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.,Simulate a school of fish in motion1

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!irtual characters will nd act by 2010I


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jPonsonnetOUVIER PONSONNET IS a French student living in Bordeaux who's currently working on a programming course while indulging in his passion for 3D. The somewhat unstructured techniques he applies to his work often lead to surprising results. 'It's not uncommon that Iobtain something god but completely different from the idea I had at the beginning,. he says. Deriving much of his inspirationfmm European comics, includingXoco, Ropaces and Sha, plus manga titles such as Appleseed, Gunnmand BlomelHe uses 3ds Max for modelling, shading, lighting and rendering, and Photoshopfor postproductionand maps. Olivier recently bought a Wacom Intws3 tablet which will undoubtedly help with workflow and productivity, and especially for the precision he requires for the kind of work he undertakes. 'I search for aestheticism and beauty through the female portraits I d : he o explains. "The two things are interdependent to make a beautiful character, you need to give it soul.' You can discover more of Olivier's techniques and tips in our Tmde Secrets feature this issue, starting on page 54. MtpVIrel v.fme.fr

human r1 038 Justhowget? can delve real virtual actors Weinto the technology behind next-generation artificial life


the futijre of 3D018 Life after Star Wars forthe bigledi cheese at this year's SIGGRAPH event



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Industry plaudits for Neoscape and Zhu Tianyi as the\/ share top honours at this year's CGarchitect.com awards

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CONTENTS INDEX LISTING0 16 PRE-VIZ Get the low-down on this year's well-attendedSICGRAPH event 018 PRE-VIZ Geor e Lucas speaks out at SIGGBAPH2005 022 PUE-VIZ What does the future hold for the games industryand Al? 0 2 8 3D108 PERKS Worldwide comoanv benefits 032 CUKE-UP The crazy Carlton beer ad 0 3 8 HUMAN 2.0 The development of 3D humans enters a new creative ~hase 046 TUTORIAL Simulatea school of fish wltn Ms Moxand the Crowd system 0 5 4 TUTORIAL A set of expen tips and techniques for facial modelling--


tdcreate detailed f l q _ c - ? n h l a + i a 3ds Max with the help of OLU mair

056 TUTORIAL Turn on the li hts with the first In a four-oart!ioht~mser~es 062 LEAD Q&A Recreate the li ht trail effect from the new &son advert 066 QUICI( QUESTIONS Your technical problemssolved 074 GROUP TEST Round-UD U D monitors of 080 REVIEWMovo7

082 REVIEW RenderMonfor Mavo 0 8 4 REVIEW Softimage XSI 5 0 8 6 REVIEW /AS 6 088 REVIEW Sketchup5 0 8 9 REVIEW Artlontis R 090 REVIEW3D SOM Pro

092 3D TRAINING 30 traininn materials 0 9 4 BUYER'S GUIDE 30 software: prices and verdicts 1 0 6 PRODUCTION DIARY Making 24: The Come

Light trailsRecreate the fancy light tra~ls from the r e c e n t Dyson ad 0621

REGULARS003 COVER ARTIST This issue: Oliviw Ponsonnet 007 EDITORS PERSPECTIVE Our views on the 30 industry 0 0 8 MAILBOX Your views on the 30 Industry 0 1 0 EXHlBlTlON Get your own work into print 0 4 4 SUBSCRIBE Subscribeto the mag and save 0 6 0 COMPETITION Win 3Dconnexiongear 072 SUBSCRIBE WORLDWIDE Discount wbs outside the UK 099 BACK ISSUES Missed an issue? Buy it here 1 0 0 ClASSlFlEOS New jobs and 3D services 103 NEXT ISSUE In the magazine next month 105 BUSINESS END Marketingadvice 1 10 INSPIRATIONS Nick Cave's The Carny

ON THE CDM e d i c a l and s c i e n t i f i c models &

XSIvideo training SEE PAGE 114

Editor's perspective IiSSUB,


3D WORLD advisory board3D M l i brciughtto you with the help rd s and aduke of heading 3D indumy figures

RopwRMf7She vras one of the first Mss it hired to fonn DreamWs Animation in 1995. She's now O m m b b M EwopeanReppesemth,wamhg new w M b r the studio.


lardi Baresworked for eight yewEn t @gams and film hdueies hmMnativeSpa'mhb~~ PoLandonblMM3,[email protected] fdanced adJlmkknson3b e t w e %ap and WmF4ctun?s.The~ofmgny~


Editor's perspectivelxing science and futurology is like mixing contortionism and whiskey: do it long enough, and you'll eventually end up having to remove your foot from your mouth. Digital Equipment Corporation CEO, Ken Olsen, discovered this in the 1980s. havlng predicfed in 1977 that there's "no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home." The risk of dental gymnastics is particularly acute when, like Olsen, you predict that something won't - or can't - happen. So we couldn't help fearing for the state of George Lucas's bridgework when he commented in his SIGGRAPH 2005 keynote speech: T h e real leap has been made. [Digital technology] is cumbersome, i t doesn't always work as well as we'd like, but what's left to develop is mainly better knobs and whistles. W don't need to reinvent the wheel: we've already reinvented it." e On the show floor, at l e a n few people were arguing with him. While the world and its dog unveiled new products at SIGGRAPH this year, most of these, such as Maya 7 XSI 5,3ds Max 8 Lightwave 9 , , , Houdini 8 and Fusion 5 (1 could go on, and with 300 words still to write, the temptation is strong, but you get my point) fall into Lucas's category of better knobs on existing products. Of course, there were a couple of entirely new applications. in particular, T-Splines, a start-up marketing its Mayo plug-in of the same name, was at pains to point out that it's 'not merely another piece of run-of-the-mill modelling software, throwing new bells and whistles on old technology." A 'supenet' of NURBS and'Sub-D surfaces, T-Splinesenables artists "to work in ways that were mathematically impossible before," requiring up to 75 per cent less control points t o generate a surface. Whether this will really starta new wave of 3D modelling remains to be seen, but i t s certainly interesting. You can find an exclusive learning edition of the software on the C this issue. D But it's outside the show floor, in SIGGRAPH's papers and technical sessions, that new technology most commonly emerges. This year, two topics in particular occupied the speakers' time: real-time renderingfor games, and new techniques for creating digital characters. We'll be returning to gaming in future issues, but we thought it would be interesting to ask the researchers present at the show to predict what virtual actors will look like by 201 0. You can find out what they said on page 38. The rest of our show coverage, including George Lucas's keynote speech, starts on page 16. Looking back over i t I can't help wondering which of our own predictions we may come to regret in hindsight. But here I have a foolproof plan. In addition to being a technological event SIGGRAPH is also an immensely social one. Like the contortionist if any of our opinions prove to be hideously misguided, I'll simply blame it on the whiskey.

4e\~95nami~df~fanE~.brMswkon tkBBCdcuJm~#.-. I! # W I




And inthe industry tar ten years o np p ( l ~ t h a t h a u e ~ d

wrMalwnd~.Hew~~ 4 ~ ~ ' ~ - 1 * l a a e r s h r ~ ) ~ C m will act ci-iaal




at l a i Wognne studio C o d s ~ a~ s e dm s



JIM THACKER Editor [email protected]

Wan nar 2 yaaPZ cmbhed 0 wperhce at kdmim, w k h g on it range of *?;andshntPhns

November 2005 3D WORLD 1007


LETTER OF THE MONTtaving recently made a couple of trips t o the cinema t o see the latest Star Warsfilm [3D World, issue 661 and the big-screen adaptation of Hitchhiker's [3D World, issue 651, rdlsnlrcafaM thaefkm.I




r n e ~ M ~ w & m wddk~W0svtElt4kerW7I

MENTAL ROY: A l l TRIPPED OUTWith Mental Roy's mildly sarcastic humour and his circuitous writing, I'm not quite sure what the point of his


column in issue 67 is. Is he complaining about the lack of original CG productions for childrenor for adults7 If his argument is with children's films, Iwould say there's little reason to try anything truly

original.Six-year-oldsare not taken to a film with any expectationof being inteliectuailychallenged. They just want to be amused for two hours. If Roy's complaint is about C films G for adults, lack of overwhelming demand for such films is the root cause. If film studios thought there was a market, they certainly would be trying to fill it, He also asks the reader for the name of a CG animation franchise for adults. Iwould answer Trpping the Rift the new season of which is currently airing on the Sci-Fi Channel. I vaguely recall that when the first season of Tripping the Rift was airing. 30 WwMdid a promo for an upcomingarticle on the show, but it never materialised.I was really lookingforward to that story, hoping it would provide some details on how they animatedthe er, Soft Body Dynamics of the science officer, Six Jhn Kangas, via e d ml

because adults don't constantly pester their parents for film-related action figures, lunchbnxes, DVD spin-offs, T-shirts, tattoos and breast implants. Although fans of Trjpping the Rift might come to think of it" As for the article, itself we hang our heads in shame. We got Into a tangle over when the series would be screened outside the States, and ended up never running the feature. Six's secrets remain sadly - and atyplcally - unplumbed.

SICCRAPH SLIP-UP?After receiving issue 69 of 3D World, I was looking forward to viewing your round-up of SIGGRAPH 2005, but Iwas rather disappointedby your

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