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SharePoint 2010 Branding And Design Tips

Date post:30-Jun-2015
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Some of the basic branding and design tips for SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2010branding& designTIPS


  • Applying Custom Master Pages

    One FANTASTIC feature in SharePoint 2010 is the ability to apply

    custom master pages to your _layouts or Application pages


  • Make sure you have some critical content placeholders in your masterpage

    You are actually using them, not just hiding them in a hidden panel


  • Custom Master Pages and Dialog Boxes

    So you have a nice custom master page and you are applying it all

    over your new SharePoint 2010 site, What happens when one of

    the new dialog boxes is loaded on the page (like when you click to

    edit a list item)?


  • Your branded master page with logo and footer and

    everything will also apply to the much smaller modal dialog

    box that SharePoint pops up

  • Add a CSS class to the HTML elements

    that you dont want to show in the dialog boxes


  • Getting your CSS to be the last to load

    In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has provided a property in

    called to load

    your custom CSS after the corev4.css



  • What if you have more than one CSS

    to load after corev4.css?

    You can list more than one with the

    but they actually get added beneath corev4.css in

    reverse order.



    So if you wanted the CSS to go in this order corev4.css, custom1.css,

    custom2.css you would list them like this:

  • Easily show a Favicon in SharePoint 2010

    Favicon: The little icon that appears in the corner of the address

    bar of your browser and along with your bookmarks


  • but it makes a surprisingly big impact on a branded page

    Its really a minor thing,

  • SharePoint 2007

    SharePoint 2010

    T clypi a HTML


    Ne !w

  • Handling unsupported browsers

    SharePoint 2010 will support many major browsers including

    and , but there is one browser that will not

    be supported by the out of the box SharePoint 2010 experience:

    IE7, IE8, FF3.5 Safari4

    Internet Explorer 6!


  • How to tell the users that IE6 isn't supported?

  • Want to do something more...?

  • Check out this easy to use file for displaying

    a nice graphical menu for selecting browser alternatives:



  • Using Simple Rendering in SharePoint Navigation

    Want to render the SharePoint navigation menu in a cleaner

    unorderd HTML list?

    Apply to theUseSimpleRendering


  • UseSimpleRendering=false


    About us

    Looks same as SharePoint 2007 output?

  • UseSimpleRendering=true


    About us

    Currently selected

    Much cleaner, Eh?

  • Looking for more tips?


    Thanks to Randy Drisgill

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    Rajesh KuttyadanOPTIMUS

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