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Sampling analytics - Google Analytics

Date post:15-May-2015
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My Second presenta
  • 1.Sample data Analysis

2. AgendaReasons for Inaccurate Data New Reason How Does Sampling Work in Google Analytics??? what is the Primary Reason for Sample Data? What is Sampling Data Where is Sampling Slider?? How do you use the Sampling Slider? Conclusions Youre Options 3. Reasons for Inaccurate Data 1 Failure to tag pages 2 Poor location of Google Analytics tracking code 3 More than one Google Analytics tracking code on the page 4 - JavaScript errors on the page 5 In-page Analytics is more confusing- This are the basic reason any new Reasons for Inaccurate Data?? 4. New Reason Another reason Data Sampling which is outside of our control in GoogleAnalytics Standard is the amount of data youhave and your probability to receive sampleddata in the Google Analytics reportinginterface. 5. How Does Sampling Work in Google Analytics??? Majority of the Standard reports you find inGoogle Analytics are not sampled. Bcoz of They has been pre-aggregated byGoogles processing servers and no matteryour date range youll be looking atunsampled data. 6. Than what is the Primary Reason for Sample Data? The primary reason for sampled data: 1) you Selected Date Range have more than500 k visits 2) You either running a report which is notPre aggregated 3) You Apply Advance Segment (Default orCustom 7. What is Sampling Data - Data collection sampling via Sampling Slider- Is a very straightforward concept in which you are electing to only send a specific percentage of data to GA. 8. Where is Sampling Slider?? When sampling occurs, you will see thecheckerboard button appear (indicated by thehand cursor in the image to the right) andwhen clicked it will display the sampling slider(as highlighted in blue to the right). 9. Google Analytics Sampling Slider 10. How do you use the Sampling Slider?1% Slider Setting (Faster Processing)50% Slider Setting (default setting)100% Slider Setting (Highest Precision) 11. Screen Shot 1- 12. Screen Shot - 2 13. Screen Shot 3 14. Screen Shot 4 15. Conclusions In our tests, we found sampling in Google Analytics to deliverfairly accurate results for the visits metric. Googles samplingalgorithm samples traffic proportional to the trafficdistribution across the date range and then picks randomsamples from each day to ensure uniform distribution. Thismethod seems to work out quite well when you are samplingacross metrics like visits and total Page views (top-linemetrics), but quickly starts to present concerns when only asubset of those visits qualify for a metric such as transactionsor revenue. I would expect the same accuracy concerns withgoal conversion rates and even bounce rates relative to apage dimension. Additionally, weve seen many issues whenusing a secondary dimension and sampling. 16. Youre Options Sample Data Shows Different results in eachtest case So, what can you do about it? Option #1 Go Premium Option #2 Secondary Tracker Option #3 Export Data Option #4 Collect Clickstream Data 17. Thank You

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