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Shon Bayne Zultys Overview

Date post:30-May-2015
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The power of Zultys all-in-one platform!
  • 1. Company Overview: Presented by: Shon BayneDirector of Sales for Southeast Region [email protected](408) 328-5425 (Direct)

2. Corporate Organization Manufacturer of business communication systems Established in 2001 Corporate: Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, California Products available worldwide: The Americas Europe Asia Australia New Zealand 3. Global Distribution and SupportDistributionZultys headquartersZultys remote officeZultys branch office 4. ZULTYS AT A GLANCE: Call Controller Visual Voice Mail Unified Messaging Fax Server ACD (Inbound Call Center) Soft Phone Call Detail Reporting Call Record Teleworker Support Presence Find me Follow Me Chat & Instant Message Cell Phone Twinning IVR Advanced CTI Conferencing SIP, T1, PRI, Analog Trunk NAT/SIP Traversal (Wan / LAN) Make ANY phone an extension on the system Remote Phones do NOT require VPNALL IN 1 box ! 5. How are we different ? 1 thin (30MB) CTI application, 16 functionalities, allintegrated, running on ALL platforms (XP, 64 or 32Bit Vista, MAC, Linux and now Windows 7.0 !!!) All in One 2U Rack mountable Linux based secureAppliance) No External Servers required or needed Based on Open Standards (SIP) NOT OPENSOURCE Easy to expand to 10,000 users Easy to quote, configure, deploy, maintain andexpand 6. Sales & Revenues Worldwide sales in Q4 2009 increased 79% over thesame period of 2008. Our 2009 total sales grew 10% compared to 2008. Our 2009 focus was on increasing North Americansales and in Q4 they increased a phenomenal 140%over Q4 2008 and 55% over the total year 2008. A record breaking year for Zultys. Our financial position is strong. Our balance sheet ratios, as measured by financialstandards, meet or exceed the rest of the industry. 7. Zultys At a Glance Sharply focused on TELEPHONY PRODUCTS ONLY(we do NOT sell TVs, laptops, or anything else) Supported by a network of hundreds of dealers anddistributors worldwide (and rapidly growing !) Each year since 2001, Zultys has introduced 2 majorrevisions of the software (The product that keeps ongetting better) Based on OPEN STANDARDS (not open source) NOproprietary Skinny or MGCP or H.323. ALL SIP: theONLY ratified standard in Telephony today 8. Product Advantage: SIP !!! Multiple Platform Integration: PC, MAC OSX, Linux Based on Open Industry Standards (SIP) SIP is the ONLY RATIFIED STANDARD OFTELEPHONY TODAY ! Uses SIP Trunks, SIP Phones, SIPSoftware, Etc (Also uses T1, E1, PRI, Analog Trunks) EASILY Scalable to 10,000 phones & 128locations SIP is where EVERY Phone Manufacturer WILLbe in a few years. Zultys is here TODAY ! 9. MX250: SIP Protocol !Whats the buzz ? Calls transfer to users not to Phones, desks orPorts SIP addresses like email addresses: SIP:[email protected] Users can receive calls at any IP phone (local orremote) using binding Use ANY SIP Phone (Polycom, Aastra, etc) Log Multiple users on same IP phone Log users on Multiple (4) IP phones Maintain separate voice mail, extensions, presence 10. Enterprise IP Telephony Solutions Enterprise Media eXchange - IP PBX Systems Ethernet Switch & Power Systems IP Telephones 11. 2 x FXSDual 10/100 AC & DCportsEthernet portsThe MX250 Power inputsMedia Xchange RAID-1 Disk Music & 3 x Telco 2U Rack Mountable VOIP SIP PBXMirroring Paging ports Interface Slots Up to 250 Users in 1 Box (expandable to 10,000 Users by networking128 MX250) 400 Hours of Voice Mail and up to 24 Ports Per MX250 2 FXS Analog Ports for Fax Machines, Modems, etc 3 blank Slots (allows you to add T1/E, FX/S or FX/O Cards) Call Detail Reporting Built-in (at no additional cost) Optional client Software available (MXIE: Media Xchange Interface forEnd-Users) for PC, MAC OSX & Linux Optional Fax Server (Termination, Origination and Storage) Optional 2 way Call Recording Instant Messaging & Chat when you purchase MXIE Client licenses Integration with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange 12. High Availability Features Power Failover: AC to Battery Failover with Syslog reportingwhen coupled with our optional BPS-12 CO Failover: If the MX250 fails, we fail your first 2 lines tothe 2 built-in FX/S Ports. Drive Failover: Should 1 drive fail, the optional redundantRAID drive takes over automatically Fan Failover:MX250 has 2 fans in the box. Should 1 fanfail, the other is enough to cool the system Clock Failover: Internal battery for real time clock T1/PRI Failover: Redirect the PRI to the live MX250automatically with our Optional XRS-12 LAN Failover:Dual LAN Ports built-in Unit Failover: Clusters for redundancy 13. Flexible Extensions User can log on anywhere in network Extension: belongs to User, not to a socket on wall User can be reached via user number regardless oflocation Users can receive calls at any IP phone, by binding toa device Multiple users on same IP phone Four registrations per user license allows transparent sharing of IP phones separate voice mail, extension #, presence Flexible numbering using 2-8 digit extension numbers 14. Call Recording (MX250 only) Fully integrated call recording Requires no external equipment On-demand Controlled via record button in MXIE Complete call recorded regardless of when Record button is pressed Recordings delivered to MXIE inbox Continuous Recording Record all calls based on profile settings Search recordings by Caller, Called Party, Date etc 160 hours storage capacity on MX250 Archiving option to increase storage Record up to 60 simultaneous calls 15. Archiving Option Archive: Recorded Calls Faxes Chat/IM Voice Mail Configuration Files Call Logs Automatic export to a separate database and separate storage device Retrieve any of the above items by date, time, person(s) and much more in seconds ! Great for compliance (SOX, Hipaa.) 16. MX250: Connects to Analoglines, PRI, T1, E1, SIP and more 10/100 PoEISPBroadband QOSInternet Managed MX250 SwitchLANAnalogTrunks SIP DualT1/PRI 17. Connectivity EverywherePSTN Main OfficeHome Office Internet Branch OfficeOn the Road 18. Zultys Teleworker Support Connect ANY of our phones WITHOUT a VPN MXconnect: This feature allows ANY phone with adirect access dial number to be designated withinMXIE as your primary device, extending yourcorporate office environment to *any* device. You can log into the MXIE presence agent and designateany phone SIP, PSTN or mobile, as your primary phone Initiate call from MXIE MX dials the bound device, saveon phone bill. ACD agents can work remotely on any phone Access MXIE features while remote, including all callmanagement features, presence, IM, one-click-to-contact, call recording, etc. Find Me, Follow Me: This feature allows up to 17numbers/devices be called for any incoming call, andsupports Twinning 19. MX is Secure : end to end Secure internal or external conversations Secure conversations end to end Secure retrieval of voice mail Great for HIPAA and SOX compliance 128 bit AES encryption Negligible time to encrypt or decrypt 20. MXgroup Multi-site Distributed Call Control Distributed Voice Mail Each site is 100% survivable Presence & IM across all sites 10,000 users across 128 sites Roaming users can login to any system Calls are automatically routed to user regardless of sites Extension to Extension & Toll bypass over connected sites Add a new site in minutes Automatic synchronization of sites MX30 and MX250 may be mixed in MXgroup up to 128 sites Centralized management via MX Admin Single virtual IP-PBX across all sites Roam between locations transparently Centralized management Single extension number regardless of location (creates full mobility for user) 21. MANAGED ! With 1 click, the MX can be SECURELYtunneled and attached to our monitoring facility Our monitoring facility inspects the systemEVERY night and makes sure all software &hardware components are healthy Should a software module fail, we will knowabout it, typically before YOU do and contactyou with corrective actions so as to prevent thisfailure from happening again 22. MXmeeting Conferencing 4.1 4-in-1 Web Conferencing Interactive Collaboration Web Seminars Remote Support Remote Access 150 port Audio Bridge Integrated with MXIE for one-click to web conferencecapability Chat Remote Printing One way video Record Webinar (Audio andVideo) Transfer Files (1 to many) 23. MXMeeting SUMMARY Web conferencing Desktop sharing. I can control and view your desktop and you cancontrol and view mine Web-based seminars Show your PC to the world (Webinar) without having to downloadanything. Works with ANY browser, even iPhone Remote PC support Control someone elses PC without worrying about static IPaddresses or Firewalls Remote PC access Control your OWN PC from a remote locationAll with an integrated 150 port Audio Bridge & Video 24. MXmeeting 150 port Audio Conferencing, RemoteSupport, Seminars, Interactive and Remoteaccess to your own PC 2 Models: M200, M500 M200: ships with 2 meeting rooms & 10concurrent users. Expands 4 Meeting roomsand 20 users M500: ships with 5 meeting rooms & 20concurrent users. Expands to 20 meeting roomsand 100 users 25. ZIP 5-Series IP Phones Covers low- to high-endrequirements Excellent audio quality High performancehands-free Busy lamp field support Programmable keys Expansion consoles Cordless option 26. The new 53e Phone 27. Zultys 55i 6 softkeys Programmable up to 20 functions 6 programmable keys Graphical LCD screen 144 x 75 pixels White LED backlight Full-duplex speakerphone Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports Headset support (modularconnector) Up to 9 lines support 28. Zultys 57i Largest Zultys Phone display 12 softkeys 6 static programmable up to 10functions 6 context sensitive programmable up to20 functions Graphical LCD screen (paperless) 144 x 128 pixels White LED backlight Full-duplex speakerphone Dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports Headset support (modular connector) Up to 9 lines support 29. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Supported on ZIP 5-series In-use status Idle Ringing Busy Call coverage Ringing phone intercept Single-touch dialing Operator console displaysBLF indications 30. ZIP 536M & ZIP 560M Consoles 560M 60 programmable keys (3 pages of 20) LED per button LCD labeling Supported on 55i, 57i, 57i CT Up to 3 modules per phone AC or PoE power 536M 36 programmable keys LED per button Paper labels Supported on 53i, 55i, 57i, 57i CT Up to 3 modules per phone AC or PoE power 31. PC or MAC OSX Client:Media EXchange Interface for End Users(MXIE) Computer TelephonyIntegration Single login: User, Operator, or ACD agent Make, answer, terminate, andtransfer calls Voice mail (UnifiedMessaging), Fax(optional), IM, chat, presence Outlook Address Book Synch Runs on Windows, MAC andLinux Clients 32. Mobility Features (3) Presence Notes: This allows a user to attach ashort note to their presence status indicator (Twitter forMXIE!) Additional status information such as back from lunchETA, availability times, etc. Persists when MXIE is exited 33. Manage All Your Call & ContactFunctions Turn your PC into your phone:Softphone INCLUDED with MXIE Place and receive Calls fromanywhere QoS Maintained over 802.11a/b/g Call Handling rules and Voice Mailgreetings based on presence, timeof day, caller, etc. Park, Hold, Transfer across thesystem Visual Voice mail Paperless Fax machine ScreenDial lets you call a numberfrom any application Call Recording from any device 34. Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange 2000/03/07/10integration allows voice mailsynchronization New messages Saved messages Deleted messages Delete a message from your inbox and it willdelete it from the phone and vice versa 35. Instant Messaging is available toexternal services**This feature requires either local or external Jabber service and MXIE 36. MXIE: Operators No special equipment required operators can be located anywhere Can see presence of everyone instantly check availability for calls Minimize training drag and drop calls with mouse 10 key mode only Multiple groups skill based routing can have different DID for each group 37. MXIE: Soft Phone Soft Phone INCLUDED with MXIE Place and receive Calls from anywhere QoS Maintained over 802.11a/b/g Only on PCs for now 3rd Party supported on MAC & Linux 38. Inbound Call Center 39. ExtendedApplications Inbound Call Center Call queuing with music on hold Dedicated voice and fax mailbox Queue announcements Position in queue Expected wait time Play customized messages to callers Overflow options to maximize customer service View Presence of other agents IM product champion whilst on call Auto logout unresponsive agents Prompt for Call Back number Multiple groups Multiple agents Skills based routing 40. Inbound Call Center: Call queuing with music on hold Dedicated voice and fax mailbox Queue announcements Position in queue Expected wait time Play customized messages to callers Overflow options to maximize customer service View Presence of other agents IM product champion whilst on call Auto logout unresponsive agents Prompt for Call Back number Multiple groups Multiple agents Skills based routing 41. Inbound Call Center Enhanced functionality for demandingcall centre environments additional call overflow options customizable Wallboard Supervisors real-time group and agent statistics monitor queue and prioritize calls Agents queue and callback monitor Call recording included (MX250) on demand by agent / supervisor continuously record all call centre calls 42. Operator, ACD and Hunt Groupshave three ringing options Least Busy Ring All Round Robin 43. Music on Hold and Queue Announcementsavailable for all Call Groups 44. Quit queue options added forGroups 45. MX250 Optional Inbound CallCenter (also called Advanced ACD) Licensed by Named users Queue management for up to 60 agentsper MX250 Queue overflow Custom prompts, messages Automatic log off of unresponsive agents Real time supervisory monitors Call recording built-in Supervisor license included 46. More Queue AnnouncementOptions ConfigurableRing Backperiod 5 x While inQueueMessages More flexiblesettings forPosition &Wait Timemessages 47. Call Groups- Can Record all inboundcalls or Record on Demand 48. Automated Attendant Comprehensive feature set includes Dial-by-Name directory Change languageThank youfor calling Prompt callers for input Record input to CDR database Press 1 for Interactive Graphical editorSales Text-to-Speech announcement creation Flexible SchedulingPress 2 for Time of day Support Day of week Date range Press 3 for Holidays Accounts Industry standard Voice XML 49. Evolution of Phone Technology TDM (Legacy) Hybrids (NEC, Avaya, Nortel) obsolete technology NOT compatible with SIP Proprietary (ShoreTel/MGCP) DEAD technology VoIP: converged, but no standards (you can notconnect a Cisco VoIP and a 3COM VoIP) SIP: the 1st and ONLY STANDARD OF TELEPHONY now FULLY RATIFIED Zultys: the 1st to deploy a SIP IP PBX with that manyfeatures 50. Advanced Automated Attendant (IVR) Interact with external Databases Flexible & Open web based interface (PHP / Perl / ASP) Industry standard Text-to-Speech interface Real-time conversion of text Applications include Account balance checks Booking a taxi Self service order checking Automated information services (Weather / Movies / Rental Properties) Fax on demand 51. SIP: Return on Investment Open Standard & embraced worldwide Provide CHOICE in additional Equipment Pure IP, converged Systems 1 Wire to the desktop cuts down on wiring No more tracing wires and big ugly cabinets Provides native PC, MAC and Linux Integration Quick deployment in main and remote locations 0 effort Moves adds changes Upgrades and maintains on LAN Easily Interconnects branch offices and remoteworkers 52. SIP: Return on Investment Increase productivity amongst Employees(Chat, Presence, Fax to the desktop.) 0 Toll between offices Reduce Maintenance cost Centralized Administration to 100% of thefunctions 0 effort Moves Open Standards allows less expensiveequipment to be added Outstanding Call handling Connect to usersANYWHERE ANYTIME 53. Call Attached Data Deliver call specific data to Agents / Users Maintained from Cradle to Grave Displayed via Screen Pop to agent Delivered via TAPI to external applications Examples of Call Attached Data Callers account number Callers preferred language Call priority Agent assignment Callers phone number (CLI) Customized variables 54. CRM Integration Open TAPI interface to make and receive calls Works with 3rd party CRM applications Outlook Maximizer ACT! Available to Windows MXIE users 55. the right choice

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