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ShareSquare Instant Win Walkthrough

Date post:13-Dec-2014
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A step by step walk through on how to create and deploy a campaign using ShareSquare's "Instant Win" functionality.
  • 1. http://getsharesquare.com HOWTO:Instant Win Module Walkthrough

2. Q: Instant Win Module, What It Do? A: Turns the QR code into adigital scratch-off ticket 3. Step 1: Enable Instant Win Module & Set the Dates the Promotion

  • Check the box for the module labeledInstant Win
  • Choose a date range for Instant Win to be active
  • Note that unlike other modules, Instant Win will only be visible within the campaign dates you define
  • To immediately see your Instant Win module, be sure to include today s date

4. Step 2: Choose the Order of Winners

  • Decide if you want to award on a first come, first serve (Instant Win) basis or spread your winners over time (Randomize).
  • With first come, first serve the 1 stusers that scan on a given day or days will win all prizes until all prizes are allocated for that day or for the entire promotion, depending on how many winners you allow per day.
  • For example, if you have 1,000 prizes, but you have a promotion that runs ten (10) days, then youd want to set thedaily limit(next slide) to 100 winners per day.
  • The randomizer accomplishes several goals. One, key goal is you can spread participation over a longer period with fewer prizes to give away. The other benefit is our algorithm with dynamically adjust to ensure youre not left with extra prizes as the contest nears its completion date.

5. Step 3: Define the Number of Prizes

  • Define the number of unique visitors that will win your prize each day, then define the maximum number of winners over the course of the campaign s entire date range
  • Currently, the frequency setting offirst X to scan will win is only available option, randomizer coming soon
  • These numbers will update in real-time, showing you the remaining number of winners

6. Step 4: Customize Winner/Loser Messages

  • Describe the prize with a thumbnail image and messaging that winners & losers will see
  • Additionally, you can pre-populate a suggested Facebook status update for winners only, in order to encourage syndication and earned media value

7. Step 5: Deploy Your Campaign!

  • Save your ShareSquare and download the corresponding QR code
  • Integrate the QR code into anywhere youd like your audience to participate in your Instant Win contest
  • Make the call-to-action prominent
  • Any existing QR codes for this ShareSquare will also now feature the Instant Win module

A mockup of ShareSquare-enhanced packaging. Posters. People! 8. Lots of Placement Opportunities

  • The ShareSquare QR code can enhance all promotions:
  • Posters, flyers, stickers
  • Packaging
  • Digital signage
  • Magazines/publications
  • Media kit collateral
  • Can even appear on-stage during a presentation

A mockup of ShareSquare-enhanced packaging. 9. The Mobile User Experience

  • Fan encounters QR code, points and scans
  • They can use ANY barcode scanning application, like:
    • * ShopSavvy (16M downloads)
    • * Redlaser (9M downloads)
    • * Scanlife (5M downloads)
  • No need to download a new app.

10. The Mobile User Experience

  • Fan immediately lands on the ShareSquare mobile web app
  • Using the familiar app-like navigation, they can click the module labeledWin to participate in your contest
  • Note: the bottom banner placement can be removed in ShareSquare Enterprise

11. The Mobile User Experience

  • Alternate Behavior for Winners & Losers
  • If a user is logged into Facebook, navigating to the tab labeledWin will automatically notify the user whether or not they ve won
  • If a user is not logged into Facebook, they will receive an interstitial informing them that they need to login to Facebook to continue
  • Facebook authentication prevents gaming and repeat winners
  • Email address of the user will be prepopulated
  • ClickingSubmit your email is how they claim the prize
  • Users can then one-click share to Facebook

12. Step 5: Real-time Tracking and Fulfillment

  • Within the CMS, a New Tab Appears:Winners
  • You can immediately contact the winners via email to fulfill their prize
  • Each name also links to that persons Facebook profile
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