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Screen Shots of Our Video Storyboard Ideas

Date post:14-May-2015
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  • 1.Time- 00.32 Long shot This shot pans round the artist standing against the tree for 12 seconds. This shot is long in time which corresponds with the music as it is quite slow pace, however it may be just a bit too long. To break the shot up, a close up shot of the artist face could be used or a high angle shot from the trees looking down on the artist to make her seem vulnerable. This shot would be better if a tri-pod was used to make the movement a lot smooth and sharper. I think this show could be used when the artist is lipsynching I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone as this shot clearly shows that she has been left alone in an isolated place. From our focus group, one of the comments made were that she could visage the artist walking round woods. Another comment was the artist being in a white dress which we also hope to do however we do think this will be too similar to the original video.

2. Time- 00.59 Wide shot This is a wide shot of the artist appearing out of the trees looking round to make sure its safe for her to stop hiding. The lyrics which could be used here is You and I'll be safe and sound as she appears to be looking round to ensure that she will be safe. The location remains isolated and the wide shop clearly shows this as there are no people around, just a building in the background. I think it would have a better effect if the building was not in the shot. A mid shot could be used after this so we could see her facial expression and the surroundings a bit clearer. A point of view shot could also be used so the audience feel like they are walking through the trees with her and can also feel her fear. From the focus group one comment made was that they could imagine the character walking round a big, busy city like London and although this shot does not relate to a city location, we felt that the busy vibes would not go with the pace of the slow song. 3. Time- 01.09 Long shotThis is a mid shot of the back of the character. From this shot we can a large ,empty field, reiterating again, that the character is isolated. For this shot, we could use the lyrics The sun is going down . We could change the lighting so its sunset so the audience can only see the silhouette of the artist. This would also relate to the lyrics explicitly as the artist we actually be watching the sun going down. 4. Time- 00.03Wide shotThis wide shot allows the audience to see just how busy the location is. The way it is blurred also indicates that the artist is feeling drowsy and confused about where she is or how she got there. It would have more effect if we were to have just to exaggerate how crowded and closed in the artist actually is. In terms of mise-en-scene, having Mothercare in the background is something we would not want in our real video and we would need to think of a suitable location which is still crowded but also has relevance to the lyrics. The ooooh parts of the song would be good lyrics to use during this shot as it gives the effect of even more confusion and the artist is so over whelmed that she cant get proper lyrics out. Having the artist positioned in the centre of the camera with the crowds either walking in slow or fast motion (which is chosen in this one) will reiterate the busyness. 5. Time- 00.18long shotAgain the blurred effect works well the theme of our song and the narrative we are thinking of doing. It also hides the location of the artist as we d not want it obvious it is being filmed in a super market. Having mainly just feet in the shot makes the shot seem a lot more condensed and makes the audience feel closed in along side the artist. 6. Time- 01.00High angle shotThis is a high angle shot of the artist leaving the busy location. From the shot we can see lots of bright street lights and car lights, indicating it is a very busy place. In this location we could have reaction shots of the artist in distress as she cant cope with the business. During this shot, we could have the lyrics Don't you dare look out your window, darling, Everything's on fire, The war outside our door keeps raging on, with the artist explicitly looking out of the window, the lights representing the fire and the cars and people signifying the war. By using this we have the use of explicit and implicit meanings which allows the story to be interpreted in different ways.In the focus group, one of the volunteers gave us their idea on how they imagined the video without having seen it. He said that he could imagine it in a busy location such as a city like London. I dont think London as a location would have the right feel for the genre of our song, however we can still take this idea but in a different aspect. 7. Time- 00.28long shotThis is a long shot of silhouettes of trees being blown around. This was be a good shot for when the pace picks up in the song. This is because the narrative and the music are becoming much more tense and the wind helps with building this tension, however more wind would have had a greater effect. I like the use of silhouettes, however the shot needs to be a lot wider so more trees can be seen to give a greater effect. Also the light from the window, and props (bike) need to be taken out to ensure what we want to portrayed to the audience is actually being done. Props need to be particular so the narrative is not confusing our audience. The trees relate to when the artist was shown in the outside location, suggesting although she is inside and safe, she isn't too far away from being in danger. 8. Time- 01.00 shotpoint of viewThe point of view shot allows the audience to see what the artist is seeing and almost put them in their shoes.The lyrics which could be used here could be Don't you dare look out your window, darling. This is because what she is witnessing going on outside, she doesnt want her loved one to witness it as shes trying to keep them safe. When considering mise-en-scene, it needs to look less like an average street and their needs to be something strange/ dangerous happening outside. In between the point of view shots there should be close ups of the artist, not only for star image but also for her reactions as to what's happening outside her window. I would expect these to be her upset, shocked and confused. 9. Time- 01.13low angle shotThis is a low angle shot looking up at the artist who is looking out of the window and is watching what is happening outside. The low angle shot gives the effect that she is no longer vulnerable as she has found a place where she can be safe. This shot could be used alongside the lyrics No one can hurt you now as she feels no one can whilst she is hiding inside as she feels secure and is no longer vulnerable. This low angle shot is quite far away from the artist so some low angle close up shots could also be used so, again, the audience can see the reactions from the artist. From our focus group, one person said that in order to make the video more interesting, it needs to be set in various locations. By using an outdoor location with two contrasting indoor locations successfully achieves this.

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