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Secularism... how 29 11-2004

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  • 1. secularism ~ issues in effective implementation

2. secular is nationalist ~ anti-secular is anti-national non-secular aggressors : why insulated minorities : who will be ? are you next ? fight fire before it gets to your door fractured society dies : survival at stake held together or hold together ? USSRUSApolitics, fiscal colonization... 3. the worms get trampled the powerful survive with honour as a nation anti-secular groups, empowered, weaken secularism hostility to secularism : to national unity, integration preventing erosion : participative politics : worm no more purify water : dilute with clean : same with politics swot, but after the view from the top 4. supreme court judgments : secularism ~ basic structure judgements declare the law : THE LAW IS ON OUR SIDE !! 2002 8 SCC page 481 secularism is basic structure of constitution 2002 7 SCC page 368 2002 5 SCC page 294 2002 2 SCC page 725 2001 1 SCC page 582 1998 4 SCC page 626 1997 3 SCC page 261 1997 9 SCC page 662 1996 8 SCC page 525 1994 3 SCC page 1 1992 SCC Supp 3 page 217 1991 4 SCC page 699 1975 SCC Supp page 1 5. supreme court judgments : rule of law ~ basic structure having seen what the law is, hear RULE OF LAW HAS TO PREVAIL ! 2001 1 SCC page 582 rule of law is basic structure of constitution 2002 8 SCC page 481 2002 7 SCC page 368 2002 2 SCC page 725 anti-secular is anti-national, violates constitution no constitution violator to hold office or contest 6. can anything be done ? poor politics ~ undesirable records criminal record noted ? now how about secular record ? reconcile conflicts one goal assert with strategic intent, initiative redefine indianness : non-secular non-indian anti-national 7. basics of secularism foisted anti-secularism symbols OUT legal process to remove all proceedings : full media scrutiny issue + judiciary trial : rule of law ? political evolution : institutions strength shapes future statesmen Institutions, working distorted, facilitate emergence of anti-national leaders 8. use dreams to create a new reality consolidate fall-out of SC verdicts assert with strategic political intent indianness+citizenship complete armoury remember : the law is on our side !! dont just respond to anti-constitutional destructive agenda take charge of our country : let them respond to valid secular agenda 9. need of the hour create secretariat, federate right to information : reports of public events on internet : publicize at government cost its not hindu or muslim : our country our children ten years down the road ban constitution-violators from elections declare party against secularism anti- national, anti-constitution : watch list 5 10. root is basic read: writing insignificant driver, dhobi world-view by private belief : be, it is their political choices matter > ours one with the law is not majority except in court streets elections numbers rule 11. alienation and bridges us and them : we are the whole illusion exclusionist : we build walls not bridges ! push glass-cage-outsiders into think-tanks they dont have to win elections !! fundamental ! grassroots !! foundation !!! 12. S W O T Strengths tradition of religious cultural heritage pluralist indian pride abroad universal condemnation of fascism acceptability in international fora clear siege-of-secularism awareness 13. more strengths intellectual political willingness : try afresh maturing polity seeks stability, growth threat perception : generation next ? perceptible willingness to speak up, be counted for secularism growth of judicial activism, responsiveness awareness of secular vote value 14. yet more judgments securing constitutional guarantees and freedoms enhanced power of media and press, electronic record keeping right to information : increasing access to public records ability to see through foreign power games and economic domination 15. S W O T Weaknesses no unified approach or command holier-than-thou ego clashes, judgmental attitudes and differences glass cage syndrome intellectuals safer but generally dreamers, unrealistic armchair critics no soldiers, no exposure to street politics no grassroots work in schools etc. 16. more weaknesses plans, trained people, organization, acceptable heads all missing low ability to organize funds, use coherently : little interactive working exclusion of other types : if unlike us, not of us reliance on appearance known names general inability to carry masses, lack of appeal/identification 17. even more lack of sustained interest, momentum; no pro-active agenda as a national community, projection of future needs, contingency plans no organized legal steps to restrict mob- oriented disruptions of civic life and freedoms : each lapse reinforces and validates wrong views no charismatic leaders whom the masses will follow on trust born of credentials 18. SWOT Opportunities participation an absolute must : do or die throw up tall vote-able leaders : get in !! citizen, especially youth, needs change, seems ready ~ existing leaders seem stale, unable to deliver, undemocratic : common worker will never rise to the top even if the most capable mindset opportunity for emergence of a by us, of us, for us organisation : HH 19. more opportunities others rate present silent secular group leadership as uncertain, vacillating, purchasable vote- bank : this must be overcome ! pr skills, media savvy approach now possible : sell idea, reap dividends secular groups on siege notice more and more willing to speak up 20. and more increasing educated youth fertile breeding ground for ideas youth : issues, to feel instrumental in creating world as they want it : fires imagination : its your life ! take charge !! shape it yourselves !! there is a vacuum to be filled and we can, will do it we have to do it 21. SWOT Threats vested interests resistance to emerging power centres resistance : non-lineage political infancy uncertainties of staying power, funds absence of organized fund raising / use of money, uncertain results inexperience, untested skills 22. more threats disinterest in dirt : no cadre, no training image-label concern : appeasement no sense of destiny, charisma, ideologue jalwa-e-toor to hai, moosa hi nahin ? issues today : tomorrows projections ? contact-campaigns absent momentum : knee jerks to be replaced 23. even more threats caught-in-the-daily-grind disables greater participation, we wear blinds 100 secularists to every 10 anti-nationals : but we wont deal in coal !! little thought on how to federate body combining strengths, enabling concerted effort, better resource allocation, facilitate casting national secular blanket 24. unifying groups difficult? 1. create, 2. join-mould, 3. join-take over 2 or 3 remote, disrupt existing harmony create organization ~ cerebral approach plan for ten years; after five, re-evaluate create capable body of advisors equip in capability, commitment, quality work on destiny : loh wa qalam tere hain 25. enter the virtual office equipment of individuals a virtual office, enhanced when money available manpower takes time, effort, screening : must be worthwhile for targets anyone who is good will be busy, have to be induced talent will have to be asked to work for us, need to be paid well 26. virtual real lucre it is OUR project, not theirs : create a corporate they serve for money if paid well, at the level they are now, they will do it, for then they earn the same and evolve into instruments of social change 27. the road map step, - wise 1. creation of body, 2. development into political party, 3. supporting candidates of similar values, 4. helping in elections, 5. using hands-on experience for own candidates, 6. contesting elections, 7. absorbing initial losses, 8. forging alliances to get seats 9. ensuring voice in decision making 10. in crises secular voices decide State response so aberration is avoided 11. use of judiciary as safety net 28. Creating THE NEW ORDER Hindustaan Hamaara (a Political Initiative) India is ours too; a political presence a must, this is our initiative : H H P I Inclusive of all : a-c-h-p-m-s HH people of various faiths acting together to ensure Constitutional safeguards secured interventional legal process political activism of representatives of all 29. The body plan of the organization 30. how decisions can be reflective of the views of all constituents 31. exemplified practical operation 32. convergence to secure representation of various views 33. hindustaan hamaara political initiative ~ main structure 34. sub-committees indicative 35. functional areas of working - indicative 36. symbol, design, colour : illustrative : name obvious, hand writing destiny, identity symbolized by flying standard, saffron-green-blue representing various groups, light-your-way symbol can be replaced with something more electorate-acceptable 37. same considerations, added focus on coming together as partners in progress, symbol changed 38. same thought, rearranged 39. some aspects o redefine tradition rejecting foreign elements : fascism, intolerance alien : secularism, tolerance, pluralism traditions of India ! o whom to take first step ? o organisations ? data bank ? contacts o exclude ? threats ? watch lists !! o destructive view also heard, considered 40. and more aspects o identification process decision making structure o what in context of exclusions would be our own acceptability ? o anything else ???? ... let the federated structure roll , for o we will be acting in furtherance of what the constitution enshrines ! 41. the last word to be secular is to be a nationalist Indian ~ to be anti-secular is to be anti- national, against our constitution shafeeq rehman mahajir advocate : 9246151357 m

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