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    Mother's Day

    This year the annual celebration of Mother's Day occurs on the Fourth Sunday of Easter. What a wonderful day to celebrate those women in our lives who cooperated with God to create new life and those in our lives who have nurtured our lives with love and compassion. Yes, we believe that when we are open to children we have cooperated with God in creation. In addition, those women who have said yes should be recognized. The “Book of Blessings” has a profound blessing of mothers that recognizes that all blessings come from God.

    The most recognized date for the first Mother's Day in our country was in 1908. It was created by Anna Jaris. She worked tirelessly to make this day a national day in the United States. She even incorporated herself as "Mother's Day International Association" and worked for the rest of her life against the commercialism that had taken over her commemorative day. There are many instances of marking certain days for mothers in world history. However, for us it has deeper meaning because it falls during the Marian month of May. We hold our earthly mothers in high esteem and hold our heavenly mother, the Virgin Mary, in high esteem also.

    This Mother's Day take some real time and thank your Mom with more than just a box of candy.


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    New Trier



  • FROM FATHER STAN 3 Happy Mother’s Day to all those to whom that applies – mothers, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, expectant mothers, etc. Thank you for this vocation that takes so much love! As I have told others, I have a friend who, when sending congratulatory notes to new parents, tells them “[this child] will be the highlight of your life. This child will teach you how to love like you have never been taught before. That is her gift to you.” It may be very, very hard work, and they will squeeze that love out of you. A recent book, with the title, “Parenting: all joy, no fun” might describe it. I would think it would be the crowning achievement of one’s life, to raise a responsible person to give back to the world and to God.

    Congratulations to the 20 Confirmation students from our three parishes who will be confirmed at the Cathedral on Tuesday. Confirmation is the once-in-a- lifetime Sacrament that completes the Baptismal grace, and binds people more closely to the Church with a special strength of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. While it is usually administered after the age of reason, it is not simple a graduation to adulthood in the church. It is primarily about the Holy Spirit and binding one to the Church. Anyone in immediate danger of death should be confirmed if they had not been before, regardless of age. Many of the people reading this were confirmed at age 9, 10 or 11 – so it isn’t about being an adult. There are two essential signs in the ceremony: the laying on of hands by the bishop, and using chrism oil to anoint the candidate, tracing over that same cross that was made on the forehead at one’s baptism. Confirmation is closely connected to baptism, and candidates also renew their baptismal vows at the same time. Please note it is spelled conFIRMation, not conFORMation. It is about confirming one’s baptism and making one firm in the faith, not about conforming to society or anything else.

    The All Saints Music Festival time is here! Friday, May 16, gates opening at 6:00, music starting at 6:30. The weather is looking warmer, and we hope it is a clear night. Shake off this winter and enjoy being outdoors! Come to the event, and encourage others, even, or especially, those who are not much of churchgoers to attend it. It might give them a reason to check us out for other things, too. It will feature mostly ‘80s rock and roll, and the headliner band, Hairball, is known to put on a fun show with pyrotechnics. $20 pre-sale, $25 at the gate.

    It will appeal more to the under 50 crowd (yes, the ‘80s were 30 years ago), but a group of people can be fun for everyone. For tickets and volunteer opportunities (2-hour shifts) see the community page for more information, or sign on to www.allsaintsmusicfestival, click on “more” and you will get to volunteer sign ups. Food and beverages available at the festival – nothing brought in, please.

    The GROW groups met in Farmington last Saturday to put together the pastoral plan for the next few years. Some groups will meet again to touch up the 2nd and 3rd year plan. Many ideas came forward, some of them far reaching, some very easy to implement almost immediately. We will lay these out for every parish in the next month. I want to thank the GROW committees – each parish group had six meetings between February 25th and May 3rd. Many ideas were discussed, distilled and formulated into cohesive plans. It will give us a good start for the next few years.

    We have a young family in Hampton that can use some help. Justin and Jackie Trevis have two girls, Serenity and Kaylee, ages 5 and 3, who both have significant medical issues, including a very rare disease called CDG type 1a. (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. Among their symptoms are failure to thrive, developmental delay, and cerebellar hypoplasia, which can include brain shrinkage. They are trying to raise money to attend a conference on this in San Antonio Texas, and to see a doctor there that has identified this condition. They hope to raise about $2,500, and are putting on a spaghetti dinner and silent auction at the Rosemount VFW, 2625 120th St. West, in Rosemount. This is Saturday, May 17 from 3:00-8:00, serving food from 4:00-7:00. For tickets or information, please contact Jackie at 952-217-7000 or see their website, http://teamserenitykaylee.webstarts.com They are also requesting some crockpots to use at the event – they will return them, of course. The family lives in the building just north of the Black Stallion. I have been visiting this family for about 18 months, and know them to be very hard working and informed people, struggling against a series of medical issues, including their eyes, Serenity’s heart, and other issues. Some of you will remember former member JoAnne Blakesly, who is Kaylee and Serenity’s great-grandmother. She was here recently to assist them as well.

    http://www.allsaintsmusicfestival http://teamserenitykaylee.webstarts.com

  • Find us on the web at www.stpiusvcf.org and connect with Faith Formation and

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