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American Canoe Association-Safety Education and Instruction office presentation to the February 2014 meeting of the ACA Safety Education and Instruction Council meeting in Columbus, Georgia.
  • 1. Safety Education, Instruction & Outreach Department Report 2013 & Early 2014 February 21, 2014 SEIC Meeting Columbus, GeorgiaEducation. Recreation. Stewardship. Competition.

2. SEI - Staff SEI Department Report Kelsey Bracewell: Safety Education & Instruction Coordinator Manage the ACA National Paddlesports Instruction Program Manage Instructor Database Assist Education & Outreach Coordinator with outreach events and distribution of educational resources and materialsJoe Moore : Education & Outreach Coordinator Coordinate and manage education and outreach resources Assist SEI Coordinator with administration of National Paddlesports ProgramTJ Turner: Paddlesport Training Grant Coordinator Responsible for coordinating 14 canoe, kayak, and SUP Instructor Certification Workshops for various state agencies across the country under a grant from the U.S. Coast Guard. 3. Overview SEI Department ReportThings you will see: SEI Department Projects Journal of Paddlesport Education Adaptive Paddling Summit Adaptive Program Development 2014 Outreach Summary SEI Statistics Grants 4. Overview SEI Department ReportThings you wont see: 5. Outreach Outfitter, Livery, Guide Insurance SEI Department ReportThe ACA is now offering an endorsed insurance program for paddlesport outfitters, liveries, and guides. By meeting certain criteria, these outfitters will be eligible for discounted pricing on various insurance policies. # OLG ACA Policies/Members: 38 6. Ongoing SEI Department Projects: SEI Department ReportPromote Assessments & Certifications Website calendar (CK & RK Now Split) IT/ITE List Proschool List Promote General Skills/Intro Courses Instructor Lists (In progress) Endorsement Lists Maintain high quality customer service JPE* Instructor Candidate Packets Admin & Website Help Letter Instructional Paperwork Help Letter 7. Journal of Paddlesport Education SEI Department ReportDoes the JPE need a makeover? New structure? New concentration/focus? New look? 8. TheJournal of Paddlesports Education Follow us to the put-inGet Outside2014s Hottest ACA eventsGetting CertifiedA Step-by-step GuideExperts ChoiceGear you need, nothing you dontPlus, new instructor prodeals!Todd Johnstone-Wright The Man, The Myth, The Legend 9. SEI Department Projects: Joe SEI Department Report 10. SEI Department Projects: JoeAdaptive Summit: Where are we? Conference facility & hotel reserved West Michigan Sports Commission grant of $1,000 Partnerships formed with Kent County Park and Recreation & Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Call for Presentations Closed 2/10/14 Multiple presentation proposals received for each topic suggested 18 presenter proposals to choose from 11. Adaptive Summit: Next Steps Choose presentation proposals to accept Create summit schedule Secure boats, trailers, transportation & water venues Continue Marketing 12. Adaptive Program Development 5 APWs already on the ACA Calendar for 2014 Funding received for Adaptive presentation at River Management Society National Conference Funding received for Adaptive presentation at National IntramuralRecreational Sports Association (NIRSA) National Conference Presenting at South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association Conference AP Committee to meet this August: 1st time in How Many Years? Worked with AP Committee to develop 1st ever Adaptive Endorsement Criteria document Working with AP Committee to develop new Adaptive IT standards 13. ACA Exposure: 2014 Events As of 2/18/14: ACA exhibiting at 28 events in 2014Sponsoring 11 events thus far in 2014Presenting at multiple Conferences & SummitsAbility to sell merchandise at eventsAbility to enroll members on-the-spotStreaming video for exhibitor booths? 14. Course Reporting SEI Department ReportFor 2012: 6,782 instructor teaching credits processed (1,600 more than 2011) 2,355 Instructor Certifications Issued (2,147 in 2011, 1,760 in 2010, 1,152 in 2009)29 New IT Certifications issued 6 New ITE Certifications Issued 393 RenewalsFor 2013: (as of 2/11/2014) 7,070 instructor teaching credits processed* 2,223 Instructor Certifications Issued* 21 New IT Certifications issued 7 New ITE Certifications Issued 371 Renewals**May change due to late reporting 15. Course Reporting SEI Department ReportTop 10 Most Active ITs and ITEs in 2013 (determined by newly certified instructor numbers) 1. Mike Aronoff 2. Tom Nickels 3. Chris Stec 4. Raff Kuner 5. Dave Kessmann 6. Steve Scherrer 7. Kent Ford 8. Josh Hall 9. Laura Liebel 10. Jeremy Oyen ACA has 220 ITs/ITEs (total 305 IT/ITE certs) In 2013, 126 of them conducted a certification course (a/o 2/11/2014) 16. Course Reporting SEI Department ReportTop 5 non-US ACA Instructional Hot Spots for 2013! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Austria Germany Brazil & Switzerland Argentina Italy & BelgiumOther countries where ACA courses have been reported for 2013 (in alphabetical order): Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Honduras, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Yukon. 17. Safety Education and Instruction Council SEI Department Report2013 Instructor Audit Initial certifications completed in 2009 (or last renewal cycle was completed 2009)- 1,535 certifications reviewed -61 of these are IT/ITEs - 210 Extensions to be audited from 2012 - 157 Extensions requested so far - 371 Recertifications (so far) *1,433 to be audited for 2014 18. Certifications By Year SEI Department Report *37 So Far for 20142013 Instructor Certification Data is YTD 2/11/2014 19. 2013 Certifications by Month SEI Department Report 20. 2013 Certifications By Level SEI Department Report 21. 2013 Certifications By Discipline SEI Department Report 22. Level 1 Certifications - 2013 SEI Department Report2012 L1 Certs Canoe205Kayak278SUP96 23. 20082011201220134611935Intro Canoe9171221L2 ERC1174328Adaptive SEI Department ReportSkills Assessments 618 total reported30L3 RC31110RCDTL2009 20101 193036146Intro Kayak924598L2: EKT1. CKDTL 2. L2: EKT 3. L3: CK & Adaptive1611212710543L3: CKTop 3:14 1816105306135L4: OWCK131515CKDTL107180148163161L2: ERK114354L3: RK11999L4: WWK521529RKDTL17645L3: RSR 6L5: ASWR1Intro SUP3 282816L4: SWR a/o 2/11/20149169 7 115 24. 2013 Instructor Endorsements 114 total reported a/o 2/11/2014SEI Department ReportEndorsementsAdaptive Paddling Canoe Camping200828 520091 5201031 1520114201247 178Kayak Camping1211171Kayak Rolling1631516RCDTL Canoe Rolling541Traditional SkillsCKDTL2013197523326413 4NOTE: Most comprehensive adaptive info. recently assembled: 15 ITs/ITEs 367 endorsed instructors 25. Safety Education and Instruction Council SEI Department Report2013 ITE Renewals Gerhard Grimm L2 ECT & L4 WWC* Tom Nickels L4 OWCK Cathy Piffath L4 OWCK* Jeffrey Cooper L4 OWCK* Armand Mickune-Santos L4 OWCK Randy Carlson L4 WWC & L4 WWK John Lull L5 AOWCK Dale Williams L5 AOWCK Charlie Walbridge L5 ASWR Gordon Black L5 AWWC & L5 AWWK* Scott Coulter L5 AWWK*IT Renewals: 47*Requested an extension 26. New ITs and ITEs for 2013 SEI Department Report Charlie MacArthur L3 WWSUP & SurfSUP ITE Mike Mather L5 ASWR ITE Jason Shreder L4 WWK IT Kim Sorensen L1 ISUP IT Bryan Smith L2 ESUP IT Kevin Carr Adaptive IT Dave Herpy L2 ERK IT Steve Busch L3 WWSUP IT Hamp All L3 ESK IT Larry Ausley L4 WWK ITE James Sullivan L3 RC IT Jeff Liebel L3 FC IT & L2 EKT IT Laura Liebel L3 FC IT Joe Moore Adaptive IT Dave Kessmann L4 WWK ITE & L5 AWWK IT Patrick Frehner WWK IT Bob Myron L2 ESUP IT Raphael Kuner L3 WWSUP IT Julia Neal - Adaptive IT Anna Levesque L2 ESUP IT Ivan Bartha L2 ERC IT Jordan Messerer L2 ERC Matt Palmariello L2 ESUP IT 27. SEI Department USCG Funded Certification Workshops SEI Department ReportUS Coast Guard Expansion of On-Water Paddlesports Instruction Grant The grant will fund 14 Level 1-2 ICWs in Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP to governmental agencies. These courses are projected to create: 140 new Instructors 4 new Instructor Trainer Candidates Tennessee Alabama Oregon North Carolina Wisconsin Puerto Rico Alaska Maine Michigan Louisiana California Florida Texas Hawaii 28. SEI Staff SEI Department ReportKelsey Bracewell Safety Education and Instruction Coordinator [email protected] / 540-907-4460 x 105 TJ Turner Paddlesports Training Grant Coordinator [email protected] / 540-907-4460 x 103 Joe Moore Education & Outreach Coordinator [email protected] / 540-907-4460 x 102 29. ACA Office Staff Liaisons SEI Department Report Membership: Call Rachel @ ext 104Insurance: Call Candy @ ext 112Membership or Merchandise: Call Amy @ ext 108Finance: Call Cireena @ ext 101Stewardship: Call Greg @ ext 106USCG Grant: Call TJ @ ext 103Outreach: Call Joe @ ext 102 Education & Instruction: Call Kelsey @ ext 105Communications: Call Catharine @ ext 107

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