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January 19 NewsletterSAINT PAUL’S EPISTLE
Our mission at Saint Paul’s is to: welcome all people; proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ; experience a personal relationship with Him; and joyfully share God’s love with others.
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church * 12 North 6th Street * Wilmington, NC 28401 * 910.762.4882 phone * 910.762.4129 fax * [email protected]
(2 adults + children): $30 max Non oyster eaters: $10 pp
Assorted beverages
Email [email protected]
Heartfelt thanks are expressed to all who helped make Advent/Christmas 2018 memorable for music at St. Paul's! Included are bell ringers, composer, conductors, Instrument players, financial donors, and singers; both from our congregation and be- yond.
This year featured the newly-revived Saint Paul's Handbells, who "rang" in both services December 23.
Christmas Eve services contained the premier performance of "Hear the Promise of His Birth," by new St. Paul's member Carl Cerniglia.
The Church Choir, Praise Team, and Spirit Instrumental Ensemble were "near their best" every time they sang or played.
Bob and Peggy Erickson hosted an- other fabulous Music Ministry Christ- mas Potluck.
Carolers of all ages, from the choir and congregation sang at Trinity Grove and homes of shut-ins. St. Paul's children helped lead carols at the Church-wide Christmas Party.
What joy and pleasure it has been for me to work with our capable Music Associates, Robby Anderson and Con- nie Batchelder, and the rest of our supportive church staff! Even greater music is "on the way." Come join us in 2019! Happy New Year!
Bill Remele
Scoot a Little Closer to Jesus Hebrews was a sermon for a specific people and culture in the midst of martyrdom and persecution, but is also so relevant for us today, remind- ing us to continue walking toward Jesus regardless of our culture or our circumstances. Join Lisa Harper as she journeys through this bridge between the Old and New Testaments to get to the heart of the matter: Jesus is our ac- cessible King. He is not a faraway God, but an up-close Redeemer who draws near to us. Hebrews helps women make the connection between God the Father and God the Son and reminds us that Jesus is supreme, but He is also compassionate, empathetic, and loving to no end. Lisa makes dig- ging into Hebrews fun and doable, as only she can, without losing an ounce of depth. Join us Thursday evenings in the An- nex from 6:30—8:30 p.m. beginning on January 10. Workbooks are availa- ble at Life Way Christian Store. Con- tact Tammi Gates at (910) 200-4415 with any questions.
On Sunday, January 20, St. Paul's will be hosting the 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Worship Service at 4:00 p.m. in the Church Sanctuary. The service will be put together by the Wilmington Ministerial Roundtable, which is a multi-racial inter-faith group of ministerial leaders who lead in are- as of racial reconciliation, justice, and peacemaking.
One of the goals leaders and mem- bers of our congregation have stated to me is for our church to be more involved with our community. This event will bring many people together and create a wonderful opportunity for us to play host.
I welcome all of you to come and join me that afternoon.
Pastor Jonathan
FROM COY & RENATE NORRIS… Thank you to everyone for all the beautiful get well cards, birthday cards, and prayers. And the pastors for all their love and support. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Dear members and friends, we want to thank all of you for your passionate response to our Fall Stewardship Cam- paign. Thanks to you our amount pledged for 2019 is $12,452 more than 2018! Your money helps sustains and builds ministries that not only af- fect our congregation but the commu- nity at large. Thanks be to God!
We also asked you to fill out Time and Talents Surveys, and the response has been incredible! The surveys have been compiled and the information has been passed on to the Ministry Team leaders, who will be contacting you soon. Thank you for giving your time and energy to make St. Paul's a thriving congregation!
The St. Paul's Stewardship Team— Pastor Jonathan, Joe Mickley, Mark Bergman, Nancy Scheunemann, Kris- tine Hopkins, Tom Bertelsen
January 6: 5:00-7:00 pm January 13: 5:00 – 7:00 pm January 20: 5:00 – 7:00 pm January 27: No Youth Group!
Superbowl Sunday Chili Fundraiser! Sunday, February 03, 2019 sponsored by St. Paul’s Youth. Sizing and Prices will be available soon! A vegetarian option will be available. All Proceeds will benefit the 2019 Summer Mission trip to Mexico City Beach, Florida to help with disaster relief through the Florida Bahamas Synod and Luther Springs.
Build Your Youth Group Weekend Retreat
March 01– 03, 2019 Camp Agape, Fuquay Varina NC
Cost- $145.00 For: 3rd– 5th grade students!
BYG is weekend retreat full of games, devotion, and fellowship together! Contact Susan Jackson if your child is interested in attending by January 20th.
St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School: Monday, August 5–Friday, August 9
9:00 am– 12:00 pm
St. Paul’s Epistle Page 4
1 Christian VandeVeer 3 Cary Bruton Chris Guthrie Anna Haskins 5 Grayson Curry Maria Lewis Glenda Poole 6 Taylor Allen Anna Cheatham Rose Gschwandtner 11 Jerry Cavanaugh 12 Bettielou Weddle 13 June Beamer Connie Edwards 16 Sherry Cerniglia Jody Pfeffer 17 Ivy Lenz 18 Marlene Balan 19 Tom Solomita 20 Doris Sampson Jake Wessell 21 Kara Curry Judi Pellnat Jimmy Robeson 22 Norma Flax Lois Smith 23 Joyce Presley 24 Sandy Devine Martha Greer 25 John Gibbons Carol Sanders 26 Lincoln Beamer 29 Lil McGrew Beth Pottle Asher Wessell 30 Myrna Bodenstab 31 Rich Everhart Connor Flack Cindy Killian
Acolytes (9 a.m.)
6 Kasey Cummings 13 Kendall Bauer 20 Kate Pottle 27 Delilah Mills Acolytes (11 a.m.) 6 Adam Russell 13 Michael Walters 20 Lily Gaither 27 Anna Phelps Altar Guild 6 Fran & Walt Denninger 13 Debbie Farabee, Ruth Farabee 20 Marjorie Carano, Voncile Echevarria 27 Irma Forger, Fran Denninger Caregivers 6 Jody Pfeffer 13 Frances Lamb 20 Susan Dresher 27 Becky Knott Communion Assistants (9 a.m.) 6 Fran Bolger 13 Norma Flax, Cindy Killian 20 Helen Romeo, Terry Obrock 27 Dan & Sue Dresher Communion Assistants (11 a.m.)
6 Lynda Shell 13 Dan & Betty Huggins 20 Jody Pfeffer, Lynda Shell 27 Cris Dixon, Kitty Solomita Communion Guild (9 a.m.) 6 Cindy Swicegood, Larry & Marlene Balan 13 Michelle Beasley 20 Susan Bolger 27 Bev Friese Communion Guild (11 a.m.) 6 Lynn Mickley, Barbara Ackerly 13 Jill Bergman 20 Kathryn Crutchfield 27 Christa Gerfelder Crucifers 6 Jacob Walton 13 Richard Walters 20 Daisy Gaither 27 Nathan Holzberger
Greeters (9:00 a.m.)
6 Bill & Anita Heston 13 Larry & Becky Knott 20 Billy & Debbie Mason 27 Helen Romeo, Archie Barringer Greeters (11 a.m.)
6 Ken & Shirley Koenig 13 Matt & Amanda Fox 20 Andy & Kay Kruklitis 27 Julian & Vivian Burnett Monday Night Community Dinner
7 Betsy and Mary Rullman, Anita Heston, Mike Leiser, John Gibbons, Laurel Meitrodt 14 Anita Heston, Mike Leiser, Jim Bauer, Laurel Meitrodt 21 Peter Miars, Bob Erickson, Steve & Judy Beach, Joe & Lynn Mickley, John Gibbons 28 Linda Evans, Allan & Judi Pellnat, John Gibbons Readers (9 a.m.) 6 Fran Bolger 13 Joe Miller 20 Richard Stover 27 Archie Barringer
Readers (11 a.m.) 6 Lynda Shell 13 Bob Stroud 20 Peggy Erickson 27 Tom Bertelsen Ushers (9:00 a.m.)
6 Robert Rehder, Bob Rehder 13 Gary & Lori Vidmar 20 Larry & Tammi Gates 27 Joe & Lynn Mickley Ushers (11 a.m.) 6 Al Cheatham, Wilson Horton,
Joe Augustine, Walt Denninger, Larry Lewis 13 George Russ, Mike Flack, Jack Baily, Tom Bertelsen, Bob Poole 20 Dan Huggins, Mike Mason, Nick Grubbs, Jim Bailey 27 Peter Miars, Julian Burnett, Matt Fox, Allen Mason
St. Paul’s Epistle Page 6
D a y
a ti o n (
5 p
ig h t
ic e
(L ib
ra ry
a y M
e a l
6 :4
5 p
b le
7 p
M e e ti n g
(O ff
ic e )
1 1
1 2
9 a
l R
e tr
1 p
S ch
6 :3
0 p
l M
7 p
N ig
h t
ic e
1 5
9 :3
0 a
(L ib
ra ry
a y
1 8
1 9
2 0
9 a
S ch
S e rv
7 p
ig h t
(L ib
ra ry
2 3
5 :3
0 p
a y
2 5
6 p
2 6
2 7
9 a
S ch
a ti o n (
2 8
6 p
A n n e x)
7 p
ig h t
ic e
2 9
2 :4
5 p
(L ib
ra ry
3 0
5 :3
0 p
a y
S T .

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