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Searching the Chemical Literature: Reference Books and Online Resources Dr. Sheppard Chemistry...

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  • Searching theChemical Literature: Reference Books and Online ResourcesDr. SheppardChemistry 4401L

  • Why search?Physical propertiesMelting point, boiling point, flash point, refractive index, density, solubility data, toxicity data Developing a synthesisExperimental proceduresSpectroscopy dataFTIR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, MS, UV-VISBackground for research

  • Where search?Reference booksMerck IndexCRC Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsMarchs Advanced Organic ChemistryArticlesGoogle? Google Scholar?American Chemical Society Publications

  • The Merck IndexA one-volume encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biological compounds Contains more than 10,000 monographsconcise descriptions of a single substance or a small group of closely related compounds First published in 1889Now the standard reference for chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, pharmacists, and related professionals

  • Compounds in the Merck IndexHuman and veterinary drugs Biologicals and natural products Plants and herbal medicines Nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals Agricultural chemicals Industrial chemicals Laboratory reagents and catalysts Dyes, colors and indicators Environmentally significant substances

  • Information in the Merck IndexChemical, common and generic names Trademarks and associated companies CAS Registry Number Chemical structure Molecular formula and percentage composition Capsule statement identifying compound classes and scientific significanceScientific and patent literature referencesPhysical and toxicity data Therapeutic and commercial uses Caution and hazard information

  • Also in the Merck IndexIndicesName, Formula, CAS Registry NumberSupplementary tables (some editions)Physical, chemical and biomedical dataListings of pharmaceutical company names and locationsExperimental drug codesOrganic Name Reactions section (some editions) Over 450 reactions featuring descriptions, literature references and graphical depictions

  • Merck Index, 14th ed.Entry for cholesterol

  • Merck Index, 14th ed.Registry Index

  • Merck Index, 14th ed.Chemical Formula Index

  • Merck Index, 14th ed.Name Index

  • Merck Index, 14th ed.Entry for heroin

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsTable of Physical Constants for Organic CompoundsListed in alphabetical order by parent name2-phenylethanol is under ethanol, 2-phenylAbbreviations, subscripts, superscriptsExample: what does it mean if a boiling point is listed as 254760, 12434 ?

  • CRC Handbook, 42nd ed.Entry for cholesterol

  • CRC Handbook,42nd ed.Abbreviations for table

  • CRC Handbook, 42nd ed.Entry for methyl benzoate

  • CRC Handbook, 1st student edition

    Entry for cholesterol

  • Organic ReactionsOrganic Synthesis11 collective volumesSearch using substructure, reaction, keyword, name, CAS number, or volume

    Marchs Advanced Organic Chemistry

  • March, 4th ed.

  • March, 4th ed.

  • So, where are the reference books?CRCCSU Library (currently being repaired)Dr. Sheppards office (Student and regular editions)Chemistry lab (2 editions)Merck IndexDr. Sheppards office (1 copy)CSU Library (1 copy on reserve under General Chemistry)Marchs Advanced Organic ChemistryDr. Sheppards office (2 editions)CSU Library (2 in circulating collection, 1 in reference collection)

  • Journal Articles and DatabasesPrimary (original) vs. Secondary (reviews, accounts)

    Journal abbreviations (see next slide)

  • Journal Articles and DatabasesChemical Abstracts, BeilsteinSciFinderGoogle ScholarACS PublicationsAvailable on-campus onlyContent = 1996 to presentPre-1996 available through interlibrary loan Chemical and Engineering NewsGALILEOJStor (Science)

  • Websites When to use the web instead of reference books or journal databases?Is Wikipedia a good resource?Use websites with caution!Always provide citation with web address and date website was accessedDont forget about textbooks as good resources

  • Spectroscopy websitesNational Institute of Standards and Technology Chemistry WebBookMass Spectrometry and Infrared Spectroscopy data, thermochemical data, and much, much more.Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds (SDBS)Huge searchable database of spectra, including IR, NMR, and MS.

  • Safety InformationVermont SIRI MSDS CollectionProvides access to Material Safety Data Sheets directly from chemical manufacturers and from an online database. Chemical Toxicity reports can also be found at this site.

  • Physical ConstantsFundamental Physical Constants from NISTProvided by the Fundamental Constants Data Center of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Physics Laboratory

  • ChemDraw Std 14.0Download the programhttp://sitelicense.cambridgesoft.com/sitelicense.cfm?sid=2560Use Internet Explorer or FirefoxUse your CSU email to log on and follow instructions to download the programEarlier versions of the program are acceptableProgram tutorial


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