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SharePoint Branding - Change Your Look

Date post:02-Dec-2014
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An introduction to SharePoint 2010 Branding, by Eric Overfield, starting with an review of Branding and why we Brand SharePoint. After an overview of branding principles of SharePoint we dive into three demos on how to apply branding to SharePoint 2010 from themes to alternative CSS finally to a full custom brand. We finish with a list of tips and tricks including a demo of the key branding tool, Firebug for Firefox.
  • 1. Your SharePoint Branding ExpertsSharePoint Branding: Change Your Look Eric Overfield SharePoint Branding Evangelist PixelMill
  • 2. Agenda Introduction and Session Overview What is Branding? Branding Options in SharePoint How Can We Apply Branding to SharePoint?
  • 3. Introduction Eric Overfield, PixelMill Founder and SharePoint Branding Lead, PixelMill Working with SharePoint since 2004 Web Designer since 1998 Located in Davis, CA Blog: http://blog.pixelmill.com/ericoverfield
  • 4. What Do We Mean By Branding? Historically the practice of burning your mark (or brand) ontoyour products Ones Brand became a trust mark Brand recognition under many conditions As in Print, TV, Radio, and Web
  • 5. Branding and the Web Act of Applying ones brand to the web, i.e. Corporate DesignGuidelines Provide unified experience between web and non-web interaction Fancy word for Web Design i.e. The look and feel of the site, fonts, colors, layouts, images, etc
  • 6. Why do we Brand SharePoint?
  • 7. Does this Reflect Your Identity?
  • 8. How About Now?
  • 9. What Can Branding Accomplish? Identifies your site Consistent experience with other web presence Drive end user Adoption Improve the User Experience Make it Personal SharePoint can be Intimidating Chance to Improve Features Distinction between Indifference and Excitement
  • 10. Branding and SharePoint SharePoint provides specific ways to apply a Brand Logo Themes Custom CSS Master Pages Page Layouts Javascript (jQuery) and more
  • 11. Elements of a SharePoint Page Master Page General Site Elements Content Page layouts vs Wiki layout Theme Custom CSS, Images, JS, etc
  • 12. How Do We Get Started? Determine your goals and Expectations Build your team Make a plan: More features = More time (Normally) Based around your goals and plan (the more experienced the team, usually faster)
  • 13. Gather Your Site Requirements Talk to End Users What do they need to do with this site? What kind of Site Template(s) will be used? Collaboration, Publishing, Search, etc? How much effort do you want to put into this?
  • 14. Multiple Ways to Brand SharePoint How you are going to Brand depends on Foundation or Server? Site Template(s) you plan to use Time requirements and effort
  • 15. Minimal Effort Many useful OOTB options No coding or SharePoint Designer required Change the Logo Apply a Theme Build a custom Theme Built in the Browser or in an Office product like PowerPoint
  • 16. Minimal Effort Demo
  • 17. Intermediate Effort Semi-custom site with some web experience required Requires some understanding of html and css Use alternative css to apply custom CSS styles Use SPD to make simple changes to a Master Page
  • 18. Intermediate Effort Demo
  • 19. Maximum Effort For site that require unique layout Other options will not cut it Must have experience in html, css, SharePoint Designer, even JavaScript Experience with Asp.NET a plus as well Will include custom Master Page(s), custom CSS and custom Page Layouts Good for: Public facing sites Heavily styled Intranet / Extranet sites
  • 20. Maximum Effort Demo
  • 21. Limits? SharePoint can look like, and do, anything Really www.topsharepoint.com
  • 22. www.ataturkairport.com
  • 23. www.volvocars.com
  • 24. www.lutron.com
  • 25. Tips and Tricks Use a starter Master Page startermasterpage.codeplex.com (by Randy Drisgill) blog.sharepointexperience.com/2011/09/09/just-the-essentials- sharepoint-master-pages/ (by Heather Solomon) jumpstartbranding.codeplex.com (by Eric Overfield) CSS Reference Chart (by Heather Solomon) sharepointexperience.com/csschart/csschart.html
  • 26. Tips and Tricks Books, get them, reference them Professional SharePoint Branding and User Interface Design Wrox Programmer to Programmer by Randy Drisgill et al Practical SharePoint 2010 Branding and Customization aPress by Erik Swenson Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 aPress by Steve Wright Make Your Own Versions of Files! Do not Overwrite Hive Files IE Developer Toolbar and Firebug for Firefox
  • 27. The Must Have Tool for Branding Demo
  • 28. Summary Branding SharePoint can be done Branding SharePoint should be done Level of customization based on requirements, time and experience More experience if helpful, but resources exist Before you get started, have a plan
  • 29. What We Didnt Discuss Requirements gathering process Building a mockup of design first Prototyping design in html without SharePoint In-depth look at the difference between Site Templates Branding My Sites or Search Taxonomy and Governance, yes, they can effect Branding
  • 30. Your SharePoint Branding Experts Thank You Eric Overfieldblog.pixelmill.com/ericoverfield [email protected]
  • 31. Join us right after the event at FirehouseGrill for a free drink, kindly provided byAvePoint and Rackspace! 1765 EastBayshore Road East Palo Alto, CA 94303(Next to Nordstrom Rack).Drinks to be provided by..
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