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Date post:22-Nov-2014
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4 Reasons to Move over to SharePoint
  • 1. Reasons to Move over to SharePoint

2. SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint is cloud computing and collaboration software It comes with capabilities that will facilitate smoother communication and data sharing from a single platform to multiple users and devices It is cost effective, covers all the modern amenities required for automation of business operations and easy to manage 3. Team Collaboration SharePoint facilitates team collaboration via TeamSites that can be created by members working in the same project or department Team Activity Support Functions Coordination calendars Document storage Personalization of site Creation of blogs, wikis Mobile device integration 4. Document Management Document management is one of the key functions of SharePoint and it has enhanced capabilities that ease document storage and access process Users have the option to just hold their cursor over the document (hover) in the library to browse its content There are easy editing options with ability to view revisions, restore to previous version, setting document security etc. 5. Customized Solutions for Business Needs Customizations on SharePoint are offered to match company requirements. SharePoint is scalable, and can accommodate the needs of a growing business easily with minimum administrative time and effort spent and deployment settings management. Once the initial set up has been provided by the SharePoint architect, the companys IT department can manage the set up without any hassles. 6. Web Applications for Better Productivity SharePoint has been built with the web application model integrated Employees can select from a vast array of productivity applications which can be easily acquired and deployed for single or multiple users SharePoint service has a common framework for document management and collaboration which can be used to build flexible web applications, internet solutions and websites. 7. SharePoint server integrations will help expand the companys capabilities using its wide array of functionalities such as record management, search, workflows, portals and personalized sites. A SharePoint architect will do a complete assessment of the company needs before deploying the services and suggesting any new customizations. 8. Thank You! For complete article, Please visit: SharePoint Development 574 Newark Avenue, Suite 210 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Phone: +1 (201) 377-3150 Website: http://www.metaoption.com Email: [email protected]

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