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SAINT PHILIP THE APOSTLE CATHOLIC CHURCH WELCOME! If youre new to our parish, stop by the Welcome Table in the Narthex. MASS SCHEDULE Saturday Vigil, 4 PM Sunday, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 5:30 PM Monday, 12:15 PM Tuesday & Friday, 9 AM Wednesday, 6:30 PM Thursday, 6:30 AM 1st Saturday, 9 AM CONFESSIONS Wednesdays, 5-6:15 PM Saturdays, 3-3:45 PM Private by appointment OFFICE HOURS Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-5 PM Closed for lunch 12 Noon-1:30 PM Friday, 9 AM-1 PM A Receptionist is available in the Church narthex during weekend Masses BECOME CATHOLIC Contact Matt Gill at 972-219-1686 or [email protected] to set an appointment. Join us 7-9 PM on Tuesday nights. For more details, visit stphilipcc.org/becomecatholic Second Sunday in Ordinary Time January 19, 2020 1897 W Main St | Lewisville, TX | 75067 | 972.436.9581 | stphilipcc.org John testified further, saying, “I saw the Spirit come down like a dove from heaven and remain upon him… Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God.”
WELCOME! If you’re new to our parish, stop by the Welcome Table in the Narthex.
MASS SCHEDULE Saturday Vigil, 4 PM Sunday, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 5:30 PM Monday, 12:15 PM Tuesday & Friday, 9 AM Wednesday, 6:30 PM Thursday, 6:30 AM 1st Saturday, 9 AM
CONFESSIONS Wednesdays, 5-6:15 PM Saturdays, 3-3:45 PM Private by appointment
OFFICE HOURS Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-5 PM Closed for lunch 12 Noon-1:30 PM Friday, 9 AM-1 PM A Receptionist is available in the Church narthex during weekend Masses
BECOME CATHOLIC Contact Matt Gill at 972-219-1686 or [email protected] to set an appointment. Join us 7-9 PM on Tuesday nights. For more details, visit stphilipcc.org/becomecatholic
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time January 19, 2020
1897 W Main St | Lewisville, TX | 75067 | 972.436.9581 | stphilipcc.org
John testified further, saying, “I saw the Spirit come down like a dove from heaven and remain upon him…
Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God.”
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church 2
Address 1897 West Main Street Lewisville, TX 75067 Phone Main: 972-436-9581 Emergency Line: 972-709-2364 Fax: 972-436-5302 Main Email [email protected]
Office Hours Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-5 PM Closed for lunch 12 Noon-1:30 PM Friday, 9 AM-1 PM A Receptionist is available in the Church narthex during weekend Masses Bulletin Deadlines Submit by 12 Noon, 9 days in advance of publication date to Sarah Fritcher at [email protected]
SACRAMENTS BAPTISM Baptism is celebrated at a communal service on the 1st Saturday of the month or, by request, during Sunday Mass. Contact Gwen Kramer at 972- 219-7448 or [email protected] Next Baptism Prep Seminar: Tuesday, March 10, at 7 PM
1ST EUCHARIST & PENANCE Contact Kim Carr at 972-219-1511 or [email protected]
CONFIRMATION High School: Victoria Hamaty at 972- 219-1754 or [email protected] Adults: Matt Gill at 972-219-1686 or [email protected]
MARRIAGE Contact Matt Gill at least 9-12 months in advance at 972-219-1686 or [email protected]
ANOINTING OF THE SICK Available at any Mass; notify the receptionist on arrival. On First Fri- days, special Anointing service during 9 AM Mass. Contact the Office for Anointing at other times.
ROSARY Tuesdays at 3 pm in the Chapel The Rosary is also prayed 30 minutes prior to all Masses
ROSARY FOR LIFE 1st Saturdays, 8:30 am Mary Garden
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Tuesdays, 6-9 pm Chapel Wednesdays, 7-8 pm Church Thursdays, 7-11:30 am Chapel 6-9 pm Chapel
ADORATION FOR LIFE Last Sunday of the Month, 12:45-5 pm in the Chapel
CLERGY & PASTORAL HELP Pastor Fr. Raymond McDaniel 972-436-9581, [email protected]
Parochial Vicar Msgr. Francis Boakye Tawiah 972-436-9581, [email protected] Pastoral Associate Dcn. Jim Rodgers……214-222-6704……[email protected]
Weekend Ministry Fr. Allan Hawkins……817-277-4041……[email protected] Dcn. Ramiro Rodriguez……972-436-9581……[email protected] Dcn. Joe Standridge……972-436-9581……[email protected]
To request a priest in an emergency: Call 972-709-2364
Funerals Mike McArdle 214-415-0427 [email protected]
Annulments Jackie Jones 972-219-7280, [email protected]
Cover Image: Detail from “The Sermon of St. John the Baptist” by Bernardo Strozzi
Our brothers and sisters who are ill or distressed, especially . . . Charles Aldridge, Sarah Berry, Eliza Medina, Destiny Perez, Caleb Kelly, Michael Merlene, Mary Ann Novitsky, A’Miracle Walton, Peg Nuttall, Juanita Stephens, Jennifer Segreto
Our brothers and sisters with long-term or on-going health conditions, especially . . . Bernie Austin, Jo Rudolph, Jerry Press, Marie Neely Newton, Cathy McArdle, Joe Magni, Ron Gourlie, Libby Martinez, Diana Canizales, Patricia Dunlap, Larry & Jan Ellis, Mick Palmesano, Patrick Brown, Angie El Gamrani, Donna Austin, John Kushner, Loretta Cotter, Ronald Heist, Julia Valentine, Quinn Oteo, Dan Hoffman, Jane Luman, Diana Bradley, LaShonda Battista-Eniayewu, Kate Loughborough, Joe Cavallo, Don Parks, Christopher Argodale, Kelly Skenesky, Janet Sutphin (mother of Sherry Gessel), Jackie Merry, Pat Sikich, Kathleen Alberry, Andrea Barron (daughter of W.J. Mildfelt), John- Paul Kalapati, Kaci Epley (daughter of Chuck & Peggy), Mike Carlson (husband of Carol), Pat Friedrichs, Carole Flynt Our brothers and sisters who have been born into eternal life . . . Celina Rogers, Jeri Barnum, Fr. Richard Eldredge
Our fellow parishioners who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith . . . Stephen Youngblood, 1/18/2019; Vincenza Mantegani, 1/19/1999; Russell Martz, 1/19/2012; James Dean Emmel, 1/19/2015; Danny Burkard, 1/19/2019; Rosalyn Korak, 1/21/2019; Tom Murphy, 1/23/1999; Christopher Wessling, 1/23/2013; Sally Kerr, 1/23/2014; Sharon Swain, 1/23/2019; Jean Hickey, 1/24/2015; Bonnie Reedick, 1/24/2017; Balthesar Garza, 1/25/2015; Alexander Powell, 1/26/2008; Ron Patenaude, 1/26/2011
Vocations . . . Br. Elijah, Michael Marincel, all our diocesan seminarians, diaconal candidate Pat Quinn, and for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — January 19, 2020 3
SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 4 pm, +Judy Pribanic
SUNDAY, JANUARY 19 7:30 am, The People of St. Philip 9:30 am, +Betty Stock 11:30 am, +James Dean Emmel 5:30 pm, +Mary Johnson
MONDAY, JANUARY 20 Saint Fabian, Saint Sebastian 12:15 pm, +Susana Ramos
TUESDAY, JANUARY 21 Saint Agnes 9 am, +Paul & +Tim Siebert
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children 6:30 pm, Kevin De Vassy
THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 Saint Vincent, Deacon Saint Marianne Cope 6:30 am, +Elizabeth Herndon
FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 Saint Francis de Sales 9 am, +Ann Clymer
SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 The Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle 4 pm, +Bob Sarkees & +Francis Donnelly
SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 7:30 am, +Ann Dorsa & +Sally Canale 9:30 am, The People of St. Philip 11:30 am, +Jerry Richard Hawley 5:30 pm, +Enrique Mondragon
NURSERY SERVICES Nursery Service available for children through age 5 (not yet in school) during all weekend and Holy Day Masses. Contact Sue Tominey at 972-219-7626 or [email protected]
CONNECT WITH US VISIT US AT OUR WEBSITE www.stphilipcc.org RECEIVE PARISH EMAILS www.flocknote.com/stphilip or text spacc to 84576
FACEBOOK AND TWITTER @stphilipcc DOWNLOAD OUR APP Search for myParish on the App Store or Google Play to download our app today!
Growing in Grace The Christ Child & True Christmas
Prayer for the Week: You are my light and my salvation.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that every- one who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.” John 3:16
Holy God, Thank you for your Son, and the chance to start a new year with fresh eyes, a new heart, and most of all a renewed faith in the fact that you loved us so much to send your Son to save us. Jesus suffered our eve- ryday trials and then gave His life so that we may know you fully in Heaven. Help us to remember His humility in times of pride, His good- ness in times of self-centeredness, His giving in times of selfishness, his love in times of hatred. Amen
Our Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his reflections from Christmas: Spir- itual Thoughts Series, tells us that “God’s sign for us is humility.” That he sent His only son, Jesus, into the world for us as a baby, completely dependent on his parents, craving the loving touch, the words of kind- ness, the guiding spirit, and the basic survival needs from those around Him to survive. Jesus let us touch Him, He invited us to love Him and to talk and follow Him.
This Christmas Season, how can I vow to change myself and be the one light in someone’s path that makes a difference this year? This Season, let us prepare ourselves with humility and simply opening our hearts, minds and soul to receive the gifts that Jesus offers us in His coming as a infant: light, joy and peace. Let our light shine this year, by helping others, being a friend to someone in need, communicating more with God, and inviting Him to be a more important part of our lives.
“The future starts today, not tomorrow.” -St John Paul II
Courtesy of St. Philip Stewardship Committee
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church 4
Sunday, January 19 Monday, January 20 Tuesday, January 21 Wednesday, January 22
Chin Community 1 PM CLC Divine Face Meeting 3 PM Room 7/9 Young Adults: Sundays in Parker Square 7 PM Enzo’s Pizza This Weekend · Spiritual Adoption Program
Kickoff · Italian Dinner Ticket Sales
MLK Day Office Closed Mass 12:15 PM Church Adult Formation: The Good Life 6 PM CLC
Morning Prayer 8:30 AM Church Mass - 9 AM Church Rosary - 3 PM Chapel Eucharistic Adoration 6-9 PM Chapel Evening Prayer 6:15 PM Chapel Lector Training 6:30 PM Church Co-Ed SCOF 7 PM Room 7/9 RCIA - 7 PM CLC EMHC Training 7:30 PM Church
Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible 9:30 AM CLC Confessions 5 PM Church HS Prayer Group 5 PM Youth Room Mass 6:30 PM Church Holy Hour 7 PM Church SPY MS 7 PM CLC Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible 7 PM Room 7/9
Thursday, January 23 Friday, January 24 Saturday, January 25 Sunday, January 26 Mass - 6:30 AM Church Eucharistic Adoration 7-11:30 AM Chapel Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible 1 PM CLC Children’s Choir Rehearsal 4 PM Room 7/9 Eucharistic Adoration 6-9 PM Chapel Adult Choir Rehearsal 7 PM Church Lady Knights Meeting 7 PM Room 6/8 St. Philip School of Evangelization 7 PM CLC
Men’s SCOF 6:30 AM Room 1 Mass 9 AM Church Co-Ed SCOF 9:30 AM Room 7/9 Spice of Life Cards & Games 12 Noon CLC Women’s SCOF 12 Noon Room 1 American Heritage Girls 5:30 PM Room 6/8, 7/9
Men’s SCOF 7:30 AM Room 1 Knights of Columbus 12 Noon CLC Confessions 3 PM Church Happy Hour—Sponsored by Christ Child Society 5 PM CLC
Adoration for Life 12:45-5 PM Chapel Chin Community 1 PM CLC HS Confirmation Class 7 PM CLC Young Adults: Sundays in Parker Square 7 PM Enzo’s Pizza This Weekend · Italian Dinner Ticket Sales
WEEKLY CALENDAR January 19-26, 2019
Italian Dinner: Tickets Available This Weekend Tickets may be purchased after Masses the weekend of January 18/19 and 25/26, or online at stphilipcc.weshareonline.org
Get a taste of Italy at the Annual Italian Dinner and Dessert Auction, sponsored by St. Philip Women's Club on Saturday, February 1, at 5:30 PM in the CLC.
Menu: Appetizers, Italian Bread, Salad, and the Women’s Club’s Fa- mous Made-from-Scratch Lasagna (vegetarian and gluten free lasa- gna options are available)
The dessert course has a competitive flavor with the Dessert Auction (both live and silent); bid against the other diners to get the dessert of your choice!
Prices are $20 each, 2 for $30 and $50 for a family (3-6 members in the same household). Tickets are limited, so buy yours now!
Liturgical Ministry Training Have you considered serving in a liturgical ministry?
Lector Training January 21, 6:30 PM in the Church
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Training January 21, 7:30 PM in the Church
Usher Training January 28, 7 PM in the Church
Altar Server Training MOVED February 3, 6:30 PM in the Church
For more information, please con- tact Deacon Jim Rodgers at 214-222 -6704 or [email protected] Certification in the Diocesan Safe Environment program is required before beginning service. Please see Page 10 for more information.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — January 19, 2020 5
MUSIC Andrew Kenney, M.M. Director of Music and Organist 972-219-1846, [email protected]
COLLECTIONS REPORT The collection report for January 5 will be printed in a subsequent edition of the bulletin.
Total Actual $195,075.00 Total Budgeted $178,876.00 Difference $16,199.00 7/1/2019—11/30/2019 Total Actual $904,775.00 Total Budgeted $903,379.00 Difference $1,396.00
Credit Cards/ACH $79,003.52
For assistance with contributions: Kathy Loy Database Assistant / Parish Records 972-219-0754, [email protected]
Lost and Found Please check Lost and Found promptly for any items that may have been left in the church. If items are left for more than a month, they will be donated.
St. Philip’s Spiritual Adoption Program Begins This Weekend
What is the Spiritual Adoption Program? The Spiritual Adoption Program is a commit- ment to pray for an individual unborn child for nine months. Not all babies make it to birth. Many parents tragically experience the loss of a child to miscarriage or premature birth. And more than 3,000 babies lose their lives to abortion each day. These are the babies you are being asked to “adopt” simply by praying for him or her each day. It is suggested that you name the child for whom you will be praying, which will remind you that, although you may never meet the child in this life, you truly are praying for a specific child who needs your pray- ers.
You may “adopt” a child individually or as a family by signing up during Masses this weekend. Prayer pledges will be collected during Mass, and there will be a prayer card for you to take home. Watch the bulletin as well as the narthex for monthly reports describing “your baby’s” development. In the fall we will celebrate the “births” of our spiritually adopted babies by collecting baby items which will be given to mothers in need of assistance.
Adoration for Life Sunday, January 26 12:45-5 PM in the Chapel Help promote a Culture of Life by pray- ing for the protection of the unborn in the presence of Our Eucharistic Lord. It’s a great opportunity to make a spe- cial Holy Hour for the unborn babies you spiritually “adopt” this weekend! Sign up at bit.ly/202001AdorationForLife
Parish Office Closed Monday, January 20 In observance of the National Holiday, the Parish Office will be closed. Daily Mass will be offered as usual at 12:15 PM.
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church 6
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL Victoria Hamaty Director of Youth Ministry 972-219-1754, [email protected] Zach Barton Assistant Director of Youth Ministry 972-219-1754, [email protected]
SACRAMENTAL RECORDS Gwen Kramer Formation Database Assistant 972-219-7448, [email protected]
CONNECT WITH US ONLINE www.spychurch.org
Family Friendly Hospitality Hour Saturday, January 25 5-6 PM in the CLC Tasty appetizers to nibble and lots of beverages to wet your whistle when you join the Christ Child Society on Saturday, Jan. 25, for a “family friendly Happy Hour” after Saturday evening Mass. We’ll have lots of ap- petizer and beverage options for kids as well as adults, and everything is complimentary. Donations for our layettes gratefully accepted. Stop by for a bite before heading out to dinner. You won’t regret it!
Young Adults and College Students Sunday in Parker Square Join us weekly at 7 PM at Enzo's in Parker Square for dinner, discus- sion, Scripture, and prayer. All Young Adults are invited, especially our Young Adults attending College locally! Questions? Contact Matt Gill at 972-219-1686 or [email protected]
Movie Night with FORMED The Reluctant Saint: The Story of St. Joseph of Cupertino Learn about "the flying friar," St. Joseph of Cupertino, in this heart- warming and amazing true story of the humble Franciscan friar who literally rose to sainthood. This film is not rated, and FORMED recom- mends Parental Guidance.
Go to stphilipcc.FORMED.org to watch for FREE! In addition, you can access hundreds of Catholic movies, audio programs, and books in Eng- lish and Spanish, all available with our parish account.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — January 19, 2020 7
Contact Matt Gill to tell us your story and join us for RCIA classes on Tuesdays from 7-9 PM in the Community Life Center. Upcoming class topics:
Tuesday, January 21: The Eucharist
Tuesday, January 28: Penance (Confession) and Anointing of the Sick Matt Gill Director of Formation and Evangelization 972-219-1686, [email protected]
& KINDERGARTEN Ana Paula Solia Director of Little Apostles Preschool 972-219-7260, [email protected]
Have more questions? For more information, visit stphilipcc.org/becomecatholic
St. Philip School of Evangelization Thursday, January 23, 7 PM CLC Topic: Confirmation The School of Evangelization is open to all parishioners who would like to learn how to explain and justify the doctrines of the Church in the face of common objections. This year’s focus is on the Seven Sacra- ments. Join us on select Thursday evenings at 7 PM in the CLC. Dates: 1/23, 2/20, 3/26, 4/16, 5/28
Mornings with Mary Saturday, February 1 8:30-11:30 AM Join us on First Saturdays for a Marian mini retreat:
8:30 am - Rosary 9:00 am - Mass 9:45 am - Light breakfast/ Presentation from The Bible and the Virgin Mary
About The Bible and the Virgin Mary: Twelve visually stunning lessons convey the beauty of the doctrine and devotions surrounding Mary, bringing them to life in a powerful, new way. Based on Scott Hahn’s Hail, Holy Queen and presented by dynamic speaker Matthew Leonard, this study has something for every- one from the newly confirmed to the fully engaged cradle Catholic.
Mornings with Mary Dates: 2/1, 3/7, 5/2
Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible: Location Change & NEW Session Due to the great response to the “Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible” study opportunity, we have moved one session into a larger room and added a third session:
- Wednesdays at 9:30 AM in the CLC (MOVED) - Wednesdays at 7 PM in Classroom 7/9 - (NEW) Thursdays at 1 PM in the CLC
For more information about this and other formation opportunities, please go to stphilipcc.org/adultformation
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church 8
We’re Collecting Blessed Items Please bring your torn Holy Cards, broken Rosaries, blessed candles and any other blessed items you wish to discard rever- ently to the box in the Narthex.
We are collecting these to be placed under the foundation of the new church so that the graces associated with blessed articles may remain there permanently.
MOVING DIRT Dirtwork Commences on New St. Philip Campus
What’s Happening Dirtwork began on our new campus this past week. Our contractor’s crews staked out the locations for our buildings and began the process of grading the area to prepare for the foundation, parking lot, and driveways.
This week, pray for the safety of our workers and for good weather conditions!
Coming Soon We’re preparing an updated “Road to Our New Home” Narthex display with milestones to show the progress of construction on the church.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — January 19, 2020 9
PARISH LIFE Safe Environment Training Required for employees and adult volunteers at St. Philip’s. Recommended for all adults who would like information about recognizing and reporting abuse. Upcoming sessions at St. Philip: Other dates/times offered at other parishes in the Ft. Worth Diocese
Monday, January 27, 6:30 PM Saturday, February 8, 9 AM
Please reserve your space by registering at the VIR- TUS link found on the St Philip Safe Environment web page. All new volunteers: send completed Volunteer Ministry Applications to the attention of Carolyn Ditsworth at the parish office.
Questions? Contact Carolyn Ditsworth at 214-222- 6701 or [email protected]
Women’s Club Meeting Monday, January 27, 7 PM Women of St. Philip the Apostle [18 years and older], you are invited to at- tend the next Women’s Club Meeting on Monday, January 27, at 7 PM in the CLC. Please join us and meet other St. Philip women parishioners as we unite, inspire, and serve others.
Liturgical Adaptations to Prevent the Spread of Flu Due to the spread of influenza in the North Texas area, the following preventative measures will be taken during all liturgies at St. Philip the Apostle un- til further notice:
-The Exchange of Peace will be omitted.
-The faithful are also encouraged not to hold hands during the Our Father.
-The Precious Blood will not be distributed to the Faithful during Communion. Holy Commun- ion will only be given in the species of consecrated bread. Please be reminded that the communicant receives the entire Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ even if only receiving under one species.
A friendly reminder that sickness is a legiti- mate reason to miss Mass: if you are unwell or even just getting over an illness, please remain at home to help prevent the spread of cold and flu vi- ruses.
Our Lady, Health of the Sick, Pray for Us!
Your Legacy Can Make a Difference Remember your parish, school, or other ministries of the Diocese of Fort Worth through bequests in your will, beneficiary designations in your life insur- ance or retirement plan, remainder proceeds from your charitable gift annuity or trusts, or by endow- ing the future of our Diocesan Catholic Schools.
If you have already named a parish, a ministry, or the Diocese through your Legacy gift, please notify the Advancement Foundation so we might have the opportunity to thank you for your generosity and welcome you as a member of the Diocesan Legacy Society. To learn more, contact:
Renée Underwood Associate Director Advancement Foundation Phone: 817-945-9441 Email: [email protected] 800 West Loop 820 South, Fort Worth, TX 76108-2919
Lady Knights Meeting Thursday, January 23, 7 PM in Room 6/8 Women of St Philip the Apostle [18 years and old- er]. Are you a wife, widow, mother, sister or daugh- ter of a Knights of Columbus Council 9884 mem- ber? If you are, we would like to invite you to at- tend our January 23 meeting @ 7 PM in the parish education wing.
We support & assist the Knights of Columbus Coun- cil 9884 in all their missions. And, we support our parish & community by enhancing the social life of families, promoting love and friendship through charitable works including: St Philip Parish Festival and Ministry Fair, First Responders Luncheons, St Philip Casino Night, Founder’s Day Dinner and many other events.
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church 10
OUTREACH MINISTRIES Contact Outreach Staff to request one of these services provided by our parish:
MINISTERS OF CARE Ministers of Care bring Holy Communion, prayer, Scripture, and compassion to the sick and homebound in nursing facilities, hospitals, and private homes. FRIENDLY VISITORS A program to provide social interaction and fellowship to the lonely and isolated of our parish. STEPHEN MINISTRY One-on-one care to those in crisis situations such as divorce, illness, long-term hospitalization, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.
Sandi Rockne Social Outreach Coordinator 972-353-5756, [email protected] Denise Koch Social Outreach Coordinator 972-353-5756, [email protected] SAFE ENVIRONMENT Employees and volunteers are required to have current certification in the Diocese of Fort Worth Safe Environment program before beginning service. For assistance, please contact:
Carolyn Ditsworth Volunteer & Safe Environment Coordinator 214-222-6701, [email protected] To create your profile and register for an Awareness Session, go to the St. Philip Safe Environment page: stphilipcc.org/safe-environment
Looking for ways to make a difference? Up-to-date opportunities to volunteer in our parish and community are posted on our website at stphilipcc.org/volunteer
HELP OUR NEIGHBORS IN NEED Please continue to help others in our area. This coming week, please bring the following when you come to Mass:
CCA: rice, beans, peanut butter & jelly The Salvation Army: diapers, shampoo, deodorant Loreto House (the “block” box): diapers, baby wipes
International Foster Care Program: Foster Parents Needed As the new year begins, Catholic Charities Dallas Children’s Services, with the support of Catholic Charities Fort Worth, would like to extend a hearty invitation to open your hearts and homes by answering the call to become a foster parent.
Together, the two Catholic Charities invites you to learn more about becoming foster parents. You can make a huge difference in the lives of the youth entrusted to us by welcoming them into your family. The International Foster Care (IFC) program is looking for married couples to provide a safe and nurturing home for youth, ages 14 to 17. IFC provides long-term foster care and holistic wrap-around services for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth in both the Dallas and Fort Worth area and works collaboratively with Catholic Charities Fort Worth towards a life free from poverty for all youth. IFC serves vulner- able youth from all over the world, including the countries of Burma, Eritrea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Democratic Repub- lic of Congo, along with others.
If you are interested in learning more about becoming an IFC foster family, please contact our foster home recruiter, Brittany Oliphant, at [email protected] or [email protected]
Second Collection Next Weekend: Catholic School Tuition Assistance Fund Support Catholic Education in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Bishop Michael Olson invites you to be especially generous to next week’s spe- cial collection for the Catholic School Tuition Assistance Fund. One hundred percent of the funds collected remain in the Diocese to assist families with tuition expenses to our 19 Catholic schools. Donate in the basket provided next weekend, online at stphilipcc.weshareonline.org or Text SCHOOLS to 91999
Crematory on-Site 3550 Firewheel Drive
Flower Mound, TX 75028 (972) 436-6513
www.flowermoundfuneralhome.com Our Funeral Home is Proud to be Family Owned and Operated
FRANK SIKICH, C.P.A. Parishioner
74 McMakin Rd., Suite 200 Bartonville, TX 76226 www.countrylakesdental.com
Voted Best of Denton County 5 Years in a Row!
Dr. Matthew Artho, his wife & eight children are parishioners at St. Mark’s Catholic Church
A Catholic Retirement Community
1201 E. Sandy Lake Rd., Coppell 972.304.0300 • www.stjosephvillage.org
For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • www.4lpi.com St. Philip the Apostle Church, Lewisville, TX B 4C 05-1122
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Contact Brad Dawson to place an ad today! [email protected] or (800) 950-9952 x2577
For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • www.4lpi.com St. Philip the Apostle Church, Lewisville, TX A 4C 05-1122
Saberre Law Firm JoAnne T. Saberre ~ Parishioner
2340 F.M. 407, Suite 100D • Highland Village, TX 75077 972-899-3851 Office • 214-543-9098 Cell
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Ary Putera Realtor, Certified Negotiation Expert
Chante means “Home” in “Nahuatl”the language of the Aztec Civilization
Gift Cards available for the Holidays: $25 Gift Card for $20 now till Christmas 951 Round Grove Road Suite 200
469-293-8098 • www.chantemexicangrill.com
Mark Mackie Parishioner
972-317-4541 400 Parker Square, Ste 270 Flower Mound, TX 75028
mackielaw.net New Finish
Porcelain tubs refinished starting at $250 for parishioners Ted Leever, Parishioner 214-960-9550 Counter, Vanity, Tile & Tub, Porcelain Chip Repair DFW Metroplex Refinishing = 1/5th the $ of New! Text a Pic for Free Estimate!
NewFinishTubs.com or Facebook! Tons of Pics