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SAINT PAUL RIVER BALCONY - Saint Paul, Minnesota

Date post:13-Nov-2021
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• Extends from the Science Museum of Minnesota to Union Depot
• Designed to accomodate walking, outdoor seating, gathering, and public activities
• Mixes both urban and natural elements of the city and river
• Encourages people of all ages to interact with the Mississippi River in new ways
• To be financed through public-private partnerships
The Saint Paul River Balcony will be an elevated pedestrian walkway overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul. This dramatic public promenade will travel from the Science Museum of Minnesota to Union Depot and link vibrant downtown places with restaurants, offices, shops, and other gathering spaces.
A LONG-TERM VISION The River Balcony was first conceptualized in Saint Paul’s Great River Passage Master Plan, the City’s vision to better connect people to Saint Paul’s 26 miles of Mississippi River shoreline. The City of Saint Paul is in the process of preparing a master plan for the River Balcony, which will be completed in 2017. The River Balcony will then move into schematic design.
View the River Balcony model at Union Depot until
Sept. 28

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