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    Administrator : Father Felix Sanchez

    The Parish Staff Secretaries : Ana Rodriguez, Rui Terra

    Bookkeeper: Marlene Kaselis Bulletin: Ilda Mar tins

    Parish Trustees: Annette Vaz , Mar io Gil Maintenance: Jose Ventura

    Music Director: Lewis A. Perez

    OUR MISSION STATEMENT We, the faith community of St. Pius V located in South Jamaica,

    Queens, New York for 109 years, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and called to spread that Gospel, value the faith, customs, traditions and diversity of our

    Parish and we share them in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. We are committed to live, proclaim and spread the Gospel message through example, service and worship, under the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We will

    continue to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday in English, Spanish and Portuguese. As we look forward to the next 100 years, we seek spiritual growth

    and unity as a community who encourages and respects each others differences, but comes together in one faith.

    Contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and experience the depths of His love. St. Pius V

    CCD - Religious Education

    Director of Religious Education Leonilda Alves, Carla Pinto RCIA Marthe Helmany, Alfredo Castellanos Catechists Ms. Sofia Almeida , Rosalina Alves, Ms. Claudia Fernandes, Ms. Rosibel Rosario Ms. Cindy Nobre, Mrs. Paula Gonalves Ms. Marthe Helmany, Mrs. Sandra Laviscount CCD AIDES Antonio Gonalves, Jessica Terra, Diana Castellanos, Jessica Pinto, Jessica Roman, Davina Bridgemohan, Tiffani Yagual, Nicole Gomes

    Parish Committees and Councils

    Finance Committee Annette Vaz, Mario Gil, Fernando Caridade, Ilda Canton Jose C. DaSilva, Pedro Zamora, Ambrose Iwu., Juventino Morales

    Parish Pastoral Council Annette Vaz, Ilda Canton, Marthe Helmany, Leonilda Alves Carla Pinto, Sandra Laviscount, Ana Rodriguez, Paul Alibi, Ambrose Iwu, Fernando Caridade, Paul Omoagbi, Alfredo Castellanos, Constanza Silva, Eloise Nesty, Juventino Morales, Ruth Sosa, Ozvaldo Fernandez

    Hispanic Committe Elida Melo, Catalina Torres, Dalia Ramrez, Constanza Silva, Ana Rodriguez, Ruth Sosa, Ana & Antonio Quiones, Jos Bez, Afredo Castellanos, Jess Conforme, Juventino Morales, Rita Gonzales , Osvaldo Fernndez, Jos Luis Cruz , Pablo Rojas, Hilda Jimnez

    Our Lady of Fatima Committee Isabel Eira, Deolinda Jorge, Paula Gonalves,

    Anabela Mota, Celeste Dias, Ilda Canton, Isabel Ferreira, Laurinda Silveira, Orlando Fernandes, Carlos de Castro,

    Dulce Sperr, Miquelina Rebelo

    Mass Schedule Monday - Saturday 8:00 am English Thursday 7:30 pm Spanish Saturday 6:00 pm Bilingual Sunday 8:00 am English 9:00 am Portuguese 10:30 am Spanish 12:00 pm English Fourth Saturday 6:00 pm Youth Mass Solemnities 8:00 am English & 7:30 pm Trilingual

    Reconciliation - Saturday 4:00 pm or by appointment

    Communion & Confirmation (Religious Education) - Sunday 10 :30am

    Rite of Christian Initiation RCIA - Saturday 11:00 am (English)

    Sunday 12:00 pm (Spanish) Marriage - Please make arrangements with priest, six months before Marriage date is set Anointing of the Sick - First Friday of the month 8 : 00 am (English)

    7 : 00 pm (Trilingual ) Our Lady of Miraculous medal Novena Monday 8:00 am

    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament : Friday 8:00 am

    Quinceaera & Sweet 16 Mass:

    Please make arrangements with the priest or please call at the rectory

    Communion for Homebound : anyone unable to attend mass because of illness may receive Holy communion at home regularly .Please call the rectory


    1st Saturday 1:30 pm English 3rd Saturday 1:30 pm Spanish 4th Saturday 1:30 pm Portuguese Baptism Instructions

    English 2nd Thursday 7:30 pm Spanish 2nd Sunday 12:00pm Portuguese 3rd Thursday 7:30 pm

    Initial contact must be made by appointment with the priest

    106 12 Liverpool Street, Jamaica, NY 11435

    Phone : (718) 739-3731, Fax : (718)739-7086 Email: stpiusvjamaicany@aol.com

    Facebook: Saint Pius V Roman Catholic Church

    Website: stpiusv-queens.org Office Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm

    Mon-Fri 4:00 pm8:00 pm

    Office closed Thursday Mornings & Saturday Afternoon

    Fifth Sunday of Lent April 2, 2017


    Thanks for your generosity. Gracias por su generosidad. Obrigado pela vossa generosidade. 3/26/17: $2323.00

    Lectors, Ministers , Altar Servers, Ushers 4/9/2017 8:00AM Mass: Lectors/Ministers:Ambrouse Iwu, Nicole Lamothe, Kathy Rivera Altar Servers:Pearce D., Arlene D., Gabriella A 9:00AM Mass: Lectors: Isaltina Gomes, Manuela Pinto Altar Servers: Miguel G., Mayrelis F., .Naidelyn F., Nallely. F 10:30AM Mass: Mon: Jesus Conforme Lectores: Catalina Tor res, Delmi Estrada Ministros: Angel De Leon, Tony Quiones, Ana Quiones, Genita Genao Servidores del Altar : Nallely. F, Arlene D., Gabriella A. Leslie D. Pearce D. Hospitalidad: Flor iber to Valencia y el grupo de matr imonio.

    12:00PM Mass: Lectors/Ministers: Lorena Williams, Paul Alabi, Chief Paul Agbi, Claudia Fernandes, Marthe Helmany Altar

    Servers: Naomi K., Alexander V., Ayari A., Carlos O., Leslie D., Mayrelis. F

    UPCOMING SUNDAY COLLECTIONS 4/9/17 Flowers Collection 4/13/17 Holy Thursday Collection 4/14/17 Holy Places Collection 4/14/17 Good Friday Collection 4/15/17 Easter Vigil Collection 4/16/17 Retired Priests Collection

    MASS INTENTIONS 4/2/2017 Fifth Sunday of Lent Ez 37:12-14 Rom 8:8-11 Jn 11:1-45 or 11:3-7, 17, 20-27, 33b-45 (34) 8:00 AM : 9:00 AM: Maria Da Sousa a pedido dos amigos, San Judas Tadeu a pedido de Maria Leal, + Marico Dias, e Virizida e Joaquin Fontes pedido dos netos Brian e Christian Fontes, + Alvano da Silva e esposa pedido das filhas 10:30 AM: 12:00 PM: + Jennie & John Di Bello by Car lo Di Bello

    Monday 4/3 Lenten Weekday Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 or 13:41c-62 Jn 8:1-11 (251)

    8:00 AM Mass:

    Tuesday 4/4 Saint Isidore, Bishop and Doctor of the Church Nm 21:4-9 Jn 5:1-16 (252)

    8:00 AM Mass: In Thanksgiving for Daniels Bir thday by the Family

    Wednesday 4/5 Saint Vincent Ferrer, Priest Dn 4:14-20, 91-92, 95 Jn 8:31-42 (253)

    8:00 AM Mass: For the health of Kiu-Sun Hyun by Ines Hyun

    Thursday 4/6 Lenten Weekday Gn 17:3-9 Jn 8:51-59(254)

    8:00 AM Mass: + Manuel dos Santos Barreira by wife Arnaldina Barreira

    7:30 PM Spanish Mass:

    Friday 4/7 Saint John Baptist de la Salle, Priest Jer 20:10-13 Jn 10:31-42 (255)

    8:00 AM Mass: For the wellbeing of Marlon S. Hyun by family

    7:00 PM Stations of the Cross Mass:

    Saturday 4/8 Lenten Weekday Ez 37:21-28 Jn 11:45-56 (256)

    8:00 AM Mass:+ For the eternal rest of the soul of Do-Soo Hyun by Ines Hyun

    6:00 PM Mass :

    4/9/2017 PALM SUNDAY OF THE PASSION OF THE LORD Mt 21:1-11 (37) Is 50:4-7 Phil 2:6-11 Mt 26:1427:66 or 27:11-54 (38) 8:00 AM : 9:00 AM: + Maria Cerqueira a pedido de Manuel e Ilda Martins +Em Honra da Nossa Senhora de Fatima uma inteno especial a pedido da Anabela Fernandes + Maria de Piadade , Alcino dos Santos Amadeu Eira e Joaquina Adao a pedido da Isabel Eira + Jose e Maria Silveira, Helena e Benjamin Neves a pedido da Laurinda Silveira +Manuel Pereira, Jamie Pinheiro, Pais, Avos e Tios a pedido da Adelaide Pinheiro + Victor Lopes, Laurinda Fernandes, Adriana Fonseca e Antonio Azevedo pedido da Deolinda Jorge +1mes de falecido do Antonio Araujo pedido da esposa e filhos 10:30 AM: 12:00 PM: William Vance Sr . and William Vance

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