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Secuity Concerns in the Contact Centre - Avaya & BT

Date post:05-Aug-2015
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1. SECURITY CONCERNSIN THE CONTACT CENTRE SPACESECURITY CONCERNS OVER THE PHONE Publicity around | D&Vand card payment security means new solutions are needed to drive engagement Say it takes too long Want technology to to identify me when secure card payments lphone the call centre over the phonewould like voice biometrics for | D&V I worry about security over the phone jsv/ . j72% ,UK j52/ .8 em 0 USA - CHINA 46/ . ": 'A j69% T57T 77% SINGAPOREb 50% * 77%INTELLIGENT CUSTOMER SERVICEGoing forward AutonomousCustomers have a range of + needs which IntelligentCustomer Service can meetif privacy can be managed I I ' ON LY 1 IN 10 233.Zirii2Lfm? ZZ?3?eCustomers are looking for improvement customers like organisations using like it when organisations technology to listen to calls if notice they have a problem j the agent is rude or a problem arises with customer service might share social .. .media prole to get . y better service - 55%say the more information I give to are willing to share organisations,the better customer GPS location service I expectSnurrir ElT. "-'= r_M.Z"31, ':.E1-, vrvtwwro stated.all data glnb-Ii

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