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Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

Date post: 20-May-2015
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A project from May 2008.
Page 1: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)
Page 2: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

For my Manufacturing Project, I chose Sheet Music, something that not a lot people would pick. My dedication to music is appreciating the

history behind it all. Sheet Music is what reminds us what note or words to a song you would have Mr. Bates’ chorus and Mr. Webb’s band. If it wasn’t for Sheet Music, people would have a hard time

remembering how a song goes. Thank You Sheet Music, for inspiration!

Page 3: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

Background & History

• Sheet Music is another way people can express their talent and

imagination. It makes thinking more fun!

• Sheet Music is

written by a composer or songwriter.

• Notes, Symbols, and Lyrics are used to help Singers or Instrumentalist to help on there on there characteristics of the Music


• Was used earliest in Medieval times in Europe in Monasteries by


Johann Gutenberg, who invented the Printing Press, made printing methods and words in the 16th Century.

• In the 19th century, It was a privilege to perform a composer’s music.

• Was a hit during the Industrial Revolution.

• Department Stores by 1890 had sold Sheet Music and by 1910, Woolworth sold Sheet Music for 10 cents a copy.

•In 1892, G. Schirmer, Inc. was established by a European firm that printed classical music with their recognizable yellow covers.

• Inventions like the television and radio accelerated Sheet Music Sales during World War I and II.

Page 4: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

• In1927, Charles Lindburg flew across the Atlantic Ocean. 100 songs were dedicated to the event and all printed

within a year.

• The Bay Psalm Book was the first published piece by Harvard College Press in 1640.

• Jazz, country – western, bluegrass, spirituals, and Musical theater was considered America’s most popular back then.

• About 1800, Published music with notation became an industry.

• In 1914, the American Society of Composers, Authors and

Publishers, Inc. (ASCAP), was established followed by The Society

of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC, Inc.) in 1931, and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) in

1940. These companies hold copyrights of Sheet Music and

needs permission to see or play it.

Page 5: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

• Music Piece should be submitted into publishing and printing.

• Receive advances if you are a well-known songwriter.

• Writer negotiates with publisher for things like distribution of royalties.

• Royalties are fees that are paid to the publisher and sometimes the writer (If the Sheet Music is used very often)

Page 6: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

• There are several different formats of

Sheet Music design.

• Thing like Piano, Guitar, Voice,

diagrams, or any other instruments are arrangements.

• It’s collected under a songwriter’s or

performer's personal arrangements or songs.

• Singers Mariah Carey and Usher like wouldn’t remember the songwriter.

• But popular writers like Andrew Lloyd Webber are known for their selections.

• Schools bands and choirs usually rent a lot of sheet music.

Page 7: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

The sheet music is first copied and then is engraved into a copy. It is then burned on to a metal plate with chemicals and then received into the printing press. That is called a negative. The printed area are then attracted to the ink to make offset lithography which is when they pressed the ink onto a page. They are either collated, folded, or bound.

If it is a piece of popular music most likely a colored picture or photograph dedicated to the composer is on the front title page. Things like dedications, copyright info, number of pages, headings, and instructions are needed.

The music is then shrink-wrapped in a box where it will be shipped to the publisher’s building. Sometimes music is only used for rentals like for schools.

Page 8: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

A composer or songwriter has to write in written form of his or hers Quality Control. Publisher writer reviews its piece’s notation, chords, and other things. Big publishing houses have to observe there tall standards and trade legalities.

Page 9: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

• Did you know that the oldest piece of written music was found was from 408 B.C. A ancient Greek play called Orestes which was written in Euripides.

• Did you know that music notes were used in the 13th century. They were in Greek called Neumes.

• Did you know that the first time lines were used for music notes was in the year 1000.

• Sheet Music in Jewish means Maoz Tzur

Page 10: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

Sheet Music is now a vintage collectable. Plus a lot of artists of are time like Elton John, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain,and Avril Lavinge sell their Sheet music in stores or on iTunes. Now, you can buy software to make music on your computer.

Well, I think later in time, Sheet Music will be thanked for its contribution to life. I know I thank music every time I hear a new tune.

Page 11: Sheet Music (7th Grade Computer Class)

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