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Sleep Dentistry - Daniel Daniel Dentistry complaints

Date post: 08-Jan-2017
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Slide 1Dr. Daniel has a gentle touch and an eye for aesthetic perfection. This combination of skill and attention to detail produces stunning results.
When Dr. Daniel isn’t creating smiles, he coaches his colleagues in areas such as practice transformation, adhesive dentistry, communications and case presentation skills.
Highly experienced and using advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Daniel is committed to excellence and dedicated to being on the cutting edge of his profession.
He has completed courses at the Kois Center, in Seattle,
Washington, and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced
Dental Studies, a world renowned facility for aesthetic
and neuromuscular dentistry.
Sleep Your Way To A New Smile
Daniel Daniel Dentistry offers a spa-like relaxing experience, alleviating a great deal of anxiety many people experience from a traditional visit to the dentist.
Partnering with anesthesiologist Dr. Ken Chisholm, Daniel Daniel Dentistry now offers sleep dentistry.
f you or somebody you know has a high level of anxiety concerning dental visits, they may be a candidate for sleep dentistry.
Millions of Canadians are afraid of going to the dentist. Many Canadians let this fear prevent them from proper and necessary dental care
You no longer have to suffer from dental anxiety. Sleep dentistry allows you to stay calm and comfortable during any procedure. You will literally sleep through your appointment. You will be woken up after your appointment is complete, with little to no memory of your appointment.
You or someone you know is a candidate for sedation dentistry if you have experienced any of the following:
Fear or anxiety
A fear of needles.
A gag reflex.
Extensive dental problems.
A tight schedule and would like to accomplish considerable work in a few visits.
Sleep Your Way To A New Smile