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Six Wedding Trends For 2014

Date post:21-Nov-2014
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Planning a wedding soon? Check out some of 2014's latest wedding trends! Find everything from the latest dress styles to some of the most unique venues imaginable.
  • 1. { uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 Six Wedding Trends For 2014

2. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Handcrafted Wedding Dcor Color Palette: Radiant Orchid Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Naked Wedding Cakes Bold Colors Unique Wedding Venues 2014 Wedding Trends 3. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Today, there is a huge emphasis on personalization when it comes to weddings For example: Try incorporating chalkboard paint into your dcor, its affordable and you can use it for a variety of elements such as centerpieces or a hand-written menu Handcrafted Wedding Decor 4. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Incorporate Radiant Orchid Into Your Color Palette According to Pantone, Radiant Orchid is the color of the year for 2014. Radiant Orchid symbolizes creativity, magical warmth, and confidence and promotes love, joy, and health Try incorporating this unique color into your bouquet or even one of your signature drinks! 5. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Allow each bridesmaid to choose her own dress in the color of your choice This will be easier on your bridesmaids because each of them has a different body type and all dresses will fit differently Mismatched dresses in the same color will promote creativity and will most certainly be unforgettable! 6. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Naked Wedding Cakes The idea of the naked wedding cake has been gaining popularity this year! Naked cakes are naturally topped with fresh flowers, fruit, powdered sugar, and other minimalistic garnishes, making it simple, unique and breath taking. Ideal for outdoor or nature themed weddings http://lalaandlissylou.blogspot.com 7. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Bold Colors Opposing the natural beauty trend, bold colors seem to be popping up a lot more frequently in wedding venues of all types this year. According to ModCloth.com, expect to see glamorous metallics and bold statement colors in 2014! 8. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Unique Wedding Venues Nowadays, its the unique wedding venue you choose that will make your wedding truly unforgettable, such as museums, party halls, beaches, lakes, cruise ships, and more. Take a look at a few of our favorite wedding venues! 9. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Rex Room New Orleans, LA Located in the heart of New Orleans famous French Quarters, the Rex Room is ideal for intimate weddings. This post-card perfect venue includes a breathtaking wrap- around balcony overlooking Bourbon Street to capture the ambience and charm New Orleans has to offer. 10. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Thornewood Castle Inn & Gardens Lakewood/Tacoma, Washington From indoor to outdoor weddings, Thornewood Castle has a lot to offer. You have the option of celebrating outside on the waterfront or secret garden, as well as inside in the ornate Great Hall and Ballroom! 11. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { Springs Preserve Las Vegas, Nevada The Springs Preserve features breathtaking botanical gardens and a unique trail system throughout the scenic wetland habitat. It interlaces the Southwests natural beauty with its innovative architectural design and is perfect for an outdoor wedding. 12. uniquevenues.com 866.266.6857 { For More Information

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