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Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna

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  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    Prevalence of impact of Negative energy at home all the time.

    Continuous deterioration of mutual affection between members of family

    and creation of tense environment at home. Emergence of continuous obstacles in financial progress of family members

    Half-hearted mind to do sadhna and continous practice of leaving sadhnain between.

    Occurance of untimely death in family. Non


    compliance of family members towards moral and social rules. Obstacles in Marriage of capable members of family.

    Tension in mutual relation between husband and wife. Continuous persistance of diseases. Continuous inclination towards deplorable acts like suicide. Joy-less atttitude towards life. Continuous state of mental depression. notgetting desired results even after doing sadhna.

    Seen in this manner, root of every problem lies somewhere is Vaastudefect only. And not only this, one important fact is that as a result of it,

    planetary obstacles are created automatically. Reason is clear that ourresiding place is also a place for all the nine planets. It is similar to residingof nine planets inside our body. Therefore, planetary obstacle become oneof the cause.Living in a defective house results into imbalance of state of five greatelements, which are base of entire universe. When there will be

  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    imbalance in them, then how can auspiciousness arise? How you willbe able to do sadhna.?For doing sadhna, desired environment is a neccesity, how one can do

    sadhna without it? And let us assume that even if you have gained sadhnaenergy after doing sadhna with firm determination, then it will getdestroyed by the negative energy of that environment and you will getinferior results.It is well-thought out and scientific thought that environment has a lot ofimpact on will-power of person.You can know from some basic facts stated above that whether your houseis afflicted with Vastu defects or not.....And when we talk about horoscope, then like horoscope of a person,horoscope of his dwelling place can also be made. It can be known fromhoroscope about the defects. It is well-known fact that fourth house isindicator of immovable property and residing place of person. Residing of

    planets like Rahu, Saturn and Mars or their related yogs indicates taht

    person can face problem in this regard. If not this, many inauspicious statescan arise as per current circumstances.And this state cant be called auspicious at all. One person spends all his savings of life and makes a house for himselfand so many times, with his entry at home , such combination ofconstellation is created which results into one problem after the other.Person runs from one astrologer to other but he is unable to get satisfactory

    response. If he gets it too, then expenditure he has to incur is unimaginable.Now some easy remedies have come like use of Feng Shui , Thougheveryone has the right to use science as per his own choice by which hegets favorableness. This science has proved to be much more useful inthose countries from which it has originated. Reasons for it are

  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    environment of that country and other geographical reasonslike.......Himalayas lies north of us so the importance which north directionhas for us , will it remain the same for China or other countires which lie

    on other side of Himalayas ??So what should be the solution ??Renovation procedures advocated by some of the Vastu Shashtri have beendisapproved by Sadgurudev Ji as these procedures are not appropriate afterconstruction of building. Moreover, the money incured in such methods isso much that a normal middle class family could not think of spending it. Itis also not possible for those residing in flats since they cannot carry outrenovation on their own discretion.Then one easy and normal way which has been told by Sadgurudev ji isestablishment of Asht Samskarit Parad Shivlingwhich will be usefulfor you upon doing necessary Tantric and other procedures.But it isnot possible for every person to have Shivling since it is very costly.So shall the person sit idle feeling dejected??It is not like this. Looking into these complexities, Sadgurudev told a veryspecial procedure Vaastu Saubhagya Kritya Sadhnain 1991 Shivraatri .Making ofyantra for this sadhna is cumbersome but in order to full showits effect , it is necessary to offer oblation of particular herbs and mixtureof other valuable articles . Along with it, chanting of mantra also needs to

    be done. Lokking at all these factors, each yantra requires an expenditureof 22-25 thousand.Just recently me, Arif Bhai Ji and Raghu Bhai ji were mutually discussing

    that we should make available one such yantra to brothers and sisters

    which is just not a piece of copper rather when they take the yantra in the

    hand, they can feel the energy themselves and witness its impact on their

    materialistic and spiritual lives. And we all decided that we should make

  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    available amazing Vaastu Saubhagya Kritya Yantra to brothers and sisters

    and we will bear all the necessary expenditure. If establishment of Lakshmi

    is necessary, then good-luck is also one form of Lakshmi and till the time,

    auspiciousness is not created, all other states of life lose their meaning.When we are talking about good-luck then it would be meaningful only

    when it is for all the family rather than for any person. Otherwise due to

    cumbersome law of karmas, luck of any person is bound to be affected by

    ill-fortune of his relatives and family members. Family is a unit and it is

    necessary for all its parts and elements to be lucky then only life has a

    meaning and they will reap the fruits of sadhna.Therefore it is decided that this yantra needs to be made,but it is necessary

    that while making the yantra, Sankalp should be taken by particular person

    for entire family and entire mantric and tantric procedures and very special

    oblation procedures accompanying them should be done completely.We will do all creation process and accompanying procedures like

    energization etc. but those who will have this yantra, they have to do the

    prayog on this yantra on 21 April 2013.This procedure needs to be donein morning and will only take maximum time of 3 hours. It is a one-day

    procedure. You all are very much aware of significance of 21 April.

    Nothing is more important and amazing for disciple than this day. This

    time it is Kaamda Ekadashi Divas on 21st April. Its name Samast

    Manokaamna Poorti Divas (day for fulfillment of all the wishes) is

    sufficient to make you understand the meaning. That too, it falls on

    Shukl Paksha where light of moon goes on increasing day by day. In

    this manner, this characteristic of Shukl paksha has been added to this

    day. At this time in April sun (indicator of soul, all the progress, most

    significant among nine planets and capable of controlling all the

  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    planets) will be in their exalted zodiac sign. Mars, indicator of building

    and land, will be in his own zodiac sign which is very auspicious.If these moments are utilized and three hour procedure is done then sadhna

    gets completed for whole family. And this Saubhagya Vaastu KrityaYantra becomes completely fruitful.This procedure can be done only on this day.And when we are making available this yantra free of cost to you then

    there are some rules too. First of all you should send mail to [email protected]

    mention For Saubhagya Vastu Kritya Yantra clearly in subject.. You should also write your complete name and address along with pin

    code in that e-mail. Time limit for it has been fixed as 1st April 2013. Any request after this

    date for getting this yantra will not be accepted at any cost. This yantra is completely free of cost. For it, nothing will be charged from

    you. It is gift from NPRU family to all you dear ones.

    this yantra will be sent by us through registered post. Necessary expenseswill be borne by us. If someone wants to get this yantra through courier,

    he/she would have to pay courier charges (It is but natural) So much of expenses is incurred in making/energizing and doing mantric,

    oblation and tantric procedures on it that it will not be sent again at any


    Friends, it is all due to your tremendous affection and cooperation that we can

    make such things possible.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


    And in last it is our polite request that if any excessively-intelligent person

    has doubt about this yantra then please do not contact us for this yantra. It

    would be more appropriate if he gets it from some other place of his liking.

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  • 8/12/2019 Saubhagya Dayak Sadhna


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