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Shoppers behavior, networking
  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    March 2426, 2014Schaumburg, IL


    Omnichannel Marketing

    The Digital Path

    Mobile/Social Strategies


    Insights & Activation

    Shopper Engagement

    "After 12 successful years,

    attendees have extraordinaryexpectations for the Summit.We welcome that.

    Peter HoytExecutive Director & CEO

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Hosted & Sponsored by:

    The most empoweringindustry conference where

    experts share knowledge and

    best practices to help brandand retailersachieve succe

    along the path to purchase.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSumm

    Sure, there are other conferences that dabble in shopper marketing,

    but there is only one Shopper Marketing Summit.

    Only the Summit delivers an energetic, inspirational and highly educational

    conference fueled by the members of Path to Purchase Institute and

    the vibrant community of shopper marketing professionals dedicated to

    driving sales in-store and online.

    Thats right. You can expectmore from the Summit.

    Is the Summit intense

    and exhilarating?Certainly! Is the Summit worth yourtime and investment?Positively!

    Will you leave knowing more about modelsfor successful retail collaboration?Absolutely!

    If advancing your shopper marketing strategy is your primaryobjective, then the Summit is your number one solution.

    Prepare to be overwhelmed, but inthe best way imaginable. Get swept up in the energy created by hundreds of senior leaders

    across all functions of shopper marketing who thrive on theSummits collaborative learning environment.

    Linger in the moment when you meet a visionary who understandsthe challenges facing you and your team.

    Listen to mind-blowing presentations from carefully vetted speakers.

    Soak up the creativity and ingenuity from the Shopper Marketing

    Ee award winners.

    Find inspiration from passionate leaders and their cutting-edge ideas.

    Walk away with tangible strategies, insights and solutions that willset you soaring.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    4 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    Uncover actionable strategies for migrating to an

    omnichannel engagement model. Learn how tocreate a social shopper marketing frameworkdesigned to drive sales. Hear how emergingchannels are challenging brands to think

    differently about their products.

    Join your peers with responsibilities



    (manufacturers & marketers of consumer products & services)

    Brand Activation

    Brand, Category &Product Development

    Channel Marketing

    Customer Teams

    Merchandising & Packaging

    Shopper Experience

    Shopper Insights

    Shopper Marketing

    Learn how fully-integrated, collaborative partnershare driving shopper loyalty and category growth.

    See how the right content can increase custoengagement. Discover new technology

    that is changing the shopping journey

    Join your peers with responsibi



    Category Strategy

    CRM & Loyalty

    Digital Experience

    Innovation, Space M

    & Customer Experie Merchandising Str

    Shopper Insights

    Shopper Marketi

    Compare and contrast

    shopper attitudes and

    behaviors across global

    markets. Understand how totarget and engage consumers

    with the media of their choicebefore, during and after the

    purchase. See how personalizeddigital tools are shaping the

    expectations of future shoppers.

    Join your peers with responsibilities


    Agencies(shopper marketing,

    advertising & promotion)

    Account Teams

    Brand Development

    Creative Direction




    Promotional Strategy

    Retail Design

    Discover how to ledata to create acti

    insights that delive

    results. Uncover str

    connecting online a

    marketing to better ethe evolving shopper.

    practices for aggregatin

    and distributing content

    channels via participatory,

    and two-way mediums.

    Join your peers with responsib


    Solution P(digital and mobile

    P-O-P design, reta

    execution & shopp


    Digital & Mobile Strategy

    Display Design

    Field Execution

    In-Store Activation

    Integrated ShoMarketing

    Research & Ins

    Retail Media

    Technology Inn

    Join the Summits highly-engaged community of senior-level decision makers and business

    leaders across shopper marketing disciplines who value the free exchange of strategy,insights and best practices aimed at driving retail sales. You wont be disappointed!


  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSumm#ShopperSummit

    The best shopper marketing strategy requires proper execution inorder to resonate in the marketplace. In the Solutions Gallery, youllbe introduced to many leading industry partners who oer expertisein all areas along the path to purchase.

    Executives from participating companies will be available to meetwith you to answer questions and demonstrate their capabilities.

    The Summits new private and secure online networking communitymakes it easy to meet your fellow Summit attendees and eveneasier to interact with them before, during and after the event.This valuable tool offers all Summit registrants:

    The Shopper Marketing Summit provides delegates of the Retail

    Academy roughly 30 high-level decision makers from approximately15 top retail chains a forum for aligning goals with progressive brand

    manufacturers in order to develop more sustainable and impactful shoppermarketing programs. By speaking one-on-one in a neutral zone, free fromcorporate interference and stifling silos, brand and retailer executives find

    the Retail Academy to be one of the most effective environments available

    in which to forge stronger shopper-focused collaboration.

    These and other top retail chains will be invited to attend the Summit as part of the Retail Academy:

    Solutions Gallery

    Enjoy 24/7 All-Attendee Access

    Retail Academy


    retail acade


    A browseable, searchable attendee directory.

    24/7 access to this private group.

    Private meeting scheduling.

    A personalized Summit agenda.

    Public discussion forums.

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    6 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    Your Summit registration includes a ticket to the Shopper MarketingCelebration, an evening of recognition for the most effective shoppermarketing campaigns and top talent in the shopper marketing industry.

    Ee Worldwide, in partnership with the Path to Purchase Institute, willpresent the winners of the 2014 Shopper MarketingEffie Awards at the Summit.

    The prestigious Shopper Marketing Effies are given

    to integrated campaigns that best demonstrate

    how they eectively solve the shopper marketingchallenge, connect with the shopper, inuence her

    along the path to purchase and inspire her to becomea buyer.

    In conjunction with the Shopper Marketing EeAwards, well also present the 2014 ShopperMarketing Hall of Fame class, an honor bestowedupon three deserving individuals chosen by the

    editors of Shopper Marketingmagazine. From thework they produce to their daily business practices,this years inductees foster best practices and

    demonstrate a supreme understanding of all

    marketing efforts that culminate at retail.

    After a full day of thought-provoking presentations, enjoy this opportunity

    to mix and mingle with your colleagues, peers and friends at this black-tie-optionalevent.

    Tuesday, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Hosted by:

    Celebrate the winners of the Shopper Marketing Ee Awards and the Hall

    of Fame inductees during a gala event honoring outstanding achievements

    in the shopper marketing industry.

    Shopper Marketing Celebration

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSumm

    The 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Inductee No. 60

    Inductee No. 61

    Inductee No. 62

    Keep the fun rolling at the Shopper

    Marketing Celebration After-Party

    immediately following the EeAwards. Stick around for music,cocktails, prizes, photos and more!

    Tuesday, 9:00 - 11:00 p.m.

    Hosted by:

    Andy Murray

    SVP, Creative

    Erik Keptner

    EVP, Marketing

    Julie Eddleman

    Marketing Director,NA Brand Operations


  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    8 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    Faculty Members have presented at a minimum of one other Institute event and have received an audience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    Distinguished Faculty Members have presented at four or more Institute events and have received an audience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    Monday, 1:00-4:30 p.m.

    S1 Shopper Activation: Telling Your Brand StoryThrough Tactical Plans

    Retailers asking their brand partners for insights is now the norm, but is that what theyre reallyafter? Insights, in isolation, do nothing. Effective activation plans are what everyone wants, but

    theyre often difficult to implement. Why? Never before have we had more tactics with which to

    bombard shoppers, using traditional, digital, social and mobile media, POS, coupons and directmail, among other methods. Which tactics are right for a given brand and retailer? The answer

    lies not in the tactics themselves but in the story your brand needs to tell in order to accomplish

    your growth strategy. This symposium will focus on creating effective tactical plans based onstorytelling principles. Attendees will learn to:

    Define strategies and insights that integrate the needs of the shopper,

    brand and retailer equally.

    Identify the brand story most relevant to your strategies and insights.

    Select the optimal touchpoints based on strategy, insight and story.

    Pre-Summit Advanced Learning SessionsThese intensive, half-day workshops are designed to oer the deepest understanding of critical

    industry issues affecting brand marketers, retailers, agency professionals and solution providers.

    Christopher Brac

    FounderShopper Intelligen


    Sign up for a single day

    of Advanced Learning or

    include one of these

    workshops in your Total

    Experience registration package.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing



    Monday, 1:00-4:30 p.m.

    S2 Harnessing the UnreasonablePower of Creativity

    Monday, 1:00-4:30 p.m.

    S3 These Arent the 4Ps You GrewUp With: A Symposium on

    Organizing for E-Commerce

    Creativity is the art of transforming ideas into reality using two

    processes: thinking and execution. If you have ideas but cant execute

    them, they just remain ideas. The implementation and execution of thoseideas is what brings creativity to life. Likewise, without a clear plan it is

    difficult to accomplish a goal. Shopper insights and proper planning are

    essential to harnessing the creative imagination. We dont have to go tothe store anymore; we carry the stores with us. So, how do you reach

    the always on-the-go shopper who has more choices than ever before?

    This session will explore the components of a successful shopper

    marketing plan before you go to market. Attendees will:

    Learn what is necessary to develop a strong brief for creative.

    Understand how to integrate digital and physical retail.

    Learn the importance of understanding shopper-based design

    and how it comes to life in the retail environment.

    E-Commerce is hard. The resource demands are high, the right

    talent is difficult to find and direct ROI is tough to measure. Yet the

    explosive growth opportunity and influence at bricks-and-mortar istoo big to ignore. Led by Etailing Solutions, the recognized leaders in

    sustainably building and growing CPG brands in online retail, you will

    hear from industry experts and CPG e-commerce executives who haveconquered these challenges by aligning their organizations, developing

    aggressive sales plans, adapting shopper marketing and other

    functional organizations, and securing funding and resources to supporte-commerce. An open panel discussion with the speakers will conclude

    the afternoon. Attendees will:

    Learn how to drive organizational alignment to the importance ofinvesting in e-commerce now.

    Discover how others have developed e-commerce strategies.

    Hear about common challenges and how theyve been addressed.

    Josh RateliffVP, General ManagerSaatchi & Saatchi X

    Doug Van An

    Global Creative DSaatchi & Saat

    Lindsay BaishDigital Strategist

    Saatchi & Saatchi X

    Frank Flur

    Production DirSaatchi & Saat

    Bryan Gilden

    Chief KnowledgeKantar Reta

    Danny Silverman

    VP, e-CommerceStrategy & Sales Support

    Etailing Solutions

    Doug Strat

    Director, NA e-CoCenter of Exce


    Brian CohenEVP, Group DirectorCatapult Marketing




  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    10 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    8:00 - 9:30 a.m.

    K1 Evolving with the Omnichannel Shopper

    Although he only recently joined the ranks at Walmart, Andy Murrays Hall ofFame-worthy career as a brand marketer and agency CEO gives him a unique

    from all sides perspective on the shopper marketing industry.

    As Walmarts first-ever SVP of creative, Murray has been charged with helping the

    worlds largest retailer develop and implement a shopper-centric strategy that will

    better align it for success in an omnichannel world. The goal isnt just to capitalizeon the new, digitally enhanced path to purchase that has evolved, but to take part

    in its reinvention.

    In this wide-ranging and informative session, Murray will offer his perspectives on:

    The importance of consistent creative excellence across all communication

    vehicles for the development of effective shopper marketing.

    The vital role agencies and collaboration play in helping Walmart connect

    and engage with the customer.

    Useful learnings from seeing retailing from the point of view of the supplier,

    the retailer and the agency.

    How marketing technology is changing the retail landscape.

    Andy Murray

    SVP, Creative

    Tuesday General SessionsGeneral Sessions hos

    The Summits opening day is anchored

    by keynote presentations from

    renowned industry experts wholl share

    insightful perspectives about achieving

    success along the path to purchase.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSumm#ShopperSummit

    4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

    K2 Going Global What Shoppers Want;What Retailers Need; What Brands

    Must Deliver

    This presentation will discuss the global shopper, how global strategy

    differs from local/regional strategies, and what retailers are looking for from

    manufacturing partners. Questions addressed will be: What makes an effectiveloyalty program in the UK, versus the US, versus Eastern Europe or the Middle

    East? What does a brand or retailer need to know about a country and its

    shopping culture in order to be successful there? How does a global retailstrategy differ from local/regional/domestic retail strategies? What must brands

    and retailers think about when entering a new market? What do retailers need/

    want from their brand partners and what do brands need to know in order to besuccessful strategic partners?

    Using case study learnings and reference points from Walgreens, Boots andother successful global retailers, the presenters will provide strategic insightand activation techniques for how brands and retailers can translate the best

    global initiatives into their own product categories, business channels and

    global expansion plans. Attendees will:

    Understand the global shopper and how he/she differs from country to

    country and region to region.

    Gain insights into building a successful global strategy.

    Learn how to translate best practices into a global expansion plan.

    Alex Gourlay

    EVP, President of CustomerExperience & Daily Living

    Wendy LiebmannCEO


  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    12 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    C1Digital Shopper Marketing

    DSM 5.0 Whats New. Whats Now. Whats Next.

    Seth Diamond, EVP, Insights, Catapult;

    Jennifer Romano, Director, Digital & Digital

    Shopper Marketing, CatapultFor five years, Catapult has been conducting its annual

    Digital Shopper Marketing study. Join us to learn about the

    latest findings from the DSM study, whats on the horizon,

    and take a trip through time for a retrospective look at the

    fads, trends, winning ideas, and busts that encompass

    digital shopper marketing. Attendees will:

    Identify digital shopping tools shoppers actually use.

    Understand needs that are being fulfilled by digital shopping tools today and

    the innovations/opportunities that lie ahead.

    Find clues to separate a fad from a trend to maximize your shopper

    marketing impact.

    D1Mobile & Social Strategies

    The Future of Mobile:Influencing the Path to Purchase

    Jill Kristle, Manager Interactive Marketing, ConAgra

    Foods;Manuel Rosso, CEO, Food on the TableShoppers eyes are increasingly focused on mobile, but

    CPG dollars have yet to catch up. In this session, learn

    about the collaboration of two innovators - Food on the

    Table and ConAgra Foods in their efforts to influence the

    path to purchase through mobile technology, without using

    pesky banner ads. Focusing on the Egg Beaters brand,

    these two teams delivered the right message at the right

    time to shoppers through the entire planning and shopping experie

    The results? Lets just say everyone was eggstatic. Attendees w

    Learn the unique ways mobile can be used to reach the consu

    See what levers to pull in the mobile space to best reach the c

    Examine tested mobile platforms and results.

    A1 Activating Shopper Insights

    The 100,000th Experience: How Real-TimeTracking Helped LG Optimize Shopper Strategy

    Nathan Evans, VP, North America, MESH;

    David VanderWaal, Director of Brand Marketing,

    Home Appliances, LG Electronics USA Inc.

    For more than four years, LG Electronics NA has

    continuously captured real-time, in-store experiences of

    over 20,000 shoppers with more than 100,000 real-time

    experiences. This presentation delivers cut ting-edge

    insight into game-changing shopper trends, the role of

    touchpoints along the path to purchase and the most

    influential in-store tactics all of which will be discussed in relation to the

    actions taken by LG to optimize their shopper marketing strategy. Attendees will:

    Be introduced to the emergence of a surgical shopper and learn the

    evolving levels of engagement and platforms used in stores at specific points

    along the path to purchase.

    Learn which touchpoints LG invested in to more effectively reach shopper

    objectives. Understand the diversity of the in-store shopper terms of frequency of store

    experiences, reaction to POS, and influence of sales associates. Attendees

    will also learn how shopper motivations and shopper missions influence


    B1 Collaboration

    Re-Imagining Retail: A New Formulafor Collaboration Success

    Drew Allen, Sr. Marketing Manager, Walmart - Sparkling

    Lead, Coca-Cola Refreshments;Tina Manikas, EVP

    Global Retail & Promotions Officer, Draftfcb;AaliyahShafiq, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Co.

    The currency in todays marketplace is nimbleness and

    courage to collaborate and look beyond the shelf in

    identifying new ways to move shoppers. Enter Effortless

    Meals from Coca-Cola and Walmart. Learn how two

    mega-brands came together to nimbly use shopper, brand

    and retailer insight, a big creative platform idea, speed-

    to-market and an integrated, omni-channel strategic

    campaign that repositions the deli department at Walmart

    with new, compelling occasion-based solutions for

    shoppers. Attendees will:

    Learn to identify the barriers of and opportunities for

    occasion-based purchase behavior.

    See how to collaborate on a fully-integrated, creative idea and

    that inspires shoppers in an omni-channel way.

    See how the right partners at the table matterfrom speed, fl

    creativity to decision-making.

    Faculty Members have presented at a minimum of one other Institute event and have received anaudience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    Distinguished Faculty Members have presented at four or more Institute events and have receivedan audience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    SeminarsTuesday, 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.



    See the at-a-glanceagenda on page 20.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSummi#ShopperSummit

    A2 Activating Shopper Insights

    Eye-Tracking Research: New Insights to OptimizeYour Brands Presence In-Store and Online

    Jonathan Asher, EVP, Director of Account Management,

    Perception Research Services

    New research from Perception Research Services

    regarding online and store-based shopping experiences

    reveals findings including core differences in the shopping experience (online vs.

    in-store), implications for optimizing packaging and brand presentation in each

    shopping context, new learning regarding the interaction between Web-based

    and bricks-and-mortar shopping and insights regarding what shoppers see (and

    miss) as they view websites and walk the aisles. Hear insights gathered from

    quantitative surveys, in-depth qualitative interviews and eye-tracking of online

    and in-store shopping experiences. Attendees will:

    Learn key principles for optimizing the visibility and impact of POS materials

    in retail stores.

    Discover guidelines for improving the presentation and communication of

    packaging on retail websites.

    Gain insights to enhance the synergy between online and in-store shoppermarketing.

    C2 Digital Shopper Marketing

    Inspiring and Engaging with Crowdsourced

    Video Throughout the Path to Purchase

    Dan Cooke, Digital Shopper Marketing,

    e-Commerce Lead, Kellogg Company;

    Bill Hildebolt, President & Co-Founder, EXPO

    As digital interaction plays an ever-increasing role in the

    path to purchase, its essential for brands and retailers tooffer informative and inspiring rich media content to help

    shoppers arrive at confident purchase decisions. At the

    same time, they must make sure their content strategy

    aligns with both the customer and retailer expectations

    to achieve results. This session will explore Kelloggs use of authentic consumer

    product video in their shopper marketing programs, demonstrating how the

    wisdom of the crowd can be used to bring products to life in new and unique

    ways while educating, engaging and persuading consumers throughout their

    purchase journey. Attendees will:

    Learn how to work with todays socially-active customers to collect high-

    impact product video that can differentiate your digital retail shelf.

    Understand how crowdsourced video can be used to communicate product

    features and benefits, reinforce key messages and generate emotional

    intensity to drive increased sales.

    Discover how, through co-creation, brands can deliver customized video to

    meet individual retailer needs that can be used solely online or combined

    with in-store experiences.

    B2 Collaboration

    Showrooming Showdown: How to Survive

    or Thrive in the Showrooming World

    Chris Brandewie, Director of Store Design, Best Buy;

    Rich Butwinick, President, MarketingLab;

    Lynn Neal, NA Retail Strategy Leader, Procter & Gamble

    More than four in ten U.S. adults have showroomed in

    stores. By all accounts this habit is growing to form a new

    norm, forever changing the way brand and retail marketers

    think about shopper marketing. Can bricks and mortar

    retailers win in a showrooming world? Yes. Really? Yes!

    This session will demonstrate go-to-market strategies and

    tactics designed to help you avoid having the competition

    eat your lunch. Attendees will learn how to rethink their

    shopper marketing to generate the best ROI and get the

    latest showrooming insights and trends through case

    studies with retailers and brands. Attendees will:

    Get the latest insights, trends and facts on


    Hear brand and retail marketers responses to showrooming.

    Uncover strategies and tactics to ensure your company is on t

    side of this new phenomenon.

    D2 Mobile & Social Strategies

    Mobility in Our Multichannel World

    Tim Benner, PhD, Director, Consumer Insights,

    Samsung Telecommunications America;

    Stephanie Carson, Director, Retail Marketing,

    Samsung Telecommunications America;

    Alison Chaltas, EVP, Shopper & Retail Strategy, GfK

    Who better to share omnichannel best practices than

    Samsung, a leading smart phone brand, and GfK, the

    author of Futurebuy, a publication looking into the future

    of smart shopping? Well explore what shoppers are

    seeking in bricks vs. clicks and how they feel about their

    shopping experiences. How do behaviors vary by different

    technologies and how are tablets vs. smartphones being

    uniquely applied to the shopper journey? Learn how

    industry leaders are aggressively utilizing digital and

    mobile technologies and information to optimize their

    shopping experiences. Attendees will:

    Grasp what can be learned from the world in terms of incorpo

    attitudes, behaviors and beliefs into omnichannel shopping.

    Understand the differences in shopper profiles across categor

    moving consumer goods and electronics to durables.

    Learn what leading brands are doing to drive both sales and e

    point of sale.

    SeminarsTuesday, 11:15 a.m. - 12




  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    14 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    C3 Digital Shopper Marketing

    Navigating the Digital Decision Space

    Darryl Daoust, Group Director, Ryan Partnership;

    Doug Straton, Director, NA e-Commerce Center

    of Excellence, Unilever

    As shoppers increasingly rely on digital shopping tools, itis critical to understand that every purchase decision takes

    place in a unique digital decision space, influenced by

    the shopper, the category, and the channel involved. Using

    data from Ryans proprietary digital shopping study, we

    will explain how different digital tools influence different

    digital decision spaces and will demonstrate, through

    Unilevers examples, how you can use that understanding as a basis for a more

    effective digital shopper strategy. Attendees will:

    Learn what the digital decision space is and how can it help you develop

    more effective digital shopper marketing.

    Understand the role digital shopping programs and tools play in affecting

    purchase decisions in different digital decision spaces.

    Discover how to analyze the factors influencing your categorys (or channelsor shoppers) decision spaces to drive increased engagement and sales.

    A3Activating Shopper Insights

    Activate Emotions Across a ChangingPath to Purchase: Integrating Unique

    At-Home, On-the-Go and In-Store Insights

    Carl Marci, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer,

    Innerscope; Kristen OHara, CMO, Time Warner Inc.

    Innerscope Research presents the latest in consumer

    neuroscience insights with case studies from Time

    Warner, Walgreens and Campbells Soup that highlight

    the changing path-to-purchase. The results demonstrate

    how advertisers and shopper marketers benefit from

    working together to create more integrated campaigns

    from the living room to the store aisle. Learn how to reach the next generation of

    shoppers who are increasingly wired and have shorter at tention spans, resulting

    in new challenges for brand engagement to foster increased purchase behaviors.

    Attendees will:

    Gain specific insights on how the path to purchase is evolving in a changing

    media landscape.

    Understand the distinctly different psychology of viewers, consumers andshoppers during their purchase journey.

    Find actionable recommendations to reach customers across todays new

    path to purchase, at home, on-the-go and in the store.


    Driving Category Growth ThroughInsights and Collaboration

    Chris Almeida, VP, Shopper Marketing, Core Business

    & Loyalty, Safeway Inc.; Rachel Chambers, Director,

    Shopper Marketing & Shopper Insights, StarbucksCoffee Company

    Manufacturer and retailer collaboration has long been a

    recipe for category growth. But what do you do when

    focusing solely on assortment and adjacencies is no longer

    enough? Safeway and Starbucks brought together a deep

    understanding of the shopper, respect for each others

    brand equity and a desire to leverage the trifecta of organizational

    between merchandising, marketing and sales. Learn how their par

    helped drive shopper loyalty and category growth through elevatio

    store experience. Attendees will:

    Understand the importance of experience to shoppers.

    See how collaboration can take category partnership to the ne

    Learn how the Safeway and Starbucks partnership transformecoffee aisle.

    D3Mobile & Social Strategies

    The Digital Store: Transforming the

    Shopping Experience with Real-Time,Relevant Offers and Content

    Ken Fenyo, CEO, You Technology Inc.;

    Donna Zambo, Manager, e-Commerce &

    Digital Innovation, Wakefern Food Corp.

    Digital technologies are transforming the in-store shopping

    experience and promise to make the store more interactive

    with touchscreen devices at the shelf, in-store mapping

    and location applications, real-time and personalized

    offers and much more. Retailers must proactively invest

    in mobile and other new digital technologies to better meet the nee

    digital shopper, grow loyalty and sales and minimize showrooming

    will discuss best practices, future trends and technologies, and wil

    how ShopRite and other retailers use real-time digital coupons, QR

    personalized prices and promotions, shopping lists, nutritional info

    reviews and other tools to make the shopping experience more eng

    relevant. Attendees will:

    Learn best practice examples for making the store more intera

    Hear key trends and technology shifts that will influence futurmarketing programs.

    See action plans for getting started.

    SeminarsTuesday, 1:45 - 2:45 p.m.


    Faculty Members have presented at a minimum of one other Institute event and have received anaudience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    Distinguished Faculty Members have presented at four or more Institute events and have receivedan audience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    See the at-a-glanceagenda on page 20.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSummi#ShopperSummit

    A4Activating Shopper Insights

    How to Put Consumers at the Center to Get aHead Start on the Future of Shopping

    Kelly Jones, Head of Thought Leadership, Microsoft;

    Natasha Hritzuk, Head of Thought Leadership and

    Consumer Insights, Microsoft

    Microsoft and IPGs Digital Trends study reveals eight

    core consumer trends that will emerge over the next 6

    to 12 months, forever changing the way we market to

    consumers both online and offline. We will bring to life

    two trends by tying emerging consumer behavior to the

    imminent transformation of the retail category. We will

    also take a deep dive into our new Consumer Journey Retail study (Microsoft

    Advertising & Ipsos OTX, September 2013) to learn what currently influences

    consumers along the path to purchase, and the opportunities and implications

    for the future. Well discuss ways to reach and engage consumers on a truly

    personal, one-to-one level, while embracing the blurring of digital and the

    physical along the way. Emerge with a clear list of consumer-centric actions to

    give you a head start on tomorrows consumer expectations today.

    Learn the power of reciprocal relationships, where people are rewarded in

    more meaningful ways in exchange for their personal data.

    Understand how to meet consumers desire for technology that goes beyond

    a touch screen and immerses them in multisensory experiences.

    Discover how to leverage data to provide more personalized experiences,

    and in turn, earn consumer trust and drive more value for their businesses.


    The Ongoing Evolution of Aholds MultichannelPersonalized Shopping Experience

    Tim Dorgan, VP, Managing Director, Peapod Interactive;

    Erik Keptner, EVP, Marketing, Ahold USA

    Fueled by a corporate commitment to global innovation,

    Ahold USA is redefining the traditional grocery shopping

    experience. Innovations in e-commerce, multichannel

    fulfillment and personalization technology are providing

    Ahold USA shoppers with the flexibility to tailor their

    shopping to best fit their individual needs. Learn about

    the latest developments and the most recent insights into

    how technology, logistics, merchandising and revamped vendor pa

    are combining to reshape the traditional grocery model. Highlights

    presentation include:

    Multichannel shopping behavior: How this emerging phenome

    measured and mined to enhance shopper loyalty.

    Virtual stores + virtual checkout = real shopper engagement:

    Ahold USAs innovations in mobile shopper interaction. Redefining the role of CPG partners: Emerging best practices

    fulfillment/merchandising collaboration.

    D4Mobile & Social Strategies

    Building Win-Win Shopper Marketing Strategies on

    Mobile Using Third Party Apps

    Mike Hornigold, Group Director of Shopper Technologies,

    The Coca-Cola Co.;Bryan Leach, Founder & CEO,

    ibotta Inc.; Brian Pugh, Customer Engagement Manager,

    Meijer; Kevin Sidell, Sr. Manager, Digital Strategy,

    Kellogg Co.

    Retailers use mobile applications to drive loyalty among

    their shoppers. From digitizing coupons to giving away

    products, retailers deliver offers to their shoppers to keep

    them coming back. However, these apps do little to attract

    the incremental shopper. Third-party apps offer retailers

    a complementary marketing solution to existing mobile

    offerings and allow retailers to send targeted offers to

    consumers living near their stores, but who arent regular

    shoppers. They enable brands to drive incremental foot

    traffic to their preferred accounts. Brands and retailers

    win through incremental shoppers and larger basket size,

    while consumers win by not having to manage separate

    applications on their phone. Attendees will:

    Learn how third-party apps complement existing

    retailer shopper marketing solutions.

    Understand how third-party apps provide brands and

    retailers with access to cutting edge mobile technologies (e.g.

    that are typically expensive or beyond the core competency of


    Discover how third-party apps simplify the user experience.

    C4 Digital Shopper Marketing

    Think Small and Go Big: Scaling Up the Economics

    of Hyper-Personalization

    Jim Rose, President, CROSSMARK Marketing Services

    The convergence of hyper-local marketing, personalized

    offers and integration of digital media vehicles among both

    retailers and manufacturers have created a key opportunity for brands to more

    effectively and efficiently intensify brand relevance and drive profitable sales

    growth. By identifying and integrating traditional and emerging triggers, you

    can efficiently deliver hyper-personalization, amplify it through social media and

    measure ROI. Attendees will:

    Learn new ways to target consumers and shoppers through the integration

    of consumer engagement touchpoints along the path to purchase, from pre-

    shop, out-of-store brand experiences to in-store activation triggers.

    Gain new perspectives on measuring the effectiveness of programs

    designed to convert more consumers to brand advocates faster through new

    rules of engagement.

    Walk away with specific tasks that can immediately address the question,

    What now? and initiate action in your organization.

    SeminarsTuesday, 3:15 - 4

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing



    8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

    K3 Solution Sharing Collaborating to Bring

    Better Ideas to Market

    True collaboration between brands, retailers and agencies remains rare. While

    parties usually agree on shared goals, theres often dissention in the how of

    making things happen. Frustrations rise in what feels like an endless cycle ofpitch, reject, repeat, all while the big opportunity slips away. Theres another

    way - one that moves relationships up the ladder from simple partnership to

    genuine collaboration and even co-authorship. This process sets new standards

    for speed to market and shopper results.

    In this session, see how a leading beverage company, retailer and agency came

    together in a unique program to rally around shopper needs, forge new businessbonds and take a key initiative from insights to test market in just 119 days.

    Attendees will:

    Learn to rethink traditional roles to foster a more collaborative culture.

    Understand how to create outcome-driven forums that boost participation

    and build better ideas.

    Learn how to garner the c-level support needed to bend or redefine the rules.

    Wednesday General SessionGeneral Session hoste


    Charlie AndersonCEO

    Lisa FarrellDirector, Sales Finance & Strategy

    Julie QuickHead of Planning & Insights

    Rich RomanoDirector of Sales & Marketing


  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSummi#ShopperSummit

    E1Understanding the Shopper

    Do Words Matter? Connecting with Shoppers ByUsing the Right Words in the Right Places

    Janet Barker-Evans, SVP, Group Creative Director,

    Ryan Partnership;Curt Munk, SVP, Director of Strategic

    Planning, Ryan Partnership

    Much attention is paid to the visual look and appeal of

    retail marketing, in-store merchandising, online advertising

    and packaging. From color and shape to materials and

    construction, we labor over every detail to ensure our

    target is engaged enough to take action. Once attracted to

    your brand, however, your shopper can easily disconnect

    if the right message isnt being delivered. Using real-life examples

    range of categories and retailers, this session explores trends in m

    suggests how successful messaging connects with shoppers and s

    action. Attendees will:

    Learn the importance of words and messaging and how they

    your shopper and consumer across all touchpoints.

    Understand how words heavily depend on context, and what tyour message.

    Take away tips to avoid common pitfalls and strengthen weak

    G1Omnichannel Marketing

    Fetching Sales Through Digital Targeting

    Heather Bullington, VP, Catapult;Dustin Lehner,

    Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Mars Petcare;

    Joe Robinson, President, Catapult

    As the worlds leader in pet care products, Mars Petcare

    sought to boost shopper awareness of it s pet productsat Dollar General to more than five million pet-owning

    shoppers who spend more than $8 million annually. Many

    Dollar General pet care shoppers use DSM tools and

    pre-shop, creating a runway for testing digital targeting

    to fuel conversion. Mars Petcare and Catapult ran a test

    campaign using Dollar Generals shopper data, modeling

    and analytics to identify best customers and deliver

    targeted communications to drive purchase. Mars and

    Catapult will share their findings as the platform for a

    robust 2014 plan. Attendees will:

    Understand the impact of digital targeting to create

    incremental conversion among a retailers best customers.

    Capitalize on the digital inclinations shoppers have to forge ev

    connections and drive desired outcomes.

    Understand how an integrated campaign expands consumer t

    further consumer engagement.

    F1Sharing Best Practices

    Power Partnerships Deliver Sweet Results

    Tara Bartelt, Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships,

    The Coca-Cola Co.;Michael Tilley, Associate Director,

    Shopper Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Mondelez


    Coca-Cola North America teamed up with MondelezInternational to create the ultimate snack and beverage

    offer: Sustaining Snack Rack Program. The concept was

    simple: Offer complementary products to provide shoppers

    with one-stop solutions; increase purchase points in

    stores high-traffic perimeter destinations and impulse

    zones; win the small trip by fulfilling shoppers missions; build shopper loyalty

    and grow basket size matching top-selling sparkling beverages in Coca-Colas

    portfolio with Mondelezs snack brands. The result was a winning combination

    uniting popular cookies, crackers and candy with Coca-Cola products to give

    consumers more opportunities for enjoyment. In this session attendees will:

    Discover how to utilize shopper insights to determine consumers needs

    that align with how they purchase beverages and snacks.

    Identify how to help retailers deliver occasion-based solutions to meet

    customer needs.

    Understand how to use merchandising unit innovation to create POS

    solutions that catch shoppers attention and encourage impulse buys.

    D5Mobile & Social Strategies

    Mobile Marketing: Whats Possible Today, WhatsComing This Year and How to Measure Success

    Jeremy Geiger, Founder & CEO, Retailigence;

    David Haubert, Corporate Strategic Advisor, Retailigence

    The out and about nature of mobile suggests i t may be

    the ideal media to guide impulse shopping behavior. Weve

    all heard stories about achieving incredible CTRs when

    location targeting is based on real-time, real-world events

    like weather. How do such campaigns affect other metrics

    related to trial, usage, repeat purchase and brand loyalty?

    And more importantly, how do we measure such impact?

    This session will explore how brands and retailers are successfully using mobile

    media to reach shoppers at all s tages in the path to purchase, as well as ways to

    holistically measure campaign effectiveness (without a coupon). At tendees will:

    Learn the most successful here and now mobile opportunities to drive

    awareness, engagement and trial, along with case-studies of leading-edge

    retailers and brands.

    Hear the coming soon mobile opportunities to drive awareness,engagement, trial, usage, repeat purchase and brand loyalty.

    Discover current and future ways to measure effectiveness.

    SeminarsWednesday, 9:15 a.m. - 10

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    18 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    G2Omnichannel Marketing

    Driving Commerce in the Omnichannel Marketplace

    Scott Hendrickson, Head of Advertising Solutions, PayPal

    According to comScore, 67% of purchases start in one

    channel and end in another. How should brands engage

    consumers in todays complex omnichannel marketplace?

    Learn about the evolution of the shopping journey andexamine cutting-edge technologies and strategies that can be app

    to drive consumer engagement and commerce. Through real-life c

    studies with impressive results, see how retailers can compete and

    with holistic strategies that engage consumer throughout their sho

    journey. Attendees will:

    Survey how the shopping landscape has evolved into a comple


    Learn the importance of mobile in developing a holistic consum

    engagement strategy.

    Gain actionable ways in which retailers can drive commerce, i

    through case studies.

    D6 Mobile & Social Strategies

    The Power of Influence with TodaysDigital and Social Savvy Shopper

    Karen Doan, Sr. Manager Customer Marketing,

    Tyson Foods;Jon LeMire, SVP, Business Development,

    Collective Bias

    Recent research by Cisco has shown that for a majority

    of shoppers, online digital content has the most powerful

    influence on buying decisions. New technologies and

    social platforms are driving shoppers online, shifting

    how they consume, engage and interact with brands and

    retailers. Take a deeper dive into this new social shopper

    landscape with Tyson Foods and Collective Bias. See real-world examples

    of how integrating creative social and digital strategies and sharing branded

    content effectively boosts sales, increases brand loyalty and overall engagement.

    Attendees will:

    Gain insight into how digital and social are dictating the way brands and

    retailers should be marketing to target audiences.

    Better understand each social platform and hear suggestions on how tomaximize marketing efforts on specific channels depending on targeted


    Take away ideas on how to better engage with desired audiences by using

    and sharing relevant content.

    E2Understanding the Shopper

    The Power of Differentiating Your Brand

    Brad Black, SVP, Account Director, Arc Worldwide/Leo

    Burnett;Shawn Millerick, Director of Shopper Marketing

    & Category Insights, Alcon OTC

    How do you distinguish a brand within a category that

    suffers from minimal brand differentiation, heated

    competition from other brands and private label, and

    an uninspired shopping experience? This provocative

    presentation will show retail and brand marketers how

    Alcon is redefining the eye care category, addressing

    shopper needs and partnering with their top five

    customers. See how shopper insights and understanding led to a s

    strategy that successfully differentiated Alcon from the competitio

    this manufacturer to gain distribution and build share across major

    retailers. Attendees will:

    Learn how to build equity in a brand.

    Understand how to enable scale across an entire portfolio, bot

    out-of-store. Discover how to how to improve shopability and engagement a

    shoppers, leading to increased sales for both brands and cust

    F2 Sharing Best Practices

    Making the New Balance Brand Shopper-Ready

    Tracy Knauer, Manager, North America Marketing

    Activation, New Balance;Brian Priest, SVP,

    Shopper-Practice Creative Lead, Upshot

    New Balance, one of the worlds most recognizable

    athletic brands, wanted to better connect with their

    diverse shoppersin their own stores and across multiple

    retail channels. They partnered with Upshot to extend

    the brands message beyond image to communications

    and experiences to inspire their shopper to act. In this

    presentation attendees will:

    Learn what it takes to make an iconic brand shopper-ready.

    Discover how to leverage channel dynamics and shopper insights to

    create action.

    Understand the role of design and innovation to connect with shoppers.

    SeminarsWednesday, 10:45 - 11:45 a.m.


    Faculty Members have presented at a minimum of one other Institute event and have received anaudience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    Distinguished Faculty Members have presented at four or more Institute events and have receivedan audience rating of > 3.2/4.0 scale.

    See the at-a-glanceagenda on page 20.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSummi#ShopperSummit

    G3Omnichannel Marketing

    The Super-Powered Co-sumer:Building a Trusting, Long-Term Relationship

    Donna Pahel, Director, Digital Marketing & e-Commerce

    Strategy, EpiServer

    The customer-brand relationship today resembles

    DNA with multiple strands intertwined into a seamless, continuous

    and evolving path. These strands are complex with the proliferation

    technologies and distribution venues including personalized and dy

    experiences via web, mobile and social. The new reality is that bec

    customers co-own your brand, theyre super-powered co-sumers

    important to embrace a relationship with this consumer in order fo

    continue to prosper. Attendees will:

    Learn how customer relationships with brands today resemble

    multiple strand intertwined into a seamless, continuous and it

    Examine the proliferation of ever-emerging technologies and e

    distribution venues from personalized and dynamic web exper

    mobile and social.

    Learn why brands must consider a new and iterative content m

    comprised of owned, paid and earned or collaborative content

    E3Understanding the Shopper

    Content Marketing: Engage Your Customers,Engage ROI

    Ken Bausch, VP, Interactive Marketing, World Kitchen;

    Jeff Nowak, Founder/Chief Content Officer,

    Rocket Man Digital

    World Kitchen has embarked on an aggressive content

    marketing strategy to engage and activate consumers

    in three ways: 1) Building brand loyalty through

    engaging content, and driving ROI through an integrated

    e-commerce platform; 2) Using data to inform World

    Kitchen content creation and positioning it where and

    when the consumer searches for it; 3) Integrating a multi-channel

    publishing strategy. This presentation will focus on how content m

    engagement and lifetime value, using World Kitchen as a case stud

    focused on content marketing and how it drives customer engagem

    lifetime value. Attendees will:

    Learn how companies can become publishers of rich, engagin

    can see results in months.

    Understand the importance of corporate stakeholder alignmen

    content strategy must be embraced by all parts of the busines

    Everything is content!)

    Understand agile models of content execution and process tha

    budget and timeline.F3 Sharing Best Practices

    The Impact of Crowdsourcing on Innovation andNew Product Launches

    T Fuqua, Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing,

    Tyson Foods

    Tyson Foods will share how it leveraged crowdsourced

    retail intelligence to better serve shoppers, retailers and employees during the

    critical first days and weeks following new product tests and launches. Learn

    how Tyson has helped its retailer customers and brand managers reduceexecution gaps, improve merchandising compliance, and capture dollars

    previously lost due to unforeseen retail conditions. At tendees will:

    Learn what crowdsourced retail intelligence is and how it works.

    Understand how the rapid, shopper-centric view of the shelf enables

    retailers and brands to more quickly implement continuous process


    Grasp learnings that can be applied to future new product launches to help

    better the odds of success.

    D7 Mobile & Social Strategies

    Connecting Digital to the Physical

    Erin Fish, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Mattel;

    David Painter, Marketing Director, Lunchbox

    How do you drive store sales through online experiences?

    Mattel will explore three case studies from the Monster

    High brand to highlight the sales results that can be

    delivered from digital experiences to bricks-and-mortar.

    Delve into the custom digital and social experiences and

    their connectivity to store activity to prove that digital is

    the optimal way to drive dramatic results both through

    e-commerce and in stores.

    Learn how digital has changed the way shoppers discover and acquire

    brands leading to an entirely new path to purchase.

    See why digital is one of the most effective mediums to drive results both

    in-store and online.

    Discover how digital-to-physical continuity can strengthen brand


    SeminarsWednesday, 12:00 - 1:

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    20 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

    7:00 8:00 a.m.

    8:00 9:30 a.m.

    9:45 10:45 a.m.

    11:15 a.m. 12:15 p.m.

    12:15 1:45 p.m.

    1:45 2:45 p.m.

    3:15 4:15 p.m.

    4:30 5:30 p.m.

    6:30 9:00 p.m.

    9:00 11:00 p.m.

    12:00 1:00 p.m.

    1:00 4:30 p.m.

    1:00 4:30 p.m.

    1:00 4:30 p.m.

    5:00 7:00 p.m.

    Check-In Opens and Continental Breakfast

    K1 Welcome and General Session: Evolving with the Omnichannel Shopper, Hosted by: Draftfcb




    K2 General Session: Going Global What Shoppers Want; What Retailers Need; What Brands Must Deliver, Ho

    Shopper Marketing Celebration includes Networking Reception, Dinner, Effie Awards & Hall of FamHosted by: Menasha Packaging Co.

    Shopper Marketing Celebration After-Party, Hosted by: MaxPoint

    Check-In for Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Sessions

    S1 Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Session:Shopper Activation: Telling Your Brand Story Through Tactica

    S2 Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Session: Harnessing the Unreasonable Power of Creativity

    S3 Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Session:These Arent the 4 Ps You Grew Up With: A Symposium on Organizing for

    Welcome Reception and Solutions Gallery

    Activating Shopper InsightsHosted by: Timbar Packaging & Display

    Understanding the ShopperHosted by: Timbar Packaging & Display

    CollaborationHosted by: Great Northern Corp.

    Sharing Best PracticesHosted by: Great Northern Corp.

    Digital Shopper MarketHosted by: DataXu

    Omnichannel MarketinHosted by: DataXu

    A1 The 100,000th Experience:How Real-Time Tracking Helped

    LG Optimize Shopper Strategy

    A2 Eye-Tracking Research: New

    Insights to Optimize Your BrandsPresence In-Store and Online

    A3 Activate Emotions Across a

    Changing Path to Purchase:Integrating Unique At-Home,

    On-the-Go and In-Store Insights

    A4 How to Put Consumers at theCenter to Get a Head Start on

    the Future of Shopping

    B1 Re-Imagining Retail:A New Formula for

    Collaboration Success

    B2 Showrooming Showdown:

    How to Survive or Thrive inthe Showrooming World

    B3 Driving Category Growth

    Through Insights andCollaboration

    B4 The Ongoing Evolution of

    Aholds Multichannel Personalized

    Shopping Experience

    C1 DSM 5.0 Whats NWhats Now. Whats

    C2 Inspiring and Engag

    Crowdsourced Vide

    the Path to Purchase

    G1 Fetching Sales Thro

    Digital Targeting

    C3 Navigating the Digi

    Decision Space

    G2Driving Commerce

    Omnichannel Mark

    C4 Think Small and GoScaling Up the Econ

    of Hyper-Personaliz

    G3The Super-Powered

    Building a Trusting,Relationship

    7:00 8:00 a.m.

    8:00 9:00 a.m.

    9:15 10:15 a.m.

    10:45 11:45 a.m.

    12:00 1:00 p.m.

    1:00 p.m.

    K3 General Session: Solution Sharing Collaborating to Bring Better Ideas to Market, Hosted by: Draftfc

    Continental Breakfast

    Closing Luncheon

    E1 Do Words Matter? Connecting with

    Shoppers By Using the Right Words

    in the Right Places

    E2 The Power of DifferentiatingYour Brand

    E3 Content Marketing: Engage

    Your Customers, Engage ROI

    F1 Power Partnerships DeliverSweet Results

    F2 Making the New Balance Brand


    F3 The Impact of Crowdsourcing

    on Innovation and New ProductLaunches

    Agenda At-A-Glance


  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register today atwww.ShopperSummi#ShopperSummit

    Mobile & Social StrategiesHosted by: Marketing Werks

    Mobile & Social StrategiesHosted by: Marketing Werks

    D1 The Future of Mobile:Influencing the Path to Purchase

    D5Mobile Marketing: Whats Possible Today,

    Whats Coming This Year and How to

    Measure Success

    D2Mobility in Our Multichannel World

    D6The Power of Influence with Todays

    Digital and Social Savvy Shopper

    D3The Digital Store: Transforming the

    Shopping Experience with Real-Time,Relevant Offers and Content

    D7Connecting Digital to the Physical

    D4Building Win-Win Shopper Marketing Strategieson Mobile Using Third Party Apps

    General SessionsHear renowned industry expertsdiscuss shopper marketingexperiences and best practices.

    Activating Shopper InsightsUnderstand how to leverage data,

    research and strategies to createactionable activity in the marketplace.

    Digital Shopper MarketingFind ways to successfully leverage digitalmarketing platforms to guide purchasebehavior and boost sales.

    Omnichannel MarketingLearn how to integrate content acrossdigital, social, mobile, e-commerce, printand other emerging channels to create

    consistent customer experiences.

    Mobile & Social StrategiesUncover innovative mobiletechniques that directly engageand influence in-store purchasedecisions.

    Sharing Best PracticesDiscover innovative and effectiveprocesses, practices and solutions thathelp reach and influence shoppers.

    Understanding the ShopperFine-tune strategies for sending theright messages to the right shoppers.

    CollaborationLearn from new retailer andmanufacturer collaborative effortsthat are driving growth and ROI.

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    Track Hosts

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    22 Register today at www.ShopperSummit.com An Event of the Path to Purch

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    the Renaissance hotel due to the full even

    Rooms are limited, so reserve yours quickly

    Inviting and impressive venue

    Modern guest rooms

    Convenient location near OHareInternational Airport

    Extensive meeting space

    Venue and

    AccommodationRenaissance SchaumburgConvention Center Hotel1551 North Thoreau DriveSchaumburg, IL 60173

    Room ReservationsHotel Reservation Deadline: March

    Rates: A reduced room rate of $164/nis available at the Renaissance

    Schaumburg Convention Cent

    as part of the 2014 Shopper M

    Summit room block.

    Call: (847) 303-4100and mention2014 Shopper Marketing Sum

    Online: Follow the hotel reservation linwww.shoppersummit.com/venue-accommodations

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    Registration Information

    Total Experience

    One Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Session

    Three general sessions

    Your choice of seven seminars

    Breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and


    Networking receptions on Monday andTuesday evenings

    Shopper Marketing Celebration

    (Includes Ee Awards & Hall of FameInduction. Black tie optional.)

    Summit Only

    Three general sessions

    Your choice of seven seminars

    Breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday

    Networking receptions on Monday andTuesday evenings

    Shopper Marketing Celebration

    (Includes Ee Awards & Hall of FameInduction. Black tie optional.)

    Pre-Summit Only

    One Pre-Summit Advanced Learning Session










    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MARCH 14www.ShopperSummit.com

    Questions?Call Peggy Milbrandt at (773) 992-4412 or e-mail [email protected]

    Group DiscountsReduced rates for groups of three or more are available.

    Learn more at www.shoppersummit.com/group-rates.

  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Register online at www.ShopperSummit.com or fax this form to (773) 992-4


    8:30 a.m. K1 General Session - Walmart


    9:45 a.m. A1 B1 C1 D1

    11:15 a.m. A2 B2 C2 D2

    1:45 p.m. A3 B3 C3 D3

    3:15 p.m. A4 B4 C4 D4

    4:30 p.m. K2 General Session - Walgreens

    6:30 p.m. Shopper Marketing Celebration (Effie Awards and Hall o f Fame Induction). Black tie optional.


    8:00 a.m. K3General Session - PepsiCo, WinnDixie, Shoptology


    9:15 a.m. E1 F1 G1 D5

    10:45 a.m. E2 F2 G2 D6

    12:00 p.m. E3 F3 G3 D7


    1:00 p.m. S1 Shopper Activation: Telling Your Brand Story Through Tactical Plans

    1:00 p.m. S2 Harnessing the Unreasonable Power of Creativity

    1:00 p.m. S3 These Arent the 4 Ps You Grew Up With: A Symposium on Organizing for E-Commerce

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    Path to Purchase Institute 8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 200 Chicago IL 60631Please allow 72 hours for faxed registrations to be processed. You will receive a confirmation email when registration is complete. All registration fees for the Summit are non-refundable a

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    Shopper MarketingArticle

    Shopper MarketingAd


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  • 5/27/2018 Shoppers digital marketing


    Path to Purchase Institute

    8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 200

    Chicago, IL 60631

    (773) 992-4450

    Andy MurraySVP, Creative

    Stephanie CarsonDirector,Retail Marketing

    Register Today atwww.ShopperSummit.com

    Sponsored By:

    Immerse yourself in a community of experts who sharknowledge and best practices to help brands and retailachieve new peaks of success along the path to purcha

    2014 ShopperMarketing

    Effie Awards

    2014 ShopperMarketing

    Hall of FameInduction

    Speakers Include:

    Also Featuring:

    Alex GourlayEVP, President ofCustomer Experience &

    Daily Living

    Rich RomanoDirector of Sales &Marketing

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