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Schema tools-and-trics-and-quick-intro-to-clojure-spec-22.6.2016

Date post: 12-Feb-2017
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Clojure Finland 10.3.2016 Tommi Reiman / Metosin @ikitommi Schema-tools & tricks
  • Clojure Finland 10.3.2016Tommi Reiman / Metosin


    Schema-tools & tricks

  • Schema-tools & tricks& quick clojure.spec intro

    Clojure Finland 10.3.2016 22.6.2016Tommi Reiman / Metosin


  • Schema https://github.com/plumatic/schema Structural data validation library for Clojure(Script)

    Based on predicates, (almost) just data Runtime type-checking Documentation for data & functions Recursive transformations with coercion and matchers Macros for defining schematized functions Data generation & completion

    DEMO: basic syntax

  • Schema is real life projects (~all of ours)

    (Optionally) annotate your domain functions and values with Schema Schema def , defschema & defn Plumbing defnk , fnk & letk

    Enable schema checking for tests (catching 90% of type bugs)

    Turn off optional validation in production Force coercion when needed / at the system boundaries Data coercion between contexts

  • Schemas in web development Schema coercions when reading from external sources (JSON, XML,

    db, ) Schema-based remote apis

    Ring-swagger (https://github.com/metosin/ring-swagger) Used by compojure-api, fnhouse-swagger, kekkonen, pedestal-api, yada

    Schemas for the ClojureScript frontend Code sharing via cljc (common domain: both data & function to operate on em) schema-tools for combining ui-views & server-views

    End2end schemas for Clojure(Script)? Dynamic Schemas over the wire with Transit (allows only partial validation) Resolve the expression problem (new wire-formats, new types)

  • Schema example (with kekkonen.io)

  • Schema-tools (https://github.com/metosin/schema-tools) Selectors, transformers, walkers Handling of defaults Coercion helpers

    DEMO: cut & paste models DEMO: declarative transformations DEMO: defaults DEMO: coercion speed (case RegistryX)

  • Schema-viz (https://github.com/metosin/schema-viz)

  • Schema takeaways Schema is awesome for runtime structural validation for both

    system boundaries & tests Noise-free syntax with schematized data & function definitions Has been de facto in Clojure web (api) development Mostly just data, enabling cool things like declarative


  • clojure.spec(a quick overview)

  • What is a new Integrated system for specification and testing, shipped with Clojure 1.9 Automatic validation, error reporting, test-data & test generation Specs can be written external to the actual functions & data (like core.typed) Build from ground-up, recursive, regexps (Mutable) Global spec registry Form, Conform & Unform, multi-spec Function specs on :args, :ret and :fn(!) Opinions

    Maps should be open Namespaced keywords Verification via (generative) tests

    Currently is not A runtime validation system In alpha6, the :ret and :fn was removed from standard instrumentation, hmph.

  • CODE

  • Function specs


    +spec forhigher order functions+spec formacros+multispec formultimethods

  • Spec for runtime validation?


  • Coercion?

    Conformers live within the spec (vs external with Schema)

    How can I do custom conform based on external info (e.g. protocol used)

  • Generating data


  • Generative testing


  • More info about spec https://clojure.org/guides/spec Slack #clojure-spec (both Rich & Alex seem to hang

    out there) Changes in the language

    Lots of new predicates in clojure.core Namespaced maps http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-1910 Destructuring http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-1919

  • Schema, Spec vs Both?

  • Performance2-6xfaster


  • Differences Spec has better support for language level

    features like multi-methods and higher order functions

    Schema supports closed maps & coercion Both support data generation & generative

    tests Schema is not found by Rich Hickey

  • Specs for the web, today? Played with a idea to combine the two:

    Convert a pragmatic subset of spec predicates into Schema Predicates integer? => s/Int boolean? => s/Bool (and integer? pos?) => (s/constrained s/Int pos?)

    Use Schema as before (web-libs, snappy coercion etc.) https://github.com/metosin/spec-tools & integrate into current apis

  • My 2 cents Schema is currently much better for runtime validation (at borders)

    Support (api-docs, api-libs), coercions, performance, low ceremony

    Spec will become de facto way for specifying Clojure systems as it will be part of the core Under active development, lets enjoy the ride! Better runtime validation support via 3rd party libs

    Low ceremony function & data definitions via extra macros Coercions(!)

    Tooling support (IDEs, api-libs)

    At least for now, the can co-existTODAY: Schema for the boundaries, more spec when things freeze down

  • Thanks!

  • Links

    Schema https://github.com/plumatic/schema Schema-tools https://github.com/metosin/schema-tools Schema-viz https://github.com/metosin/schema-viz Ring-Swagger https://github.com/metosin/ring-swagger

    Spec http://clojure.org/about/spec Regular Expressions: