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  • 1. Intro to MEP Admin: Section 2 Admin

2. Shake and Win is a patent pending game of chance, that is played when the user Shakes their mobile device. Shake and Win Instant Win Games are a fun and interactive way to engage your audience and build quality user experiences. The Shake and Win platform is to provide a mobile engagement platform for creating and distributing games of chance with instant prizes to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Advertising opportunities include sponsoring instant prize game with 100% SOV, drive associated banner and video ads into the games landing page and the ability to provide prizes to create a specific branded reward. Shake and Win 3. Users are prompted to select the winning balls Users are prompted to enter their mobile number or email address for prize notifications Users Shake their phone and the game begins. Shake and Win 4. The User is instantly notified if they are a Winner or not. They will also receive an instant text or email notification with their prize redemption info. Players can instantly share your Shake and Win game across social networking sites. Allowing you to reach more users. Shake and Win 5. The Shake and Win Administration allows you full control over your Instant Win Games. Shake and Win: Admin 6. From your Shake and Win admin portal you can instantly set up, manage, and preview your mobile and web games. Shake and Win: Admin 7. Manage and monitor previous and current Play and Win contests. Shake and Win: Admin 8. Manage your game registration and winners. Run detailed reports using your Shake and Win admin portal. Shake and Win: Admin 9. Maintain full control of your admin portal. You can assign account managers to different sections of your Shake and Win admin portal. Shake and Win: Admin 10. Section 2 Complete. What a triumph! Next Section: Play and Win Admin

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