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Shifting the Burden of Graffiti Removal from Public No Xylene No Acetone No Toluene The Cost...

Date post:20-Aug-2020
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    The Chicago Method

  • The Panel

    Alderman Proco Joe Moreno

    1st Ward Chicago

    Adam Natenshon

    Founder, Graffiti Action Hero.org

    SoSafe US/Canada Master Distributor

    Jerry Gabrielatos,

    1st Ward Chicago, Senior Advisor

  • The Problem

    Graffiti tagging causes neighborhood decline by...

    • Encouraging street delinquency and criminality

    • Depressing commercial activity

    • Discouraging community reinvestment

    • Reducing property values

    • Draining tax dollars from constructive uses such as parks, schools and streetscape improvements.

  • The Solution: Graffiti Action Days

    Volunteer graffiti removal events empower the community to reclaim their neighborhood from the visual blight of graffiti.

  • Accomplishments To Date

    20 Graffiti Action Days since summer 2012 resulting in:

    � Approximately 160 blocks cleaned

    � Approximately 240 volunteers

    � Approximately 10,000 tags removed

  • Mission

    To harness the power of green innovation

    to empower urban renovation

    by mobilizing a volunteer army

    to rid our cities of graffiti.

  • Effectiveness

    SoSafe graffiti removers:

    � Act fast

    � Completely remove most tags within minutes

    � Clean without impacting the underlying surface

    Volunteers are foot soldiers to City’s mounted cavalry

  • Focus

    Focus on the low-hanging fruit* where ~80% of tags are

    � Paint, marker, grease pen, stickers, etc.

    � Non-porous surfaces

    � Mailboxes

    � Newspaper boxes

    � Parking meters

    � Lamp posts

    � Bus benches

    � Signs

    *Does not work on acid etched windows or large porous surfaces such as limestone and concrete.

  • The Graffiti Action Day

    10 am to noon followed by lunch donated by local restaurant

    Brief training and demo (15 minutes)


    � SoSafe Red and Blue Spray Bottles

    � Ventless goggles and nitrile gloves

    � Scouring pads

    � Rags and Buckets

    � SoSafe Rapid Off and Scrappers

    (for sticker removal)

  • Safety and Enviro Sustainability

    SoSafe Graffiti Removers are highly environmentally-friendly and therefore safe enough to be used by non-professionals

    � Non-Toxic

    � Non-Flammable

    � Non-Aerosol

    � Low VOC

    � pH Neutral

    � Biodegradable

    � No Xylene

    � No Acetone

    � No Toluene

  • The Cost

    Graffiti Action Days shift the cost burden of graffiti removal from the municipal budget to volunteer neighborhood groups.

    Public Works cost:

    $25 to $50 per tag

    Volunteers cost:

    $0.50 to $1 per tag

  • The Impact

    � Volunteers can quickly and safely remove hundreds of graffiti tags.

    � Volunteers report cleaning an estimated 30 to 50 tags per person, during the two-hour events.

    The Math

    � 12 volunteers x 40 tags = 480 tags

    � City ave. cost per tag $35 x 480 tags

    =$16,800 savings for city

    and 480 fewer tags

  • Graffiti Action Day Kit

    Kits come in multiples of 12


    � SoSafe Graffiti Remover

    � Supplies

    � Choice of customizable poster

    � Customizable press release

    � Product use sheet

    � Waiver form

    Typical cost: $350

  • Leadership

    Typically spearheaded by

    • Aldermanic Offices

    • Chambers of Commerce

    • Municipalities

    • Schools and Church Groups

    • Block Clubs

    • Neighborhood Orgs

    • Non-Profit Groups

  • Working with Property Owners

    Phase 2

  • Reducing the Amount of Graffiti

    1. Identify buildings that are tagged the most frequently.

  • Reducing the Amount of Graffiti

    2. Discuss the problem with the owners of these buildings.

    3. Present options to owner to deter continued tagging.

  • Instead of Graffiti, how about . . . ?

    Installing a Mural

  • Instead of Graffiti, how about . . .?

    Using an Anti-Graffiti Shield

  • Instead of Graffiti, how about . . . ?

    Empowering property owners of the most tagged buildings with resources to perform the removal.

  • Reducing the Amount of Graffiti

    Tagging is about visibility. By removing the potential for the most visible spaces to be tagged, the overall amount of graffiti will be reduced.

    What are the consequences? 1. Faster response time by the City’s Graffiti Blasters 2. Resources of the City can be utilized more


  • Q&A

    Alderman Proco Joe Moreno

    Adam Natenshon

    [email protected] www.GraffitiActionHero.org


    Booth #2004

    Jerry Gabrielatos,

    1st Ward Chicago, Senior Advisor

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