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SEO/SMO Presentation

Date post: 01-Dec-2014
Author: emboodo
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Emboodo is a result driven global online marketing company with over 11 years of experience of proven search engine marketing and optimization success.
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  • 1. Emboodo
  • 2. About Emboodo
    Global Company
    Europe office in Istanbul, Turkey
    11 years experience in Search Engine Optimization
    Operates in 8 Languages
  • 3. Performance SEO
    Emboodo employs Performance SEO in order to track, analyze and react to results in real time.
    Based on our deep understanding of user flow, we work clients to define goals and funnel traffic to goal completion.
    Emboodo's advanced technological methods and creative Search Engine Optimization techniques will generate quality traffic to clients.
    Classic SEO methods such as content optimization and keyword research increase organic traffic from search engines. Technological methods will funnel visitors to targeted pages.
  • 4. Emboodos Focus
  • 5. Why SEO?
    Emboodos Search Engine Optimization is crucial to thesuccess of our clients website because:
    Better Click-Through Rate (CTR)than advertisement: 75% of users click on Organic results
    High conversion rate to registrations and sales
    Position ownership: Lower maintenance once organic position achieved
    Constantly decrease cost per acquisition (CPA) and increase return on investment (ROI)
  • 6. Search Engine Optimization
  • 7. Increase Long Tail Keywords
    Before Emboodo Optimization
    After Emboodo Optimization
  • 8. Why SMO?
    Social Media Optimization and viral seeding are very powerful tools.
    Emboodo boosts traffic and increases performance from gated gardens through social networking and bookmarking sites.
    Generates and optimize content in order to identify potential members/clients both directly and indirectly.
    Develop campaigns using communication, collaboration and multimedia.
    Customized social solution based on the clients goals
    Increasing traffic and creating brand awareness strengthens clients virtual network.
  • 9. Social Media Optimization Process
    Emboodo utilizes a 4 step social process in order to engage your target market and ensure our SMO campaign increases your performance.
  • 10. Digital PR
    Digital Public Relations is an important SEO tool that improves your company image through reputation management, creates positive promotion and on the web, and improves your companys ranking through organic link building.
    Emboodos Digital PR techniques include:
    Review and comparison sites
    Related discussions to the industry (i.e. news, forums and social networks)
    Distribution of online press releases
    Setting up a virtual alert system and target web sites and social networks that appear on the system
  • 11. Emboodo Web Analytics
    Emboodo uses web analytics as a tool for business research and real-time optimization in order to improve website and campaign performance.
    Use segmentation, intelligence and customized tracking per campaign.
    Offline activities leverage from online business intelligence, using measurable analytic tools.
    On the go data enables companies to gain deep insights into their campaigns and web traffic.
    Revising campaigns in real time dramatically improves results.
    Emboodos web analytics process includes:
    Set up and monitor analytics and server logs
    Increase leads/sales
    Decrease cost per acquisition
    Increase customer lifetime value
    Increase ROI
  • 12. Business Intelligence and Event Tracking
    Emboodo utilizes Business Intelligence to track specific items on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
    Through Intelligence, Emboodo can track what in the campaign and website is working well, and what should be modified.
    Emboodo utilizes Event Tracking to track users interactions on the site.
    Every action can be tracked and analyzed from clicking a button to completing a transaction.
  • 13. Sample Client Goals
    • Increase site impressions in search engines and social networks Brand Awareness + CTR (click through rate)
    • 14. Drive visitors into the site.
    • 15. Increase Average time on site + Pageviews.
    • 16. Define and Generate goal completion items
    • 17. All goals to increase sales/advertisements