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Santo Domingo

Date post: 17-Feb-2016
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Santo Domingo. By: Aaron Hendee Austin Anderson Clayton Bruncatti Tyler Koble. Santo Domingo Why choose Santo Domingo? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Santo Domingo By: Aaron Hendee Austin Anderson Clayton Bruncatti Tyler Koble
Page 1: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

By: Aaron HendeeAustin Anderson

Clayton BruncattiTyler Koble

Page 2: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Why choose Santo Domingo? Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the New World where

the settlement of the Americas began. Travel down the cobble stone streets among the Spanish colonial architecture and see the first hospital and the first cathedral.

no other city in the Caribbean has a greater variety of restaurants and night life. Santo Domingo is a city that never sleeps, so it’s bustling night life is a great way to mingle with the locals.

Santo Domingo is also the most bustling and diversely populated city in the Caribbean with a flowing population of over three million people.

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Transportation to Santo Domingo:

Delta Airways direct flight there

and back

Cost:$500 each way per person.


Arrive at Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo June 2, 2010.

Return to Sky Harbor Airport June 9, 2010

Page 4: Santo Domingo

Accommodations: Melia Santo Domingo

Resort cost: $111 for a one

night stay, $888 for a eight night stay.

This high-rise hotel faces Santo Domingo's grand waterfront boulevard one mile from the Colonial Zone—the Old World's first city in the New World.

City transportation:

Government buses Metro lines (20 pesos a ride) taxis (Does not charge on a

meter, low flat rate)

Page 5: Santo Domingo


Activities in Santo Domingo that you can do to learn about the countries History, Its culture, or just places to go and have fun :

1.If you want to learn about the culture and history of Santo Domingo then visit the Navel museum of Atarazanas. A musuem full of interesting facts about the countries origin.

2.If you just want to go to a place just to jog or to have a picnic then you should visit the parks of Los Miradores, which are located on various sections of the city.

Two of the top festivities of the year occur in Santo Domingo. The annual Merengue Festival in the summer and Carnival in the spring. These festivals are full of fun, excitement, and a great way to learn about culture!

Page 6: Santo Domingo

Practicar Speaking basic spanish… In restaurants Asking for directions Passing through customs Conjugating verbs

pending who your speaking to

Airport, Travel, Hotel, and Dining Vocabulary

Getting around city dealing with taxis, buses, and metrolines

Page 7: Santo Domingo

More activities!

Some other fun activities include:1.Going to the Acuario Nacional (National Aquarium)!2.Or just going to the beach and catching some waves! The Santo Domingo National Aquarium was opened up in 1990 and

is one of the few places where you can eat! Drink! And relax and watch the exotic sea creatures!

One of the best places to surf in Santo Domingo is a place called La Punta, where only experienced surfers go to get there share of thrills and fun!

Page 8: Santo Domingo


Airport vocabulary:Por favor donde

queda…? (can you please tell me where..?)

abordar (to board)

El auxiliar de vuelo (flight attendant)

Tomar un taxi ( to take a taxi)

Going on vacation vocabulary:

Ver las atracciones (to go sightseeing)

Hacer/tener una reservacion (to make/ to have a reservation)

La habitacion (hotel room)

Page 9: Santo Domingo

Vocabulary cont…

Shopping vocabulary:

Me gustaria ( I would like)Podria ver (could I see/ look at)Que caro ( how expensive)La tarjeta de credito (credit card)

Page 10: Santo Domingo

Useful terms

Some useful terms and words you should know…

Como llego a…? (How do I get to…?)Como te llamas? (What's your name)Por favor, donde queda…? (Can you

please tell me where…)El centro comercial (Shopping

center)Cuanto cuesta? (How much?)

Page 11: Santo Domingo

demonstrative pronouns

singular este esta ese esa aquel aquella

plural estos estas esos esas aquellos aquellasGrammar

demonstrative adjectives

closenot close

far away

m. f. m. f. m. f.singulareste esta ese esa aquel aquella

this this that that that thatplural estos estas esos esas aquellosaquellas

these these those those those those

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Page 14: Santo Domingo


Population: 9,507,133

Capital: Santo Domingo

Language: spanish

Typical food: camarones con tayota,Casabe, mangu

Page 16: Santo Domingo

Sites cont…

The coast of the City of Santo Domingo; "El Malecón“

John F. Kennedy Avenue

The National Palace The National


The National Palace The National Palace

Page 17: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the perfect city to take an educational trip that provides the oppurtunity to practice the spanish students have learned. It provides countless benefits all at a low price.