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Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy...

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Whole School Medium Term Plan Autumn 2013. Science EYFS – Materials/Ice-melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity Y3-Magnetism Y4-iving things/including humans Y5 Life cycles plants/circulation/ Gravity -Resistance Y6 – Sight/Changes/Forces. History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Science EYFS – Materials/Ice- melting Y1 – Our Senses/Materials Y2 – healthy humans/electricity Y3-Magnetism Y4-iving things/including humans Y5 Life cycles plants/circulation/ Gravity -Resistance Y6 – Sight/Changes/Forces D & T EYFS – Building homes Y1 – Deisn/make a doll’s house Y2 – Healthy Food/shelters/breadmaking Y3-Roman cooking/pottery/design Y4 - Aztec Masks/applique Y5 Bayeux Tapestry, cooking Y6 – X-sections/3d printing Geography EYFS – Homes around world Y1 – Houses around world Y2 – Life in India/England/maps Y3 – Italy/Bath volcanoes Y4 - South America Y5 Biomes (eco-tech), Regions of UK Y6 – India:Countries and climates History Y1- Braille/Nightingale/Victoria n homes Y2 – Time line/Great fire of London Y3 – Roman Britain Y4 - Aztecs Y5 Battle of Hastings Y6 – Indus Valley PE EYFS – Moving and dancing Y1- Dance/Games/Gym Y2 –Team games/gymnastics Y3- Ball skills/Gym/Dance Y4 – Games/Dance Y5 Hockey, Gymnastics Y6 Archery, Gymnastics, Rugby Music EYFS – Familiar songs Y1 – First access music Y2 – Trad. Songs/Christmas Y3 –Roman instruments/Xmas play Y4 – Salsa Music Y5 – First Access Ukeleles Y6 – Rhythm (instruments from India)/ Christmas show Art & Design EYFS – Houses Y1Self-portraits/sculptures/ Picasso/Degas Y2 – Self-portraits/Fireworks/St Paul’s Y3- Mosaics, Roman paintings Y4 – Drawing and collage Y5 DesignBayeaux panel,medieval shield Y6 – Indian art/Paul Klee Computing EYFS – Staying safe Y1 – Paint/Change font size and colour Y2 – Puppet pals, video conferencing Santa Y3 – Search engines/puppet pals Y4Desktoppublishing/ algorithms/word Y5 Powerpoints, puppet pals Y6 – e-safety/ blogging/skype French Y3 Greetings, classroom objects Y4 Greetings, classroom objects Y5 Greetings, Classroom Objects,Parts of the body,Pets Y6 Family, Birthdays Whole School Medium Term Plan Autumn 2013
  • ScienceEYFS Materials/Ice-meltingY1 Our Senses/MaterialsY2 healthy humans/electricityY3-MagnetismY4-iving things/including humansY5 Life cycles plants/circulation/ Gravity -ResistanceY6 Sight/Changes/ForcesD & TEYFS Building homesY1 Deisn/make a dolls houseY2 Healthy Food/shelters/breadmakingY3-Roman cooking/pottery/designY4 - Aztec Masks/appliqueY5 Bayeux Tapestry, cookingY6 X-sections/3d printingGeographyEYFS Homes around worldY1 Houses around worldY2 Life in India/England/mapsY3 Italy/Bath volcanoesY4 - South AmericaY5 Biomes (eco-tech), Regions of UKY6 India:Countries and climatesHistoryY1- Braille/Nightingale/Victorian homesY2 Time line/Great fire of LondonY3 Roman BritainY4 - AztecsY5 Battle of Hastings Y6 Indus ValleyPEEYFS Moving and dancingY1- Dance/Games/GymY2 Team games/gymnasticsY3- Ball skills/Gym/DanceY4 Games/DanceY5 Hockey, GymnasticsY6 Archery, Gymnastics, RugbyMusicEYFS Familiar songsY1 First access musicY2 Trad. Songs/ChristmasY3 Roman instruments/Xmas playY4 Salsa MusicY5 First Access UkelelesY6 Rhythm (instruments from India)/ Christmas showArt & DesignEYFS HousesY1Self-portraits/sculptures/Picasso/DegasY2 Self-portraits/Fireworks/St PaulsY3- Mosaics, Roman paintingsY4 Drawing and collageY5 DesignBayeaux panel,medieval shieldY6 Indian art/Paul KleeComputingEYFS Staying safeY1 Paint/Change font size and colourY2 Puppet pals, video conferencing SantaY3 Search engines/puppet palsY4Desktoppublishing/algorithms/wordY5 Powerpoints, puppet palsY6 e-safety/ blogging/skypeFrenchY3 Greetings, classroom objectsY4 Greetings, classroom objectsY5 Greetings, Classroom Objects,Parts of the body,Pets Y6 Family, BirthdaysWhole School Medium Term PlanAutumn 2013

  • ScienceEYFS FossilisationY1 Materials/Light & DarkY2 Forces/PlantsY3 -Rocks/animals (inc humans)Y4 - ElectricityY5 materials/solutions/changesY6 Circuits/dissolving/Micro-organisms/ solar systemD & TEYFS Free modellingY1 Desin/make/evaluate puppetY2 creating rockets/moving picsY3 Saxon jewellery/shelters/dietY4 Junk models (pneumatic)Y5 Architectural drawingY6 Knex/Bread/CookeryGeographyEYFS Local areaY1 Weather around world/UKY2 Journey-moon/Maps- local areaY3-Anglosaxon villages/ Local woodsY5 Longitude, latitude, polar regionsY6 Eco-school eye on the worldHistoryEYFS Local areaY1-old/new toys & household itemsY2 Moon landing/Local castlesY3 Anglo saxons/VikingsY4 Ancient EgyptiansY5 Victorian inventorsY6 - FairgroundsPEEYFS Ball skillsY1 Dance/GymY2 Gymnastics/dance/gamesY3- Gym/dance/tennis/hockeyY4 Gymnastics/gamesY5 Archery, BasketballY6 Basketball/Dance/outdoor challengesMusicEYFS Class songsY1 First accessY2 Space music/creating music journeysY3-Saxon instruments/Singing SherlockY5 - UkeleleY6 Exploring sound sourcesArt & DesignEYFS Dinosaur collageY1 Observational drawings/paintingsY2 Chalk pics/Aboriginal artY3 Picasso studiesY4 Eric JoynerY5 Design own ride, architectural drawingY6 Pollock/ TechniquesComputingEYFS -Phonics/ fine motor skills appsY1 BeebotsOpen/save word doc. PhotosY2 Music ipads, graphs, beebotsY3 EBN myths and legends/ Paint/ScratchY4Scratch/Gmail research/e-safety Y5 - DatabasesY6 Flowol/programming/microscopesFrenchY3 Body parts, PetsY4 Body parts, PetsY5 Family, Food,TimeY6 Nationalities, TimeWhole School Medium Term PlanSpring 2014

  • ScienceEYFS Minibeasts/plantsY1 Plants/animalsY2- Living things/changing materialsY3-Plants/LightY4 States of Matter/SoundY5 Solar systemY6- Adaptation/PubertyD & TY1-Design fruit salad/felt butterflyY2 Mechanisms/raftsY3 Design & plant world garden/ cookery around worldY5 Clay animationsY6Plan/design costumesGeographyEYFS countries,plants & animals around the worldY1 Local area/RainforestsY2 - OceansY3- Field work/coastal town/country originsY4 - European UnionY5 Region of EuropeY6 OS map readingHistory

    Y2 Seaside/steam trains/pirates/Grace DarlingY3- Local and European HistoryY4 World War IIY5 Ancient GreeksY6 History of computingPEEYFS GymnasticsY1 Gym/Games/Dance/Sports dayY2 team games/athleticsY3- Athletics/team games/swimmingY4 Athetics/GamesY5 Athletics, OlympicsY6 Archery,Team gamesMusicEYFS Singing in tuneY1 First accessY2 sea shanties/ creating musicY3 Music in woods/music from other culturesY4 World War II songsY5 - UkeleleY6 Macbeth songsArt & DesignEYFS Patterns and materialsY1 Van Goghs Sunflowers/ RousseauY2 wax resist/art based on storiesY3 Still life/nature art/other culturesY4 War artists (watercolours)Y5 Draw Greek monster, Class mosaicY6 Set designersComputingEYFS research, observations Y1- Data handlingY2 art/3d designY3 Photo story/emailY4Logo/Collectingdata/media/esafety Y5 Movie maker animationsY6 e-safety/crucial crew/ codingFrenchY3 Family, foodY4 Family, foodY5 Festivals,DirectionsFood shopping Y6 Festivals, WeatherWhole School Medium Term PlanSummer 2014

  • Whole School OverviewHistory 2013-14Year 6Indus ValleyHistory of FairgroundsRecent history Computing, Steve Jobs, Bill GatesEYFSChanges between the local area now and thenDinosaursHistory and cultures of different countries Yr 5Battle of HastingsVictorian InventorsAncient GreeksYear 1Explore the lives of Louis Braille and Florence NightingaleCompare a Victorian and modern house.Find the modern equivalent of Victorian household items.Compare old and new toys.Year 2Family Tree/Time line of their life/Great Fire of LondonGuy Fawkes(Poppy Day)First man on the moonLocal History: Castle RisingThe seaside in the past/G.DarlingSteam trains: George StevensonPiratesYear 3Roman BritainAnglo Saxon lifeVikingsLocal historyLocal and European historyYear 4

    The AztecsAncient EgyptWorld War II

  • Whole School OverviewScience 2013-14Year 6Sight/Changes/ForcesCircuits/Micro-organisms/Dissolving/Solar system/Interdependence/Adaptation/PubertyEYFSBest materials for building-Investigating materialsIce, melting, animals of the arcticFossilisation mini-beasts & plantsYear 2Healthy humans/electricityForces/plantsLiving thingsChanging materials

    Year 5Life cycles of plantsCirculationGravity/ResistanceClassify materialsMixtures/solutionsReversible/irreversible changesSolar systemYear 1Our sensesMaterialsLight and darkPlantsAnimalsYear 3MagnetismRocksAnimals including humansPlantsLightYear 4

    All living things/Animals, including humansElectricityStates of matter/Sound

  • Whole School OverviewArt and Design 2013-14Year 6Indian Art, recycled artXmas Art Paul KleeFairground artists/techniques/Set designersEYFSCreating houses using a range of materialsClass dinosaur collageCreating patterns and using a range of creative materialsYear 5Design Bayeaux panelCreate medieval shieldDesign carouselArchitecural drawingDraw/invent Greek monsterCreate class mosaicYear 1Self portraits and sculptures. Explore Picasso and Degas.Observational drawing/paintings of soft toys.Van Goghs Sunflowers. Observational drawings of various plants.Tiger in a tropical storm by Henri Rousseau. Year 2Self PortraitsFireworks picturesDrawings of St PaulsChalk picturesAboriginal Art: JourneysCollages with natural materialsWax resist paintingsInspired artwork based on The Whale SongYear 3Mosaics.sketch booksRoman paintings depicting ancient lifeIntroduction to PicassoStudy of Picassos facesStill life paintingPainting outdoors. Studying nature/Monetart from other cultures/replicatingYear 4

    Drawing and collageEric JoynerWar artists (watercolours)

  • Whole School OverviewDesign & Technology 2013-14Year 63d design on computers3d printingKnex buildingBread/cookerySet and costume designEYFSCreating houses using a range of materialsClass dinosaur collageCreating patterns and using a range of creative materialsYear 1Design and make a dolls houseDesign, make and evaluate a hand puppet.Design, make and evaluate a fruit salad.Design and sew a felt butterfly.Year 2Healthy FoodMaking sheltersBread makingChristmas cards and decorationsCreating a rocketMoving PicturesMechanisms: The Lighthouse Keepers LunchMaking RaftsYear 3Roman cookingDesigning/making Roman pottery/helmets and catapultsDesigning/making Saxon jewellery rune plate.Designing and building shelters.A healthy diet.Designing/planting world garden.Cooking food from around the worldYear 4

    Aztec Masks/appliqueJunk model robots (pneumatic)Year 5Make a wind turbineCooking Christmas cakesArchitectural drawingClay animations

  • Whole School OverviewPhysical Education2013-14Year 6GymnasticsInvasion games (e.g.basketball)ArcheryDanceOutdoor challengesTeam games (e.g.cricket)EYFSmoving Discussing healthy lifestyles-Dance & movementBasic self-awareness skills-Dance & movement skillsMusic and movementSimple gymnastics Stretching and curlingYear 1Dance Unit 1/Games Unit 1Gym Unit D/Games Unit 2Dance Unit 2/Gym Unit EDance Unit 3/Gym Unit FGym Unit G/Games Unit 3Dance Unit 4/Games Unit 4 and sports day skillsYear 2Team GamesGymnastics/danceGymnastics/DanceTeam Games AthleticsYear 3Roman ball gamesGeneral ball skillsGymnastics and danceTennis and hockeyAthletics, team games and swimmingAthletics/Games from around the worldYear 4

    Games/DanceGymnastics/gamesAthletics/gamesYear 5HockeyGymnasticsArcheryBasketballAthletics

  • Whole School OverviewComputing 2013-14EYFSOnline safety & how to keep ourselves safeUsing ICT to explore different countriesUsing ICT to look for, observe and document mini-beast & growth themeYear 6E-safety, social networking3d design, spreadsheetsProgramming flowol, iPadsCoding- Hopscotch

    Year 1Use paint programChange font size, style and colour.Open and save a word doc.Programming Beebots.Insert a pic in a word doc.Take a photo of fav toy.Data handlingYear 2Puppet PalsVideo Conferencing SantaMake music on the iPadGraphs on the computerBeeBotsArtwork on the computerSea sculptures (using 3D printer)Year 3Use internet search engines Explore Puppet Palsmyths and legends storyboardUse paint to replicate PicassoDesigning posters How To Be healthyDesign a program using Scratchphoto story of shelter buildingEmailYear 4Desktop publishingAlgorithmsword processingScratch/Gmail/web research/internet safety/Logo/Collecting data/presentation media/Year 5PowerpointsPuppet pal presentationDatabasesiPad movie clay animation

  • Whole School OverviewGeography 2013-14Year 6India climate/hemispheres/Eco eye on the worldUK Geog/towns and countiesOS MapsEYFSOur homes and how they are different to those around the worldMy local areaDifferent countriesDifferent plants & animals around the worldYear 1Examine houses in different parts of the worldLook at the weather in the UK and around the world.Local area studyFind out about the rainforest link to animals found there.Year 2Comparing life in England and India.Worldwide and local maps.LondonJourney to the moonMaps and plans of local areaJourneysLocate Oceans on a mapOcean travelTreasure mapsYear 3Italy and Bath VolcanoesWest Stow and local Saxon villagesField work in Reffley woodsCountries we originate fromStudy of a coastal townYear 4

    South AmericaEuropean UnionYear 5BiomesRegions of UKPolar regions, latitude, longitudeStudy a region of Europe

  • Whole School OverviewMusic 2013-14EYFSSinging and exploring with instruments familiar songs & rhymesSounds of dinosaursMusic from different countriesExploring & creating abstract soundsYear 6Rhythm in Music, Xmas playExplore sound sources,Macbeth

    Year 1First Access musicYear 2Traditional songsChristmas songs/Christmas playSpace music Create journeys with musicSea Shanties Listen to Whale song and write accompanimentYear 3Investigating Roman instrumentsPerformance of Christmas playInvestigating Saxon instrumentsSinging Sherlock programComposing music in Reffley woodsMusic from other culturesYear 4

    Salsa musicWWII songsYear 5First Access Ukeleles

  • Whole School OverviewFrench 2013-14