 am

    & 8:30 am Saturday 8:30 am

    HOLY DAYS as announced

    Miraculous Medal Novena

    and Eucharistic Adoration



    Confession: Saturday, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Baptism Contact the Parish Office

    Marriage Arrangements should be made

    with a priest at least one year in advance.

    Homebound/Hospital Call Parish Office

    Christian Initiaion of Adults—RCIA Contact Parish Office

    PARISH REGISTRATION Contact Parish Office

    Office Location Phone Email/Fax Website

    Parish Office 105 Harrison St., New Milford 201-261-0148 [email protected] Fax #: 201-261-0369


    Religious Education 105 Harrison St., New Milford 201-261-1144 [email protected] sjcnjre.org

    Saint Joseph School

    the greenhouse PreK

    305 Elm St., Oradell 201-261-2388 [email protected] sjsusa.org

    RCIA Our Newly Confirmed

    —p. 2

    Saint Joseph School —accepting new

    students for the Fall —p. 2 Oradell/New Milford, NJ

    Summer Hours: (Parish Office) Mon-Fri.: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. YOU MUST TELEPHONE FIRST (201-261-0148)

    August 9, 2020

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    Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

    A JOURNEY OF FAITH Last Sunday, August 2nd, our RCIA candidates and team gathered as we conclude the journey of our RCIA this year with our RCIA Coordinator, Fr. Anthony, presiding at Mass during which our candidate George Pecoraro was sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation by our pastor Msgr. Hubba.

    Pictured: Our newly confirmed parishioner George Pecoraro with his sponsor and fiancée Julianne Hirdirsah (both center) along with Msgr. Hubba and Fr. Anthony as well as RCIA team members Melinda Rabbia and Fred Fakharzadeh.

    R.C.I.A - (2020-2021) Is God calling you to something more? The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an opportunity open to adults interested in becoming Catholic or those who are thirsty to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church by completing their Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist).

    RCIA IS GOING VIRTUAL! Our RCIA program has been reimaged with a hybrid program that will take the form of virtual gatherings and presentations with conversations and moments of engagement throughout the program year. For individuals who might have missed the chance join in the past because of scheduling and time constraints, this may be the opportunity to engage your desire to take this journey of faith in today’s new reality. If you, or someone you know, are

    interested in learning more about

    RCIA, we welcome the opportunity

    to speak with you! For more

    information contact Fr. Anthony:

    [email protected] or call

    201-261-0148 ext. 13.


    Part Time Math/Algebra Saint Joseph School seeks a temporary leave skilled Algebra teacher for two grade 8 classes per day. The remainder of the day would be serving as Teacher in Charge at the Upper School. Interested candidates should send resume and three references to Principal Valenti at: [email protected] Remuneration is at our substitute teacher rate.

    Serving students in PreK-3 to Grade 8

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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    Fr. Anthony Di Stefano, parochial vicar of Saint Joseph Church, is our guest columnist this week.

    Monsignor Hubba’s column, “From the Pastor’s Desk,” will return next weekend.

    Our young parishioners, as First Holy Communicants, have been journeying this past year and now, over the next few weekends, they will receive Jesus in a special way with full and active participation in the greatest love story ever told – the Eucharist. Jesus has been with these young people all their lives, but now, Jesus gives himself to them in a unique way – in bread and wine. This is the reason we gather every Sunday – to celebrate the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and share this meal with one another. It is in the sharing of the Mass, that we are renewed and strengthened in our relationship with Christ and one another.

    Receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion is a moment when we are enabled to recognize who He is and what He is. How important the precious moment is when He is close to us:

     It is the moment when we must give ourselves to Him, as He gives Himself to us.

     It is the moment when He, in His own way, will speak to us.

     It is the moment when He will give us new strength if, for instance, we have a problem in the family or in our own personal lives.

     It is the moment when we can accept from the hands of God a cross to be borne, a difficulty to be faced.

     It is the moment to say lovingly, “Yes, I will, with your help.”

    The moment of receiving Our Lord is a very personal one. It should not be rushed or invaded by distraction. There should be a short time when we are alone with Our Lord. It is only when we can be alone with him, deep down within ourselves that we can then begin to form a true Christian community, which is, of course what a parish should be. Moments of silence and stillness during and after Communion are vitally important to us personally and communally.

    How much we should treasure the Mass! We shall never fully understand it, nor cease to discover new things in it. But if we think often about the Mass, the Last Supper and about Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, we shall certainly come to appreciate more and more what happens when we “do this in memory of Him.”

    (continued above)

    Over the same next few weekends we also celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon many of our young people who have been continuing to journey the past year in preparation for Confirmation.

    We should remember as we celebrate Confirmation that one of the unmistakable signs of the Spirit is

    the unity of the Church. A Church is not defined by the presence of stained glass windows, pews facing an altar, or a steeple pointing to the heavens. Rather, you can spot a Church when

    people love each other, take care of each other, put the interest of others ahead of their own, and serve to- gether in the name of Christ. From the first day of the Church until today, the sign of the Spirit that amazes and draws the world to the Gospel is when they take note and say, “My, how they love each other.”

    And we should see that power of the Spirit behind the Church when we see:  Children learning the faith from parents and

    religious education teachers.  The service and sacrifice by members of our lay

    ministries.  The initiative and vitality of our youth and teens in

    service to others.  The faithful inspiration that carries people through

    crisis.  The mission work of our parish and community.

    Because it is then that we are reminded that the Holy Spirit is here and dwelling among us and in the varied gifts He has given us, is empowering each of us to go out and boldly proclaim the Good News of His gift of salvation – that Jesus Christ died for all, that He has forgiven our sins, that He has destroyed death’s power over us, and that in all things, Jesus loves us!

    If we really believe that, then the coming down of the Holy Spirit upon our teens in Confirmation means that they are called to have:  A spirituality of everydayness.  An understanding of how God has planted them

    where they are.  A sense of mission within their everyday lives.  A sense of them just being “CHURCH.”

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, as our teens receive the varied gifts of the Spirit in Confirmation, may they go out, in the power of the Holy Spirit to make our God very visible!

    Fr. Anthony

    Communion and Confirmation

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     YOU CAN DONATE ONLINE: Go to WeShare (our online giving program) at sjcnj.churchgiving.com and follow the directions. You can quickly and easily make a one-time donation or set up an account to make your normal weekly contribution.

     Or MAIL YOUR ENVELOPE: Please mail it to the Parish Office 105 Harrison Street, New Milford, NJ 07646.

     Or DONATE AT MASS: If you are attending our public celebration of Mass, we ask that you place your donation in the basket at the doors of the church.



    On Sunday, please check our parish website

    sjcnj.org for the link to our Sunday Mass.

    Mass will also conti

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