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  • SBA SOP 50 10 5(D) NAICS Codes ofEnvironmentally Sensitive Industries

    45431 Fuel Dealers (not required for propane or firewood dealers)

    A Phase I should always be obtained if the business sells, supplies or dispensesfuel, gasoline or heating oil, even if the NAICS code for the business is notidentified on this list of environmentally sensitive industries.

    481 Air Transportation482 Rail Transportation486 Pipeline Transportation

    The environmental due diligence requirements for SBA loans es-tablished by the revised SOP 50 10 5(0) (effective October I,2011) includes an initial NAICS code matching step which ap-plies to all properties except units in a multi-unit building.

    Lenders must make a good-faith effort to determine the NAICScode(s) for the property's current and known prior uses. EachNAICS code is then compared to SBA's list of such codes forenvironmentally sensitive industries, which is reproduced on thispage from SOP 50 10 5(D) Appendix 4.

    If there is a NAICS code match, the environmental investigationmust begin with a Phase I environmental site assessment. If thereis no NAICS code match, the environmental investigation maybegin with less stringent due diligence steps such as a question-naire or questionnaire and records search with risk assessment.depending on the loan amount. (Note: For current and formergas station properties [NAICS Code 447]. refer to SOP 50 105(0)Appendix 5 for specific requirements.)

    For authoritative guidance about SBA'senvironmental requirements,lenders seeking SBA's guaranty should refer to the full text of theSBA's SOP 50 10 5(0), including relevant appendices.

    For more information about North American Industry Classifica-tion System (NAICS) codes, visit www.naics.com.

    How to determine if an industry is included on the list ofenvironmentally sensitive industries:

    A 3 digit NAICS code includes all industriesbeginning with those 3 digits.

    A 4 digit NAICS code includes all industriesbeginning with those 4 digits.

    A 5 digit NAICS code includes all industriesbeginning with those 5 digits.

    A 6 digit NAICS code includes only that industryunder that industrial code.














    Oil & Gas ExtractionMining (except oil & gas)Support Activities For Mining

    Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction

    Food Manufacturing (if underground fuel tanks present)Beverage& Tobacco Product ManufacturingTextileMills (not required if sewing, weaving, or hemmingonly)TextileProduct Mills (not required if sewing, weaving, orhemming only)Leather& Allied Product Manufacturing

    Wood Product Manufacturing (if finishing occurs on site)Paper ManufacturingPrinting & RelatedSupport ActivttiesPetroleum & Coal Products ManufacturingChemical ManufacturingPlastics& Rubber Products ManufacturingNonmetallic Mineral Products Manufacturing

    Primary Metal ManufacturingFabricated Metal Product ManufacturingMachinery Manufacturing (not required if assembly only)Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing (notrequired if assembly only)Electrical Equipment, Appliance & ComponentManufacturing (not required if assembly only)Transportation Equipment ManufacturingFurniture & Related Manufacturing (if finishingoccurs on site)Miscellaneous Manufacturing (only required ifhazardous materials are involved)

    Automobile & Other Motor Vehicle MerchantWholesalers (if service bays present)Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Merchant WholesalersMetal & Mineral Merchant WholesalerRecyclable Material Merchant WholesalerChemical & Allied Products Merchant WholesalersPetroleum & Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers

    Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers (if service bays present)Gasoline Stations














    Truck, Utility Trailer,and RV (RecreationalVehicle) Rental & Leasing (if repairs, maintenance orvehicle washing are performed on stte)Construction, Transportation, Mining & ForestryMachinery & Equipment Rental & Leasing(if repairs,maintenance or vehicle washing are performed on site)Other Commercial & Industrial Machinery &Equipment Rental & Leasing (if repairs, maintenance orvehicle washing are performed on site)

    Testing la boratories

    Exterminating & Pest ControlWaste Management & Remediation services

    General Medical & Surgical Hospitals (if fuel tanks arepresent)

    Golf Courses& Country ClubsSkiing FacilitiesMarinas

    RV (Recreational Vehicles) Parks & Recreational Camps(if fuel tanks are present or if vehicle repairs ormaintenance is performed on stte)

    Automotive Repair & Maintenance (except for "car wash only"facilities, for which a Transaction Screen is an acceptablestarting point.)Electronic & Precision Equipment Repair & Maintenance(not required if assembly only)Commercial & Industrial Machinery & EquipmentRepair & MaintenanceDeath Care serviceslaundry & DryCleaning Services (jf dry cleaningoperations have ever existed on-stte)Photofinishing laboratories (except one hour)


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