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A lookbook detailing the guests and itinary for the ICE Sicily trip 2011
  • Itinerary

    Thursday 29th September 3.30pm Arrive in Catania, coach booked to take us to resort.

    Thursday 29th September 7.30pm Welcome meal at Gola sponsored by DFJ and Alcatel Lucent Friday 30Th September 10.30am Conference and lunch at

    Villa Cagnoni sponsored by Horizon

    Panel Details : Contagion: Getting Viral (M. Geer, etc.) Hiring the Best: In a world of change, team is the only sus-tainable advantage

    Friday 30th September 2.30pm 6.00pm Free Time Friday 30th September 7.30pm Pizzeria Vecchia Taormina sponsored by DN Capital

  • Saturday 1st October 10.30am Panels and Lunch at Bay Pal-ace Hotel Panel Details: Funding Environment Update: Update from the Recently Funded Funding Environment Update: Capital Side (DN, DFJ, SVB, Alcatel) Hot Topic TBD Saturday 1st October 2.00pm Meet in town for the Assassin Game Saturday 1st October 8.00pm BondIce (Black Tie) meal at Ri-sorante Saraceno sponsored by Orrick and SVB Sunday 2nd October Meet at Hotel Calipso for the coach back to the airport.

    Restaurant Addresses Gola - Via F. Durante 3 Letojanni Taormina Beach Bay Palace Hotel - 98030 Taormina Mare Villa Cagnoni - Mazzeo Promenande, Promenande, Taormina Al Saraceno - Via Madonna Della Rocca 98039 Taormina Pizzeria Vecchia Taormina Vico Ebrei , 3, 98039 Taormina

  • Letojanni Only 5k up the coast from Taormina, Letojanni is quiet fishing vil-lage surrounded by peaceful hills all of which might change once we arrive! The leafy church piazza is the heart of the village, sur-

    rounding which are a maze of small cobbled streets and alleyways, per-fect for exploring. Walking down towards the ocean, you realise that the beach is the real treasure here. Sun-loungers and shades are avail-able to rent by the water as well as at the local lido. There are also a num-ber of small bars and restaurants

    Taormina This bustling tourist town sits atop a hillside, looking up at the snow-covered peak of Mount Etna, and down the cliffs towards the glittering Ionian Sea. Steeped in history, there is plenty to do if you dont fancy the beach. Main attractions: Teatro Greco Stunning remnant of the ancient Greeks inhabitation of It-aly. With spectacular views through the ruins, the amphitheatre is often used now for open-air performances through-out the summer months. 6-8EUR entry. Corso Umberto Fashionable shops, bars and restaurants line this busy main street running through the heart of the town. Be sure to ex-plore the side streets for a taste of authentic Sicilian life.

    Letojanni and Taormina

  • Piazza Del Duomo A statement in traditional architecture, the baroque fountain in the centre of the Piazza has been used as a meeting point for centuries. The 15th Century Church of San Nicola stands to the side of the square, a sight not to be missed. Madonna Della Rocca This 17th century church built into the hill-side is a popular wedding venue for Sicilians and tourists alike due to its breathtaking

    views, be sure to take some wa-ter with you for the climb up! Isola Bella Literal translation the beautiful island, this na-

    ture reserve is separated from the land by a thin walkway which disappears with the tide.

    Taormina Taxi Number Rosario Cani 3397963695 Letojanni taxi Number Aiello Annamaria 0942376100 Lo Turco Francesco - 094236148 Buses:

    Bus timetable Taormina - Lumbi - Mazzeo -

    Letojanni - Forza d'Agr

    Price: approx. 1.40 one-way ticket / return ticket approx. 2.30

    8.20(1)(5) - 9.45(2) - 10.45(2)(5) - 12.45(2)(5) - 13.45(2)(5) -

    15.45(2) - 18.45(2)(5) - 21.45(2)(5)

    Bus timetable Forza d'Agr - Letojanni -

    Mazzeo - Lumbi - Taormina

    Price: approx. 1.40 one-way ticket / return ticket approx. 2.30

    7.15(1)(5) - 9.10(2)(5) - 10.10(2)(5) - 10.55(2) - 13.10(2)(5) -

    15.10(2)(5) - 17.10(2)(5) - 18.55(2)

  • Alex Hoye Angel Investor, Founder Alex co-founded a 1.0 dot com B2B auction company which he took to the public markets in 2006 and Faction skis. He's a PE-backed exec in digital marketing, an angel investor, and ac-tive NED.

    Alex McCracken Director of Venture Group Silicon Valley Bank Alex McCracken is Director of the Venture Group for Silicon Valley Bank in the UK and has 17 years experience in funding technology companies. Alex fo-cuses on providing 1m-25m of finance to tech companies.

    Andrew Scott Serial tech entrepreneur, also with an interest in writing and film, who splits his time between London &

    San Francisco.

  • Andy Young Founder Groupspaces Internet entrepreneur, coder and guitarist based in London

    Arnaud Loiseau Co - Founder and COO Starling Inc. Recent Web 2.0 entrepreneur with international background in M&A and Operations in Technology and Media (UBS IBD, ThomsonReuters, Bertelsmann). Devoted to the technological disrup-tion of media and financial informa-tion businesses. Founding member of the HBS An-gels Chapter of London.

    Anthony Gell CEO and Founder Leadersin Anthony founded LeadersIn by building on his career in the business publishing world and his experience of interviewing global business leaders for LeadersIns sister brand, The

    Business Voice (bvo.com)

  • Brett Putter Senior Partner Emerging Technologies Forsythgroup Brett is an advisor to Profitero and an investor in Seedcamp.

    Charles Baybutt Managing Director Curious Generation

    A music and entertainment business working within management, experien-tial marketing, booking, promotion and corporate entertainment. Curious Gen-eration is currently developing and managing music artists along with pro-viding innovative concepts to connect brands with artists and their fanbase.

    Damien Tanner Founder Enthusiastic. More than hu-manly possible as time. Techni-cally minded developer/designer and co-founder of 3 companies. Avid Lindy Hop dancer by night!

  • David Langer Founder, Marketing, Opera-tions/COO Groupspaces Fun-loving, Shoreditch-living startup founder. Enjoy hanging out and causing trouble with like-minded entrepreneurs and related others.

    Emi Gal Founder, Marketing, Product Expert Brainient

    George Berkowski Chairman MIT Enterprise Forum UK George is nurturing a new startup. He is also the Chairman of the MIT Enter-prise Forum UK and re-cently hosted Ray Kurzweil and the premiere of his Transcendent Man movie.

  • Heidi Isern Founder Chamelon Endeavors Heidi is a writer, strategist and entre-preneur who is based in San Francisco, California. She is currently exploring how companies can leverage social net-works to better serve their consumers. .

    Henry Mori Analyst One Fine Stay I have a diverse background, primarily op-erationally and digital marketing-focused but have for the past few years have been techni-cally focused (C# and JavaScript program-ming).

    Itxaso Del Palacio Research Fellow Imperical

  • James Harrison Founder SafeOnline Safeonline is an online security company and Insurancewide, the Uk's first online insurance com-parison site. I am a Director of a Private investment company HSH and SIC, a company that imports into the NHS in the UK.

    Janna Bastow Product Expert Brave New Talent Janna is the founding organiser of ProductCamp London, a fast-growing community of product managers around a dynamic, attendee-centric conference.

    Jerome Touze Co-founder & Co-CEO WAYN.com (Where Are You Now?) With nearly 18 million mem-bers worldwide, WAYN.com is the largest travelling social community online with mem-bers in 193 countries.

  • Julie Trell Salesforce.com Foundation Philanthropy Enthusiast, Innovative Educator, Creative Innovator, Expert Networker, Light Bulb Turner-On, Volunteer Energizer, Avid Explorer.

    Kes Thygesen Managing Partner RolePoint.com After having successfully exited a startup based on his Msc. disserta-tion, Kes is now continuing to in-novate in the recruitment technol-ogy space with an employee refer-ral platform. Kes is looking to share ideas with anyone with an interest in B2B startups who can

    ideally surf and play the guitar.

    Kolvin Stone Partner Orrick I assist online and technology busi-nesses with their day-to-day legal issues. Partner at Orrick, one of the premier legal advisors for technol-ogy companies with offices in Lon-don, Silicon Valley and other tech-nology centers throughout the world.

  • Marcus Sandberg CoFounder Sphare Loves new adventures, looks on the bright side of life. Born in Sweden, grew up in France, studied at Lon-don School of Economics, did the military service north of the polar circle. Ex-banker turned entrepre-neur.

    Maria Constantinescu Founder Slick Flick Legal experience, mainly IP; con-nection into the creative world, mainly film; New York spirit; Ro-manian soul. Information, collabo-ration, sense of community. I'm an X-Man.

    Luke Miller Co-Founder Offset Options

  • Marta Datkiewicz Marketing, Product Expert WAYN Passionate technologist & UX fanatic with strong interest in psychology and cognitive sci-ence. FIBA basketball referee since the age of 16. Bread crust addict and nutrition fairy.

    Michael Geer Founder, COO StreetSpark, Nymos I have been a traveller and curious about the world and people my whole life. I usually don't suffer closed minded people very well and so will never be a diplomat.

    Megan Kilbride Global Innovation Manager, specialise in Developing Markets Diageo, The Futures Group I love to ski/snowboard and doing pretty much anything outside and ac-tive.

  • Michael Papegeorge Founder, Operations/COO, Product Expert IT Energy I am the Managing Director (and foun-der) of IT Energy. I am responsib

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