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SAINT PIUS V FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME ROMAN Contactar con la secretar£­a para una...

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    106 –12 Liverpool Street, Jamaica, NY 11435

    Phone : (718) 739-3731 & (718) 526-242

    Fax : (718) 526-2472

    Email: Stpiusvqueens@gmail.com

    Facebook: Saint Pius V Roman Catholic Church

    Website: stpiusv-queens.org

    Office Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm

    Mon-Tues & Thurs-Fri 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Office closed Wednesday & Saturday Afternoon


    Eucharist Monday - Saturday 8:00 am English Thursday 7:30 pm Spanish Sunday 9:00 am Portuguese 10:00 am English 11:15 am Spanish Solemnities 8:00 am English & 7:30 pm Trilingual

    Communion for Homebound - Anyone unable to attend mass because of illness may receive Holy communion at home regularly . Please call the rectory.

    Funerals, Private Masses, Anniversaries, Quinceañera & Sweet Sixteenth Masses - Please make arrangements with the priest or please call at the rectory.

    Marriage - Please make arrangements with priest, six months before Marriage date is set.

    Anointing of the Sick - Second Saturdays at 8 : 00 am

    Reconciliation - By appointment in office hours; please call before coming.

    Baptism Saturday at 1:30 pm

    Initial contact by appointment with the priest. You will need a copy of the Birth Certificate Contactar con la secretaría para una cita con el Padre. Es necesario traer el Certificado de Nacimiento Contatar com a secretaria para falar com o Padre. Certidão de Nascimento obrigatória.

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    El Salvador del Mundo

    Apostolate Cursillistas:

    Miércoles a las 7:30PM (Church Basement)

    Grupo de Oración “Cristo la Roca” (RCC)

    Jueves a las 8:00PM (Church Basement) Servidores: Martes a las 8:00PM (Church Basement)

    Grupo de Matrimonios

    Viernes a las 7:00PM (Church Basement) Servidores: Sábados a las 7:00PM (Church Basement)

    CCD Meetings (Communion and Confirmation):

    Saturday at 10:00 am RCIA:

    Sunday at 12:00 am


    Food Pantry:

    Every first Wednesday at 12:00 Noon (St. Peter Chapel)

    Father Felix Sanchez, Administrator

    Mr. Alfredo Castellanos, Deacon Parish Trustees: Mrs. Annette Vaz and Mr. Mário Gil

    The Parish Staff Youth Ministry: Ms. Carla Pinto

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    Bulletin assistant: Mrs. Ilda Martins Maintenance: Mr. José Ventura

    Organist: Mr. Hugo Andre Sacristans: Mr. Paul Alabi , Mr. Jesús Conforme

    Religious Education (CCD)

    DREs: Mrs. Leonilda Alves and Ms. Carla Pinto RCIA: Deacon Alfredo Castellanos

    Catechists and CCD Aides


    Our Lady of Miraculous medal Novena — Monday 8:00 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Every Friday 8:00 am (English) Primeros Viernes a las 7:00 pm (Español) Rosario Altagraciano: Segundos Viernes a las 7:00 pm (Español)

    February 3rd, 2019


    SUNDAY COLLECTION Thanks for your generosity. Gracias por su generosidad. Obrigado pela vossa generosidade.

    1/27/19 Collection: $2,308.00

    Lectors, Ministers, Altar Servers, Ushers 2/10/2019 9:00AM Mass: Leitores: Claudia Fernandes, Isabel Ferreira Servidores do Altar: Mayrelis, Naomi, Naidelyn 10:00AM Mass: Lectors: Ambrose Iwu, Jose Torres Ministers: Nicole Lamothe, Jack Lamothe, Chief Paul Agbi Altar Servers: Ayari, Nehemiah, Nathaniel 11:15AM Mass: Mon: Veronica Uyaguari Lectores: Antonia Garzon, Costanza Silva Hospitalidad: Jose Cruz, Roderico Lopez, Angel de Leon, Milton Cardenas, Ana Gloria Hercules, Roberto Montoya Monaguillos: Aleah, Nallely, Arlene


    2/10/19 Maintenance and Repair Collection 2/24/19 Boiler Fund 3/3/19 Renovation Fund 3/10/19 Black & Indian Home Missions

    Weekday Intentions Readings

    Monday 4th Weekday (Green)

    8:00 AM Mass: +Manuel dos Santos Barreira requested by wife Arnaldina Barreira +For the soul of Elsa Soares requested by family

    Heb 11:32-40 Mk 5:1-20

    Tuesday 5th Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr (Red)

    8:00 AM Mass: For the health of Hadley Rey Hyun requested by Ines


    +16th death anniversary of Juan

    Tejada requested by family

    Heb 12:1-4 Mk 5:21-43

    Wednesday 6th

    Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs (Red)

    8:00 AM Mass: Heb 12:4-7, 11-15 Mk 6:1-6

    Thursday 7th Weekday (Green)

    8:00AM Mass:

    7:30PM Spanish Mass:

    Heb 12:18-19, 21-24 Mk 6:7-13

    Friday 8th Weekday (Green) Saint Jerome Emiliani; Saint Josephine Bakhita, Virgin

    8:00 AM Mass: +For the soul of Dong-Whan Hyun requested by Ines Hyun

    Heb 13:1-8 Mk 6:14-29

    Saturday 9th Weekday (Green) BVM

    8:00 AM Mass: 7:30 PM Tri-Lingual St. Valentine Mass:

    Heb 13:15-17, 20-21 Mk 6:30-34


    9:00AM Mass: Em honra de Nossa Senhora de Fatima uma intenção especial a

    pedido de Anabela Fernandes +Pelas almas de Albino da Silva, pais e sogros a

    pedido de Leonor Silva +Pelo anniversario de Antonio de José a pedido de Belmira

    Nunes +Ana José e Antonio Nunes a pedido de Belmira Nunes +3˚anniversario de

    Manuel Cerqueira e Antonio Cerquiera a pedido de Adelaide Pinheiro

    10:00AM Mass: In memory of Antonio da Silva Tavares requested by Ilda e

    Manuel Martins

    11:15AM Mass: Por la salud de Maria Teodora Fuentes Seveno de parte de sus


    Jer 1:4-5, 17-19

    1 Cor 12:31- 13:13

    Lk 4:21- 30


    Saint Valentines In the early martyrologies, three different St. Valentines are mentioned, all sharing Feb. 14 for a feast day. Unfortunately, the historical record is sparse. The first St. Valentine was a priest and physician in Rome. He along with St. Marius and his family comforted the martyrs during the persecution of Emperor Claudius II, the Goth. Eventually, St. Valentine was also arrested, condemned to death for his faith, beaten with clubs, and finally beheaded on Feb. 14, AD 270. The second St. Valentine was the Bishop of Interamna (now Terni, located about 60 miles from Rome). Under the orders of Prefect Placidus, he too was arrested, scourged, and decapitated, again suffering persecution during the time of Emperor Claudius II. The third St. Valentine suffered martyrdom in Africa with several companions. However, nothing further is known about this saint. In all, these men, each named St. Valentine, showed heroic love for the Lord and His Church. The popular customs of showing love and affection on St. Valentine's Day is almost a coincidence with the feast day of the saint: During the Medieval Age, a common belief in England and France was that birds began to pair on Feb.14, "half-way through the second month of the year." Chaucer wrote in his "Parliament of Foules" (in Old English): "For this was on Seynt Valentyne's day, When every fowl cometh ther to choose his mate." For this reason, the day was dedicated to "lovers" and prompted the sending of letters, gifts, or other signs of affection. While it seems that the exchange of "valentines" is more the result of secular custom rather than the memory of St. Valentine, and that the celebration has been further paganized with cupids and the like, there is a Christian message that should be remembered. The love of our Lord, depicted beautifully in the image of His most Sacred Heart, is a sacrificial, self-less, and unconditional love. Such is the love that each Christian is called to express in his own life, for God and neighbor. On this Valentine's day, looking to the example of this great saint, each person should offer again his love to the Lord, for only by doing so can he properly love those who are entrusted to his care and any other neighbor. Each person should again pledge his love to those loved ones, praying for their intentions, promising fidelity to them, and thanking them for their love in return. Never forget Jesus said, "This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you. There is no greater love than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends" (Jn 15:12-13). St. Valentine fulfilled this command, and may we do the same.

    San Valentine En los primeros martirologios, se mencionan tres San Valen-

    tín diferentes, todas compartiendo el 14 de febrero para una fiesta. Desafortunadamente, el registro histórico es escaso. El primer san Valentín fue sacerdote y médico en Roma. Junto con San Ma- rius y su familia consolaron a los mártires durante la persecución del emperador Claudio II, el gótico. Finalmente, San Valentín también fue arrestado, condenado a muerte por su fe, golpeado con palos y finalmente decapitado el 14 de febrero de 270. El segundo San Valentí

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