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Secret Facebook Strategy that Generates $100 Instant Daily Payments Revealed!

Date post:02-Jul-2015
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In this presentation, Melinda Caldwell reveals how she receives $100 payments instantly and daily using Facebook. You can connect with her at [email protected]
  • 1. The Secret Facebook Strategythat Generates $100 InstantDaily Payments Revealed...Melinda CaldwellThe Work from Home Momhttp://www.MelindaCaldwellOnline.com

2. 3 Things you will need for this strategy Product/System that allows you to generate 100% commissions,Instantly and Daily Traffic Targeted traffic Strategy that anyone can plug into and duplicate what you do 3. Facebook Group Posting 2.0Powerful strategy because you can targetmarketTarget market certain companies, niches,hobbies, tools, etc.Easily Brand yourself and build relationshipsMake fast cash! 4. Posting Starts with the Setup****Your Facebook Page must be set up properly!!!**** Timeline Posts that are positive Posts that are engaging Posts that are funny Post that are encouraging Happy environment 5. Facebook setup continued Fill out your Facebook information About section, books, connect your Pinterest, Instagram and Emailaccount NO GAMES, CURSING, TALKING BAD ABOUT PEOPLEKEEP ITPOSITIVE 6. THE ACTUAL POSTING. Use Images that will grab your viewers attention Will be supplying you with a folder filled with images that you can leverage until youstart seeing results. Catchy message in the post Clear call to Action (ask them to send a friend request and inbox you formore info) Leverage someone elses success until you get your first sale no matter howsmall it is. Talk in terms of we and our team and possibility! Post 2 to three times a day as much as you canAlways a minimum of 20poststhe more you postthe more money you make 7. Continued Use autoposters to expedite the process and take your business toanother level Use Fiverr and pay someone to syndicate your link for you Respond to other posters posts:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=835351726509709&set=gm.813379315385242&type=1&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/workathomemomsinfo/permalink/813479285375245/ 8. WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO THROUGHOUT THE DAYGo back and check to see if anyone has liked your post, if so, send them a message:SCRIPT:Example:Hey Amanda, thanks so much for liking my comment. I would love to connect withyou and share ideas. Would it be okay to send you a friend request?>>>> After request is established

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