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Scarlet Wireless Introduction

Date post:22-Apr-2015
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  • 1. Who is Scarlet Wireless? Founded in 2011 through the acquisition of United Commtels wireless customers Operating under the Managed Staffing group of companies (500+ staff) Minority certified entity Three business practices 150 consultants RAN (Design, Drive-testing & Optimization) Consulting Packet Core Consulting Deployment (RAN, Packet Core & Microwave Installation & Integration) Respected management team with over 41 years Wireless experience Current clients www.scarletwireless.com
  • 2. Why Scarlet Wireless A broad-based solutions partner to ensure a high quality service is delivered on time within budget Current Industry Model Scarlet Wireless ModelDesign Design Less PM overhead SACW SACW Lower vendor management overhead EF&I More efficient communication flow EF&I Less intercompany handoffTuning failure points Consolidated accountability Tuning Possibility for reduced SLAOptimize based fixed price packages OptimizeVendor X Scarlet Vendor Y Vendor Z Vendor Y PM1 Wireless PM2 PM3 PM2 Price x PM1 Price y Price z Price yVM cost Price x VM cost VM cost VM cost VM cost www.scarletwireless.com
  • 3. A seasoned Telco management team Sanjay - 10 years Ericsson NA RF Delivery, BD & CU solutionPontus - 17 years Ericsson Test sales experience. Managed Aircoms Americas RF, Tools,Engineering & RTAC management OSS & Device Testing business for 2 years. Set up andexperience. 5 years EF&I Operations managed United Commtels software and Service Solutionsmanagement experience with TNS. business for 2 years. Holds a Masters in Engineering inHolds a Bachelors in Engineering. Communication Systems and an Executive MBA. Jay - 8 years Ericsson NA RF service delivery experience. Assisted Cisco Systems in starting their wireless telecom division as well as 5 years establishing & running Optimi Corporations RF Services and Software delivery in North America. Holds a Bachelors in Engineering and Mathematics.
  • 4. Our solution offering RAN Core Deployment www.scarletwireless.com
  • 5. RAN Practice Offering Design Radio Network (3G, 4G) Microwave Network In-building & DAS Networks RFP/RFQ Support Data Collection & Processing Drive-testing (indoor + outdoor) Benchmarking Model Tuning Data post processing Optimize Pre-launch Post-launch KPI Improvement Capacity improvement Spectrum Clearing www.scarletwireless.com
  • 6. RF Experience in 2011LTE Pre and Post Launch: NFL 6 teams SFL 2 teams Chicago 1 team NCAL 1 teamUMTS Pre and Post Launch: NFL 4 teams SFL 6 teams NTX 2 teams AL 6 teamsDAS: Indy Superbowl 4 UMTS + 4 LTE teams Boston Stadium 1 LTE team Florida various DAS venuese2e: FL market UMTS data collection, post-processing and tuning trial Ranked one of the top vendorsVoLTE Tuning Currently working with an OEM to support a VoLTE network deployment data collection, network tuning, network configuration & quality benchmarking www.scarletwireless.com
  • 7. Packet Core Practice Offering Packet Core Design & Deployment Network Design (Routing, Security, Policy Control & MME Signaling) Platform Installation, Integration and Commissioning Project management Design & Deployment of Femtocells , Wi-Fi & VoLTE Radio, Core & Transport Design Installation, Configuration & Integration Field Testing & Tuning Project management Network Audit & Optimization Service Solutions Network Architecture Performance Audit and Optimization (NAPAO) Security Assessment and Strengthening (SAS) www.scarletwireless.com
  • 8. Packet Core experience Experience in deployment of the following 3G/4G packet core nodes: SGSN, GGSN, SWG, IP Switches, MME, ATM Sun SPARCs, Netra, Fire Field deployment & testing experience in: UMTS & LTE RBSs BSC, MSC, HLR, RNC & MgW DAS & In-building deployment www.scarletwireless.com
  • 9. Deployment (EF&I) Practice Offering Radio Base Station (2G, 3G, 4G) Broadband transport upgrades (ETTCS) Carrier Expansion (1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C) Power conversion for 3G to 4G Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Microwave network T1, RF Testing & Sweeps Packet Core Network www.scarletwireless.com
  • 10. RAN Deployment experience in 20112G GSM 2000: Miscellaneous Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Activities 20 senior Techs assigned full time for a 3 month period for a client3G UMTS: Full scope of RBS installation and integration 845 sites Carrier (2C, 3C, 4C) Expansion, Integration and Testing 3450 sites Miscellaneous Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Activities 15 UMTS Tiger Teams dedicated for a 2 month period for a client4G LTE: Full scope of RBS installation and integration 55 sites RBS Integration only 450 sites Expansions, Integration and Testing 210 sites - Miscellaneous Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Activities 8 LTE senior Techs Tiger Team assigned for a period of 2 months for a client www.scarletwireless.com
  • 11. Project Management Process Scarlet Wireless Operations - Project Management Process Overview Start Scope Analysis and Pricing Process Change Project BID Request Order Project Order Finance Handling Registration Handling Handling Handling Process Process Process Process Process Project Project Project Preparation Execution Conclusion Sub-Process Sub-Process Process End www.scarletwireless.com
  • 12. Safety and Quality Process Safety Manual Quality Manual https://ebiznet.sbc.com/sbcnebs/ www.scarletwireless.com
  • 13. 15770 Dallas Pkwy, Ste. 800 Dallas, TX 75248 www.scarletwireless.com T: 972-996-2535 F: 888-703-0185 www.scarletwireless.com

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