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Shoestring Marketing

Date post:20-Oct-2014
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Shoestring MarketingChris Houchens – Shotgun Concepts

Shoestring Marketing

Shoestring Marketing

Chris Houchenswww.ShotgunConcepts.com

Low Budget / High Impact Marketing

Cheap vs. Effective

ROI is more important than cost


To communicate a consistent intended message to a specific intended audience.

Marketing is NOT just advertising. Marketing is NOT just PR. Marketing is NOT just sales. Marketing helps CREATE the sales

opportunity. Successful marketing develops long

term relationships

Healthcare Marketing Trends

One word :: Choices Consumers in charge of healthcare decisions

Self-Diagnosis is on the rise Google tried to outdo the CDC last flu season

Doctor says no longer the force it was Consumers have more disposable income Insurance / HMO / Flex Account / etc

The idea of Customers vs. Patients Everything is about to change

Do you have a marketing plan?

Do you ever look at it?

A Marketing Plan...

Defines Marketing Costs Shows Marketing Value Defines Mission / Provides Focus Written Game Plan Evolving Document

A Marketing Plan isOn PaperOn Purpose

Where do we want the money to go?

as opposed to

Where did the money go?

Most prevalent marketing mistakes

Me Too Competitive and following fads Campaigns designed around cutesy or non-

relevant centers Marketers trying to reach themselves Money Issues

Focus on costs rather than effectiveness Thinking that $$$ = Success Accepting proposed prices

Forgetting multiple media maximizes the message

No marketing plan

Save Money with Media Buys

You should always BUY advertising Never be SOLD advertising

(Theres a difference) Salespeople are NOT Marketing

Consultants Ask for a rate card, but never use it

The key to cheap marketing

Think SmallNarrowcasting vs. Broadcasting

Working with a Small (no) Budget

Theres never enough people, time, or money Solutions

Media Relations and PR Brand Strategy Guerilla Marketing Online

The true key is to have a (marketing) plan and spend smart through

Strategy Segmentation Leverage Measurement

Budgeting #1: Strategy

Is this marketing initiative a priority? What is the LONG TERM goal?

More members? More exposure? More credit?

How much of the pot should this get? Whats the needed ROI?

Budgeting #2: Segmentation

Who are we really trying to talk to? Stop wasting money / time / resources:

playing to the board trying to retail a wholesale product firing canons instead of rifles

Figure out who is making the decision and find the best / cheapest / quickest way to reach them at the right time

Budgeting #3: Leverage

Use current customers to gain new Word of mouth Cross - promotions CRM: always collect e-mail addresses and

other contact info (and follow up) Use the web Let viral and other networks grow the

investment exponentially

Budgeting #4: Measurement

Measure actual ROI as well as responses Measure satisfaction and stickiness as

well as the actual numbers Use the info to make adjustments

You cant manage whatyou cant measure

Every marketing budget should be

developed using a Zero-Based


Does this belong in MY marketing budget???!!!

Employee programs The Christmas party?

Waiting Room magazines Chamber of Commerce / Association dues Classified employment ads Travel Etc. Etc. Etc.

Your table of brochures

aint workin

(and is expensive)

Low Cost Guerilla Marketing #1 Method - Word-of-Mouth / Buzz

Referrals from customers, friends, vendors, etc Brochures / Posters / Printed Literature Build marketing into current paper trail

Business cards, fax sheet, letterhead, e-signatures On-Hold Message Community Events / Trade Shows Articles / Publishing Ad Specialties / Gifts Cross Promotions / Alliances Networking Seminars / Workshops Public Relations - Press Releases - Media Show

Strokes Happen

Baptist Health System in San Antonio

80 Mannequins # of San Antonio

stroke deaths annually Actors at restaurants

had strokes Web e-cards

3 weird guerilla ideas that would take bravery,

but just might work

Do an Informercial

Heart Attack Coupons

Develop a Loyalty Program

Database marketing has high ROI

Direct Mail Email Telemarketing

Watch out for HIPAA! Most marketing activities are excepted

Just buy a list

Public Relations

What is PR? Coverage in the media

NOT public perception (thats your brand) A PR program is PART of your marketing

strategy....... not the other way around Extremely effective & credible OVERALL GOALS of a PR Program:

Establish credibility and become a source Media Coverage

Media Relations

3 key roles on your media relations and PR team

Media Coordinator Makes contacts and develops relationships

Spokesperson Face / Voice of the Organization

Writer / Producer Provides consistent content

Successful branding makes

other aspects of marketing easier

and cheaper.

Brand Consistency Touchpoints

All interactions with the target Messaging

Slogans / Taglines Advertising

Design Logo / Identity

Packaging Colors / Fonts


Branding Success Microwave vs. Slow Cooker

Youre spending too much money

in the wrong place with your

online strategy

Online budget here?

Or there?

Fundamental E-Marketing

Online Spending Budget for Website

Banner Ads Contextual Search Advertising SEO Search Engine Optimization

E-mail Marketing Phishing / Spam

Permission-Based Blogs / Social Media

The Website

Cannot just be an online brochure Must be dynamic Content is King Simple is best

Just because you can doesnt mean you should

When was the last time you visited your own website?

Search Engine Optimization

Text not graphics Write text with SEO in mind Inbound links Metadata

Keywords Descriptions

Title Tags Graphic alt tags

Email Marketing Anticipated, personal and relevant messages

delivered to people who actually want to get them

PERMISSION Sign-ups Opt-outs

Keys to success The List Subject and from Permission

What do you mean by Social Media?

Blogs Microblogs


Video Google & YouTube Revver

Social Networks MySpace Facebook

Wikis Photo

Flickr Photobucket

Virtual reality Second Life

Social / News Bookmarks Digg Reddit Del.icio.us

Community / user generated content












Traditional Marketing

Social Media Marketing









Blogs, short for weblogs


Social Media are

mass media.

Warhol Revisited

In the future,everyone will be famous for

15 minutes.

With social media,everyone is famous to

15 people.

Blogs work when they are based on:

Candor Urgency Timeliness Pithiness Controversy

If you can't be at least four of the five things listed above, please don't bother. --Seth Godin

Do NOT use Social Media as a press release machine

Kaimana Shanti Aurora Humphrey Mikaela Kaimana

Mr. Splashy Pants

Tracking / Effectiveness

"I know that half my advertising works.I just don't know which half."

John Wanamaker (1838- 1922)

If you say the same thing...


Shoestring MarketingLow Budget / High Impact Marketing

Download these slides for free at:www.slideshare.net/shotgunconcepts

Blog: ShotgunConcepts.comWeb: ChrisHouchens.comTwitter: @shotgunconcepts

Thank You

Slide Number 1Cheap vs. EffectiveMarketing?Healthcare Marketing TrendsSlide Number 5Do you have amarketing plan?A Marketing Plan...Where do we wantthe money to go?as opposed toWhere did the money go?Most prevalent marketing mistakesSlide Number 10Save Money with Media BuysThe key to cheap marketingSlide Number 13Slide Number 14Working with aSmall (no) BudgetBudgeting #1: StrategyBudgeting #2: SegmentationBudgeting #3: LeverageBudgeting #4: MeasurementEvery marketing budget should be developed using aZero-Based StrategyDoes this belong inMY marketing budget???!!!Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Your tableof brochures aint workin(and is expensive)Low Cost Guerilla MarketingStrokes HappenSlide Number 27 3 weird guerilla ideasthat would take bravery,but just might workDo an InformercialHeart Attack CouponsDevelop a Loyalty ProgramDatabase marketing has high ROIPublic RelationsMedia RelationsSlide Number 35Successful branding makes other aspects of marketing easier and cheaper.Brand ConsistencyBranding SuccessMicrowave vs. Slow CookerYoure spending too much money in the wrong place with your online strategySlide Number 40Fundamental E-MarketingThe WebsiteSearch Engine OptimizationEmail MarketingWhat do you mean bySocial Media?Slide Number 46Social Media MarketingBlogs, short for weblogsSocial Media areNOTmass media.Warhol RevisitedSlide Number 51Blogs work when th

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