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Santa brigida's granary for sale

Date post: 28-Mar-2016
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SANTA BRIGIDA Property for sale Farm House Granary
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Property for sale

Farm House Granary

Page 2: Santa brigida's granary for sale

The property is immersed in a peaceful oasis near the sanctuary of “Madonna del Sasso a Santa Brigida” just 16 Km from Florence city center.The house sits on a beautiful valley of over 150 acres of olive trees fields and surrounded by woodland: An ideal retreat for nature lovers, rich in walkways and trekking paths.

A peaceful oasis

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The house original structure is on two floors covering a net surface of 190 m2 and goes back up to 1880 when it used to be farm house granary made of big stones. The main façade is orientated towards south dominating the valley and offering stunning view of the bueautiful Tuscan hills.

The old granary

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The house is easily accessible from Florence city center, which is only 16km away, and can be reached by car leaving from Le Cure borough through via Faentina and

passing the areas of Pian del Mugnone, Le Caldine and Olmo. A bus service connects directly Florence to Santa Brigida village frome where the house is reacheble by walk.

Directions and itineraries Only 16 Km from Florence City Center and 2 Km from Santa Brigida village

The street is quiet, not very well-travelled and surrounded by green hills that make this journey a very pleasant experience. The property is set in a very peaceful position and at the same time has the advantage of being just 2 minutes drive from the town with all amenities: supermarket, bank, post office, café, park and children’s playground.

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From the main road the house is connected by a path passing through the

forest and accessible by veichols. This is a real immersion into the nature and driving through it’s easy to bump into a roe deer, a porcupine or a wild boar.

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Lifestyle in Santa Brigida can be very enjoyable and despite relaxing at

home with a good book there’re planty of interesting activities and places to visit like the Sactuary of Madonna del Sasso (Our Lady of the Rocks), which is only 5km from the house and can be reached through a gorgeaus track made of antique

cobblestones. The Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary is located at 566m above sea level. It was built in the 16th century on the spot where, according to ancient legend, the Madonna appeared on a rock in front of two shepherds.

The neighborhood

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Surrounded by historical places of interest and culture

Another beautiful attraction nearby is the Castello del Trebbio, built by the

Pazzi family in 1184, later transferred to the Medici family and today open to the public offering high quality products such as wine, extra virgin olive oil and pure saffron as well as several activities such as wine and oil

tours in the 900 year old castle cellars, or horseback riding.Santa Brigida’s area is also famous for its olive oil tradition and during October and November the fields are covered with nets and the olives are harvested mainly by hand and pressed in the nearby oil mills.

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The construction is a rural farmhouse granary not in use since many years and in an advanced state of dereliction that can be converted into a 2 floors cottage of 190 m2

net + approx 40 m2 basement, covering an area of approx 11m x 17m and 7,5m height. Currently the structure results composed only by the residual bearing walls and is lacking in roofing and ceilings.

The property and the original buildingThe final outcome will be a charming indipendent villa with ample terraced garden

The new building shell will be constructed recycling the beautiful

old stones from the original walls, envisaging an internal layer of termal bricks (with low termic dispersion) that would classify the new cottage as eco-building. Approx 40 m2 of the ground floor rear side is considered like a basememnt and can be used as cellar or converted for other purposes. There’s infact the chance to propose some project variations according to the requirements of the users.

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An overview of the original status of the property, preceding the refurbishment of the main building and deterioration of the granary structure (white square)

Page 10: Santa brigida's granary for sale
Page 11: Santa brigida's granary for sale

The final outcome will be a charming indipendent villa with ample terraced

garden, situated in a dominant position and immersed in a splendid valley.

Offering a stunning view and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere this property is ideal for nature lovers and provids a great way to experience the relaxed Tuscan country while being close enough to Florence to pop in and explore the city.

On the left and above: original status of the granary, preceding the deterioration of the structure

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Current status of the granay consisting of the residual bearing walls and without any roofing and ceiling

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Landscape from the main façade, orientated towards south and dominating the valley offering a stunning wiew of the surrounding hills.

Page 14: Santa brigida's granary for sale

A share of land (pinpointed above) is included in the sale of the property and

consists for the most part of olive trees fields left untached for many years. The soil which is uncontaminated and was never treated by chemicals is very rich in water thanks to the streems nearby. The woodland that grows at the property line is mainly of beech trees and

is populated by many wild animals like roe deers, owls, eagles, rabbits and wild bores. In front of the house there’s also a large grass area to be converted into the property private garden and that can be designed with plants and bushes all around trasforming it into a very cosy relaxing and intimate place.

The property’s land

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The terraced garden is ideal to create an equiped outdoor space with furniture

to enjoy the panorama and the peaceful atmosphere.

PrivateTerraced garden

Page 16: Santa brigida's granary for sale

Ground floor top plan First floor top plan

basement areaapprox 40m2

Page 17: Santa brigida's granary for sale

Longtudinal and trasversal cross-sections of the original granary buildingsezione D

sezione B sezione A

sezione C

Page 18: Santa brigida's granary for sale

Santa Brigida’s property is more than just a real estate: it’s a lifestyle experience, a way to deeply connect with nature and understanding the poetry of the area.

Page 19: Santa brigida's granary for sale

We hope you enjoyed this journey and that we succeded sharing with you our deep affection toward this house and this valley.

Over the period of time the constructing works take place we would be pleased to offer you renting out an apartment within the main building in front of the granary (at periods of your convenience) from where you will be able to follow step by step the works in process and at the same time enjoying immeditaly the experience in Santa Brigida.

Following the refurbishment closely