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Date post: 20-Sep-2020
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Saint Mary Parish September 20 2020—25th Sunday in Ordinary Time “So when the first came, they thought that they would receive more, but each of them also got the usual wage. And on receiving it they grumbled … ” (Matthew 20:11-12)
  • Saint Mary Parish September 20 2020—25th Sunday in Ordinary Time



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  • PARISH CENTER HOURS 1012 Lake Street, Evanston IL 60201

    (847) 864-0333

    The Parish Center is CLOSED

    Staff Is Available by Phone

    Father Kevin McCray

    Pastor, ext 204

    [email protected]

    Father Tony Joseph

    Associate Pastor, ext. 212

    Deacon Dennis Robak, ext. 209

    [email protected]

    Deacon Ramon & Julia Navarro, x202

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Director of Music & Liturgy

    Dianne Fox, ext. 210

    [email protected]

    Director of Faith Formation

    Karie Ferrell, ext. 203

    [email protected]

    Business Manager

    Leticia Montoya, ext. 201

    l[email protected]

    Reopening Team [email protected]

    Regional Director, Youth Ministry

    United Catholic Youth Ministry James Holzhauer-Chuckas ObSB, ext 231

    [email protected]

    Dr. Molly Cinnamon

    Principal, Pope John XXIII School

    (847) 475-5678

    [email protected]

    Saint Vincent de Paul Society

    (847) 869-6134 Page 2 www.stmaryevanston.org

    Saint Mary Parish Established 1865

    A Community of Faith and Service in Christ

    The Church Is Open!

    We are celebrating Mass, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, the Sacra-

    ment of Reconciliation, and we’re open for limited hours of Adora-

    tion — all with new guidelines and limited numbers of participants.

    Make your reservations, follow the posted signs when you arrive,

    wear a mask all of the time you are in the church and follow the

    directions of the greeters and ushers/traffic directors to maintain

    social distancing.

    Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturdays, 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.—no reservation required

    Celebrating Sunday Mass Saturdays at 5:00 p.m./Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in the church

    11:30 a.m. Drive-In Mass in the parking lot

    RESERVATION REQUIRED, Reserve your space on EventBrite

    Eucharistic Adoration Sundays 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    RESERVATION REQUIRED, Reserve your space on EventBrite

    We Need Your Help!

    As fall approaches and people return to regular schedules, as

    “regular” as they can be within this new normal, we need your help

    to continue to add Masses to our schedule.

    Can you be part of the teams needed for masses and

    at baptisms, weddings, funerals and reconciliation?

    Set-up Team: arrives early to set up the check-in stations, place

    signage, ensure the space is ready

    Greeters & Ushers: greet & check in participants, ensure social

    distancing and sanitizing procedures

    Clean-up Team: stays after services to clean & sanitize surfaces

    Contact the Co-Leaders of the Reopening Team James Sulton and Cat Wolf

    [email protected]

    Pot o’ Gold Raffle Kicks Off Soon!

    Watch for tickets & info in

    the mail. Drawing held at

    the Parking Lot Reveal.

    https://www.eventbrite.com/o/saint-mary-parish-14857051425https://www.eventbrite.com/o/saint-mary-parish-14857051425mailto:[email protected]?subject=Volunteeringmailto:[email protected]?subject=Volunteering

  • www.stmaryevanston.org Page 3

    Are You Receiving Our Parish Emails? Contact the Parish Office to update our parish data base & request to be added to the list.

    Call (847) 864-0333 or email [email protected]

    Stay Up-to-Date & Connected On Our Parish Website—stmaryevanston.org

    Follow & Connect With Us on Facebook Our Parish Facebook Page—https://www.facebook.com/stmaryevanston/


    we get a full day’s wages. If we work half a day, then we get half. We would find it strange, even criminal,

    to pay people for more than what they deserve or earn.

    But thank God, our Father doesn’t have a heart that is limited to loving, forgiving, and showing mercy only in

    direct relationship to what we deserve---or to what “works” we have performed.

    As the song goes, “Our God is an Awesome God,” (listen to the song) and that is what we are called to rely

    upon, and to imitate in our own lives. In the Gospel, we repeatedly hear the word “daily”, and it calls us to

    be reminded how we are the daily workers who should depend on a God who not only give us what we de-

    serve---but that he gives us so much more than we can imagine.

    We are reminded that God’s generosity toward others does not take away from his generosity to us. It is not

    a pie with limited pieces---if God blesses someone beyond what they deserve---it does not get taken away

    from God’s bounty toward us. But we can often limit God’s blessing with the mentality of an Accounting

    Ledger. But again, God can’t be limited.

    These reflections bring us to how we give and receive gifts and blessings from not only God, but from our

    brothers and sisters that walk the same journey with us---where we all find ourselves judging and often com-

    ing up short in the generosity we show.

    In this time of Pandemic, of racial strife, and in the midst of a tumultuous election year we are being called to

    stop and take stock of the gifts and blessings we receive from God----and then to decide how much of that

    have we deserved. As we reflect on God’s overflowing bounty in our lives, let us grow to be like the gener-

    ous landowner who give to others more than they deserve. Let us give mercy, forgiveness, and love without

    counting the cost, and by doing so, we will be imitating a God who will then bless us in ways greater than we

    could ever hope.

    In the readings for this week, we are shown such great generosity from the Lord. The

    compassion, the expansiveness of giving, and the realization that it comes from a

    God who loves us, can take our breath away.

    And that is the problem with these readings, we find it difficult to understand how

    God can give us more than we deserve---or more importantly, we find it maddening

    that God can give more to OTHER people, especially when we decide that they

    have received more than THEY deserve.

    We are a people who have been raised with “fairness”. If we do a full day of work,


  • Page 4 www.stmaryevanston.org

    Our Mission

    The Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland are dedicated to

    saving the lives of unborn children threatened by abortion through

    the most effective, morally acceptable means of reaching, inform-

    ing and helping their mothers and families with appropriate loving


    Our Free Services

    Every year, thousands of women facing a crisis pregnancy come to The Women’s Centers of Greater Chi-

    cagoland. A large portion of them are actively seeking abortion and others are vulnerable to abortion. Many

    feel scared and alone, without hope or support. Our professional and compassionate client advocates con-

    nect with each client, allowing her to share her story and express her feelings.

    Each woman who enters our doors is encountered by someone who sincerely cares and believes in her. Our

    client advocates assess the problems that led her to a crisis situation. Once they review all options and conse-

    quences, they identify resources that will help eliminate barriers that stand in the way of choosing life. Togeth-

    er, they develop a plan of action to implement that life-affirming decision.

    We Need Donations

    We need car seats for 20 to 40 lb., plus infant car seat/carriers (by law all car seats must be less than 7 years old)

    high chairs, strollers, baby carriers, pack-n-plays, toddler beds, cribs (no drop down sides), exer-saucers and baby swings.

    We have a great need for baby food and all brands of baby formula (especially Enfamil Formula-the yel-low box). All baby food must be in date.

    Also needed are diapers in sizes 4, 5 and 6 only and diaper bags,

    Receiving blankets, new pacifiers, baby wipes, baby shampoo, lotion, and breast pumps.

    These items cannot be picked up unless accompanied by baby furniture.

    The families who receive them are grateful for your generosity. For more information, please call 773-794-1313.

    5116 N. Cicero Avenue, Chicago IL 60630 & 2720 S. River Road, Suite 234, Des Plaines IL


    2nd Collection This Weekend

    September 19/20, 2020

    Saint Mary Conference


    The Vincentian Call

    On September 27, the Church celebrates the

    feast of St. Vincent de Paul, who knew that “God

    had sent him to bring good news to the poor.”

    Together with your gifts, the members of the Soci-

    ety of St. Vincent de Paul continue his work and

    mission in our parish. We pray that you too may

    hear the Vincentian call to meet Christ in service

    to the poor and join us.

    On Sunday, September 27 at the 9:30 Mass our St.

    Mary Conference celebrates the Vincentian call

    as we commission a new member, and continuing

    members make their renewal of commitment at

    the 9:30 Mass.


  • www.stmaryevanston.org

    Our Saint Mary Parish

    Religious Education Program

    Our sessions began last Sunday, September 13, for

    eighty-five students from fifty-five families in nine

    Zoom classrooms led by eleven volunteer catechists.

    This Sunday, September 20, is Catechetical Sunday, a

    day set aside by the United States Conference of

    Catholic Bishops as an opportunity to reflect on the

    role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in

    handing on the faith and witnessing to the Gospel.

    Parents are the first and primary teachers of the faith

    for their children. With sessions taking place in homes,

    our role as parish to walk along with and in support of

    families is even more evident than in previous years.

    Over the summer our catechists received a new cur-

    riculum, spent hours learning how to Zoom and

    prepared to share their faith in this new medium.

    Please keep them in your prayers.

    A Prayer For Our Catechists

    Michael Borman, Cris Crisafulli, Nicole Duval,

    David Jacob, Patricia Jacob, Adrianna

    Jodlowsk, Carmel Medard, Junette Moseley,

    Diane Nelson, Paula Schmitt, Nicole Zamy

    May the seeds of faith blossom

    as you nurture God’s young disciples,

    and may our ever-present

    connection to Christ through prayer

    be a joyful blessing for you

    and the children in your care.


  • Page 6 www.stmaryevanston.org

    September 24

    I hope everyone is having a safe and fun

    summer! Our next soup kitchen is coming up in

    just a few weeks. Thanks to everyone for their

    great support this year! Our last few events have

    gone very smoothly.

    During the Coronavirus crisis, the format of the

    soup kitchen has changed radically. Instead of

    serving indoors with a serving line and a sit-down

    meal, we have been preparing the meals to-go

    and handing them out to the folks as they

    arrive. We prepare a dinner in a take-out

    container and a brown bag lunch for the following


    Not sure what we’ll serve this time, but we’ll be

    looking for something that isn’t too messy, travels

    well in a take-out container and is still okay if it’s

    not piping hot.

    The distribution point is not our usual location, but

    the Congregational Meeting House a few blocks


    As always, we need:

    Donated Food: hard-boiled eggs, fruit &


    Volunteers: We won’t need any help

    serving. There’s only enough room for a couple

    of people – and all we do is hand out bags with

    meals in them.

    But we could use some help preparing bag

    lunches. If you have time on Wednesday 9/23

    or Thursday 9/24, I can drop off some lunch

    stuff. You could then make sandwiches and

    prepare bag lunches.

    Monetary Donations: we use the money to

    fund our Frugal Shoppers who shop for the

    main course of sloppy joes as well as the bag

    lunches we hand out — plus anything else that

    isn’t covered by donated food. Contact Jay Larmee at 847 347-2895 or jla[email protected]


    Saint Mary’s Black Catholics

    Discussion Group Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom

    The news about peace and justice in America

    is discouraging this week, and it can be hard

    to find thoughtful, honest discussions that

    don't reflect the worst of the internet. Consider

    joining one of the St. Mary's Black Catholic 2

    PM Tuesday Zooms (which are 40 minutes

    long.) The group discusses a timely article rele-

    vant to social justice, Black history, general

    history, and faith and what action items we

    can take from the lessons we learn. All are


    Email Shannon Ambroise to get the link and

    article to next week's chat.

    [email protected]

    Baptism Preparation for Parents

    Parents are required to attend a preparation

    session at least two months before scheduling a

    date for the baptism.

    Please visit our website (stmaryevanston.org) to

    register. Deacon Dennis Robak will get in touch

    with you to schedule a preparation session.

    Contact [email protected] with any


    Lectio Divina For Young Adults

    We meet outdoors at Saint

    Nicholas Parish. every Monday

    night at 7 pm. Registration Re-




    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.ucym.org/yam.htmlhttps://www.ucym.org/yam.html

  • www.stmaryevanston.org Page 7



    2nd Lieutenant Patrick Benn, U.S. Marine Corps,

    son of Kathy & Adrian Benn

    CDR Edward Carlton, U.S. Navy, son of Caroline

    & Frank Carlton

    2nd Lieutenant Henry L. Clark, U.S. Air Force, son

    of Gayle & Dan Clark

    Airman Lindsey Foley, U.S. Air Force, niece of

    Chris Foley

    2nd Cadet Helen Hitt, U.S. Air Force Academy,

    daughter of Stephanie & John Hitt

    Lt. Daniel Kozicki, U.S. Navy, nephew of Linda



    Lucy Hayes

    Mary DuCharme

    Chris King, husband of Lisa Reitman


    Liliana Canova

    Mother of Marianna Mazzuccato

    Valerie Shavers

    Mother of Christina Shavers


    Our Holy Father has designated September as a

    month to pray for respect for the planet’s

    resources: “We pray that the planet’s resources

    will not be plundered, but shared in a just and

    respectful manner.”

    Join the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network


    Sunday, September 20—25th Sunday Ordinary Time

    5:00 Elaine McCray

    9:30 Our Religious Education Families

    11:30 For Our Parishioners

    Monday, September 21—St. Matthew


    Tuesday, September 22


    Wednesday, September 23—St. Pius of Pietrelcine

    8:00 Cathy D’Amore

    Lena Truskowski

    Thursday, September 24


    Friday, September 25


    Saturday, September 26—Sts. Cosmos & Damian


    Sunday, September 27—26th Sunday Ordinary Time

    5:00 Joseph M. Ferrell

    9:30 Miss Irma Davis

    Mrs. Mary Williams

    11:30 For Our Parishioners

    To Request A Mass Intention Contact the Parish Office (847) 864-0333

    Stipend is $10


    We Pray for One Another