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Self talk and self motivation skills

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Self talk and self motivation skills
  • 1. BRANDONPARTNERSSelf-Talk and Self-Motivation Skills The Inner Game of Performance BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 3. Learning Goals Self-Talk and Self-Motivation Skills Self-Motivation: A set of skills for improving your ownBackground morale, job satisfaction, and performance through yourThis half-day clinic helps indi- attitudes, resilience & mental toughness.vidual contributors, professionals,and managers to handle the stressand demotivators present in many Program Outcomesof todays demanding work envi- To realize the importance of self-motivation and resilience in yourronments. We can learn practical demanding business environment.skills for managing our own self- To defuse any emotional upset, indignance, or denial you mightmotivation, cultivating a mindset of experience about the reality of organizational demands, so thatAccountability versus Victimhood, you can bestreet smartand empowered to have even greater or-finding ways of making everyones ganizational impact.job more fun and invigorating, and To become more in control of your internal thoughts andreinforcing one anothers strengths belief systems, so that you can alter them to experience and con-and postive contributions. These vey increased executive maturity, especially during volatile ormethods can pour vitamins into the threatening situations.motivational life, morale, and en-gagement of the entire workforce. To limit blaming or victim-like behavior and take fuller ownership related to the day-to-day challenges of achieving results with oth-The workshop uses experiential ac- ers.tivities, dynamic presentations, skill To understand the research-proven business rationale for infusingpractices, discussion, and action- your work environment with more fun, energy, and humor, and toplanning tools to provide immedi- begin generating appropriate ways to do so.ate take-away outcomes. To apply Positive Psychology principles involving strength-findingDirections rather than fault-finding to the arena of motivation skills.Circle the two program outcomesyouve targeted as most importantfor you. Youll reveal this in a briefself-introduction. BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 4. Slides Key Points and Notes A North Star Rough Sailing BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 5. self-motivation tactics Because I said I would! Fyona Campbell, The Greatest Walker of Them All. Her explanation of why she walked 16,088 kilometers, the length of Africa, through jungles, deserts, and a 400-mile mine field from CapeTown toTangiers. If you eat your vegetables, you can have dessert. Grandmas Law, quoted by Aubrey Daniels, Bringing Out the Best in People Y ou cant motivate others if youre demotivated, since your enthus-IASM is key. Use Humor for Perspective and EnergyUse energiz- ers, humor, and fun for yourself, as weve discussed for others. Laughter really is the best medicine. Find Your PatternsAnalyze your slumps to build your Motivation Quotient (MQ). Self-Rewards or CelebrationsDont crave others compliments. Rely on YOU! Reduce Your De-MotivatorsBe aware of de- energizers, negative people, tasks that suck you dry, etc., Fill Your Bucket Just BecauseWe all need to be and adapt your work environment. more generous to ourselves. Fire that Critical Parent inside of your head. Practice kinder self-statements. Task OrderingIf you know your pattern is to hate certain tasks, consider: Motivational Support SystemAsk people to support or listen to you as needed. Ask them to look over your Grandmas LawEat your vegetables first and shoulder. Friendly external then you can have dessert. Know what tasks youre pressure can stoke your fire. Use Motivational Men- jazzed about and reward yourself with them last. tors. Get Easier Tasks Done FirstOther people prefer General Exercise, Relaxation, DietYour health and to save unpleasant, tougher tasks for later, dedicat- stamina impact motivation. ing a planned-for, large chunk of time. Know what works for you and act accordingly. Maintain a Motivating Work EnvironmentIs your work space clean and organized, with organized files, Stay on a RollIf youre being productive, ride the and full of inspiring objects, to keep you from getting wave as long as you can. dragged down? Time Outs, Breaks, Physical ActivityGet the blood Self-Talk for Self-MotivationWe have over 600,000 going, awaken the brain, fight thestaleness syndrome, thoughts a day and up to 75 percent are negative. Re- and energize yourself. Take a walk or do calisthenics! member, Garbage in, garbage out. BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 6. Slides Key Points and Notes Self-Motivation Tips Find Your Patterns Reduce Your Demotivators Task Ordering Grandmas Law Get Easy Tasks Done First Time Outs, Breaks, Physical Activity Self-Rewards and Celebrations Fill Your Bucket Just Because Motivational Support System General Exercise, Relaxation, Diet **** Self-Talk for Motivation **** Dynamics of Self-Talk Nonstop Programming Sabotages or Supports You Its Automatic It Can Be Changed Awareness Belief in Change Choose Strategies BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 7. Targeting Your Negative Self-Talk: Written ActivityPurposeTo help you isolate any trash talk you have running in your head about your job, your functional area,the company, specific people, or events within your work life that may be draining your energy, perfor-mance, motivation, or zest for life.To target ideas and beliefs about yourself, others, your company, your job, the future, or the world thatyou might want to alter through Self-Talk Strategies you will learn today.DirectionsUse the space below to identify opportunities for improving your Self-Talk and attitudes. Below, writedown any Self-Talk statements that are overly negative and unrealistic, or that just do not serve you aswell as they could.Self-Talk to Potentially Change:About the Organization or Your Job:About Certain People:About Certain Situations, Life, or the Future:About Yourself:About the Company: BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 8. Slides Self-Talk Strategies Self-Talk First Aid Kit Reprogramming Switch Channels Present Tense Language of Achievement Reframe Precise Language Camera Check Repetition Fire Your Critical Parent Visualizing Stay in the Present Keep Perspective Break-Time Pondering Your beliefs become your thoughts... Your thoughts become your words... Your words become your actions... Your actions become your values... Your values become your destiny. Mahatma Gandhi BRANDON PARTNERS
  • 9. (Optional) Accountability Mindset Experiential ActivityPurpose Round One Story: Prepare your content for a relevant story ac-To experiment with different cording to your trainers instructions and demonstration:persepctives for viewing a situa- ____________
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