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Date post: 22-Jan-2018
Author: sharbani-bhattacharya
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Sharbani Bhattacharya Teaching Software Engineering in Blended Learning 15 th Februrary 2013 IIT Delhi
  1. 1. Sharbani Bhattacharya Teaching Software Engineering in Blended Learning 15th Februrary 2013 IIT Delhi
  2. 2. Teaching is an art of self evolving criteria which are never in the measurement.
  3. 3. Software Engineering Pedagogy Software Engineering by using classroom teaching and web-based learning. The teaching assignments, notes , slides are also shared in a website while assessment is done one-to-one in viva or test conducted on the learning material.
  4. 4. Blended Learning The web-based learning along with classroom teaching benefits student online as well as offline.
  5. 5. Reactive Blended Learning Reactive blended learning is found more useful in case of evaluation.The evaluation of the methodology was carried out in three categories: Degree of learning and achievement of targeted skills. Degree of satisfaction with the proposal methodology. Performance of the student in the exam.
  6. 6. Agile Software Engineering & Education Students were more provided with practical situation and more effective way as most of the companies use agile Software Engineering
  7. 7. Blended Learning is Effective Way of Teaching.
  8. 8. The site contents are Syllabus, Question Bank Assignments, Quizzes Lectures , Notes, Feedback Form Important Links to SEI CMU Important Links IEEE Important Link to QAI Books & their Authors site Teaching resource Projects & Instructions Lab manuals Important Links to journals and Masters Degree Programme http://www.sharbani.org/home2/softwareengineering
  9. 9. IMPORTANT LINK TO SEI CMU TSP CMMI by Elliene Foreste Software Architecture SCAMPI Customer Need and Innvotation Risk Management Quality Attributes Bottom-up Design CASE STUDY
  10. 10. IMPORTANT LINK TO QAI Roger .S. Pressman and QAI QAI E-Learning Courses
  11. 11. IMPORTANT LINKS TO IEEE STANDARDS IEEE Standards for S/W Requirements IEEE Standards for SRS IEEE Standards for Requirements IEEE Standards for Verification & Validation IEEE Standards for S/W System & SoftwareArchitecture IEEE standards for Software Life CycleProcess- Maintenance IEEE standards for CASE Tools IEEE Standards for S/W Unit Testing IEEE Standards for SCM IEEE Standards for SCM IEEE Standards for Risk Management
  12. 12. PROJECTS & LAB Use proper standards for SDLC of each project. Projects for Lab
  13. 13. BOOKS & THEIR AUTHORS SITE Roger S. Pressman Sommervillle Pankaj Jalote
  14. 14. TEACHING RESOURCES Course File Model Test Papers - Test Paper1 Test Paper2 Master of Science in Information Technology & Software Engineering & Management from SEI CMU
  15. 15. IMPORTANT LINKS TO JOURNALS ACM Software Engineering Notes ACM Transaction of Software Engineering and Methodolgy IEEE Transaction of Software Engineering Elsevier Journal of Systems & Software
  16. 16. CONCLUSION The concept of building the site on Software Engineering is to make students aware of important things happening in the real world in the profession
  17. 17. Thankyou