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  • Siebel Performance Management Guide

    Version 7.8, Rev. AApril 2005

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  • Contents

    Siebel Performance Management Guide 1

    Chapter 1: Whats New in This Release

    Chapter 2: Getting StartedAdministrator Setup Tasks 14

    Configuring Performance Management for a GUESTERM User 15

    Chapter 3: Setting Up Objectives and ReviewsScenario for Objectives and Reviews 18

    Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews 20

    Employee Objective Hierarchy 21

    Publication of Objectives on Microsites 22

    Defining a Rating Scale with Rating Values 22

    Defining Review Periods and Rollups 23

    Defining Review Components 24

    Creating Objectives Templates 26

    Defining 360-Degree Evaluation Forms 27

    Creating Review Definitions 28

    Managing Objectives and Reviews by Organization 30

    Defining Objectives Before the Next Period Begins 31

    Managing and Updating Objectives and Reviews 32

    Unlocking Approved Objectives for Midperiod Updates 34

    Performance Management for Direct Reports 35Navigating the Managers Performance Dashboard 36

    Delegating a Performance Review 38

    Approving and Declining Submitted Performance Reviews 39

    Copying Previous Objectives (End User) 40

    Adding Performance Assessments During the Cycle (End User) 40

    Tracking Progress on Objectives (End User) 41

    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A 3

  • Contents

    Chapter 4: Working with Ratings DistributionsAbout Ratings Distribution Adjustments 43

    Process of Working with Ratings Distributions 45

    Specifying Review Periods for Ratings Distributions 45

    Compensation and the Ratings Distribution 46

    Performance Reviews and Example Ratings Distribution Timeline 47

    Adjusting and Submitting Team Ratings 47

    Rolling Up and Rolling Down Compensation Plans 49

    Submitting Compensation Plans for Ratings Distribution Approval 50

    Ratings Distribution and Plan Approvals 51

    Chapter 5: Setting Up Competency ManagementAssessment of Skills and Achievements for Competency Management 53

    Employee Information Management and Competencies 54Competencies, Categories, and the Skills Hierarchy 56

    Scenario for Competency Management 57

    Process of Setting Up Competency Management 57

    Creating a Ratings Scale for Competency Skills 58

    Creating Skills and Assigning a Rating Scale 58

    Creating Job Profiles 60

    Associating Competencies with a Job Profile 61

    Creating Career Path Options for a Job Profile 62

    Syncing Required Skills for Employee Competency 62

    About Competencies and Assignment Manager 63Integrating the Competency Management System with Assignment Manager 64

    Chapter 6: Setting Up Compensation PlanningScenario for Compensation Planning 68

    Process of Setting Up Compensation Planning 68

    Creating a Salary Grade 69

    Creating a Salary Plan 70

    Adding a Salary Grade to a Salary Plan 70

    Creating a Job Family 71

    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A4

  • Contents

    Creating a Job Code 72

    Employee Information Updates for Compensation 73

    Creating Compensation Guidelines 73Associating a Compensation Salary Plan and Grade with the Guideline Table 74Defining Compensation Guideline Ranges 75

    Defining Compensation Eligibility Rules 75

    Defining the Compensation Plan Rollout 76

    Managing Compensation Budgets 77Creating a Compensation Budget and Budget Type 78Compensation Budget Expressions 79Calculating the Compensation Budget 80Locking the Compensation Budget 80Adding Employees to the Locked Compensation Budget 81

    Defining Compensation Planning Cycles 82

    Associating a Compensation Component with a Planning Cycle 83

    Generating and Releasing Compensation Plans 84

    Viewing All Compensation Plans 85

    Viewing Employee Compensation History 85

    Navigating the Compensation Planning Screen (Managers) 86

    Selecting the Compensation Plan for Rollout 88

    Defining Compensation Changes for Direct Reports 88

    Adding Justification Comments to the Compensation Plan 90

    Tracking Compensation Plan Recommendations Status 91

    Submitting a Compensation Plan for Approval 91

    Approving and Rejecting a Compensation Plan 92

    Assigning Compensation Support Team Members to Employees 92

    Exchange Rates for Compensation Planning 93

    Chapter 7: Setting Up and Administering Performance Scorecard

    Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard 96

    Enabling Component Groups for Performance Scorecard 96

    Setting the File System Parameter During Analytics Server Setup 97

    Preserving Analytics Web Catalogs 98

    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A 5

  • Contents

    Activating Workflows to Request Scorecard KPI Values 98

    Configuring Web Services for KPI Analytics Load 99

    Setting Up Symbolic URL for KPI Views 100

    Configuring Server Parameters for ERMAdmin Object Manager 100

    Scheduling a Repeating Server Job for KPIs 101

    Configuring the Performance Scorecard Dashboard 102

    Configuring the Root Path for KPIs in Siebel Analytics Data Load Catalog 104

    KPIs and Scorecard Administration 105Performance Scorecard Components 105Performance Scorecard Administration Concepts 107

    Working with the KPI Administration Screen 111

    Process of Administering and Using KPIs and Performance Scorecard 114

    Specifying a Different Analytics Server for KPI Value Calculation 114

    Creating List Subject Areas and Setting Responsibilities for Analytics KPIs 116

    Creating a KPI Request in Siebel Analytics 117Defining a Global KPI Request 117Creating an Employee-Specific KPI Request 119

    Defining Key Performance Indicators, Update Methods and Access Groups 122Creating a KPI Definition 122Selecting KPI Access Groups 124Adding Employees for an Employee-Specific KPI 125

    Working with Objectives, KPIs and Scorecard (End User) 125Selecting a KPI for an Objective 125Adding Attributes to Key Performance Indicators 126Reviewing the Objectives Scorecard 127Reviewing an Employee's Performance Against KPIs 128

    Appendix A: Performance Scorecard ReferenceAbout the Analytics Data Loader Process 130

    Performance Scorecard End User Process Flows 132Process for Refreshing a KPI 133Process for Selecting a KPI from the Siebel Analytics Catalog 134Process for Selecting a KPI in Objectives and Reviews 134Process for Synchronizing KPIs 135Process for Tracking KPIs 135Process for Manual Refresh of KPIs 135

    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A6

  • Contents

    Performance Scorecard Usability Solutions 136


    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A 7

  • Contents

    Siebel Performance Management Guide Version 7.8, Rev. A8

  • 1 Whats New in This Release

    Whats New in Siebel Performance Management Guide, Version 7.8, Rev. ATable 1 lists the changes in this revised versi

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