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SAKURAFUBUKI 3rd AI3 Workshop June 19, 2003 Maki Tsuchiya [email protected] Keio University,...

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SAKURAFUBUKI 3rd AI3 Workshop June 19, 2003 Maki Tsuchiya [email protected] Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus Slide 2 Objective The objective of this tutorial is to know the description of SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd and the usage of SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd. Slide 3 Tutorial contents Section1.What is SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd Section2.Installing SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd Section3.Sending/Receiving files by SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd Section4.Trouble Shooting Slide 4 SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd Mikiyo Nishida Ph.D. Candidate at SFC Please blame him if SAKURAFUBUKI does not work Slide 5 Section1 What is SAKURAFUBUKI3RD. Multicast Transfer Distribute archives to multipoint at the same time IPv6 support Three modes of reliability Pre/Post processing Web Interface Slide 6 Transfer modes CLOSED Only specified member can receive data, and receiver can request missing data and should report receive status to sender. OPEN Everyone can receive data, and only members of the group can request missing data and should report receive status to sender. UNLIMITED One-way transmission. Everyone can receive data, but nobody can request missing data. Slide 7 Data flow [Sender] [Receiver] Member information advertising Data information advertisement Reporting Status Data transmit NACK(missing information) Missing data retransmit ACK(complete information) Slide 8 Section2. Installation of SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd 1. Installation of SAKURAFUBUKI 3 rd 2. Edit mcdd configuration file 3. Start your mcdd program verify program process) 4. Preparation of script file. Slide 9 Copy imldds.ini to recv.ini and edit recv.ini ReceiverMulticast IF4 Set the IP address to your local SOI server ReceiverIdentity Set Identity for this software (soi-ait, soi-sfc, soi-unsrat..) TraceServerName Set IP address of the sender( LogMode Set log mode to 0 ReceiverHostBasePath Set data storing folder to / Edit mcdd configuration file Slide 10 Preparation of script file. 1. Copy the script to /soi/soi/util/. % mkdir /soi/soi/util/ %cp /mnt/cdrom/customize_lecture.pl /soi/soi/util/ 2. Change file access permissions % chmod 775 /soi/soi/util/customize_lecture.pl Slide 11 Section3. Sending/Receiving files by SAKURAFUBUKI3rd Slide 12 Using web interface Input URL to web browser http://your soi-server ip address:19880/admin Slide 13 Show list of received current member info Slide 14 Add New Data (this page is displayed only sender mode) Slide 15 Show list of received current data Slide 16 DATA STATUS INIT complete initialization LOADED loaded data information. no get sent and received thread RECEIVING data receiving(working receiving thread) RECVDONE complete data receiving (exit receiving thread) RECVFAILURE failed receiving data RECVREPAIR : repairing data Slide 17 TRANSMIT STATUS INIT complete initialization RECV data receiving RECVSTOP stop receiving REPAIRING repairing data TURNEND complete 1 tern of sent and received data QUIT complete thread Slide 18 Check actual data file ls la /soi/soi/classes/20020032/01/ -rw-r--r-- 335674 Feb 19 19:43 01.rm Slide 19 Verify Video and Materials Please access to Lecture URL (http://[your_server_name]/class/20020032/slides/01/)http://[your_server_name]/class/20020032/slides/01/ See the video by clicking start video Slide 20 Section4. Trouble shoot Check member information Check Multicast packet using tcpdump command Check your UDL network No member info see member info Check recv.ini Check mcdd process Slide 21 Fin! Thank you very much for listening!

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