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Slotted Screwdrivers Phillips-Tip Screwdrivers...fatigue -free driving. The Vaco screw-driver line...

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    Plastic-Handle,Slotted Screwdrivers

    Plastic-Handle,Phillips-Tip Screwdrivers

    Square-Shank, Keystone-TipSquare-shank screwdrivers with V and 5/ie" tips, in 9 lengths for

    Heavy-DutySquare-Shank, Keystone-TipHefty square shank allows wrench-assisted turning when extra forceis needed.

    Cat. No.C66C68C610C612C718

    Shank Tip Widthx Shank Length

    3/s X 6 (9.5 X 152)% x 8 (9.5 x 203)

    3/a X 10 (9.5 x 254)% X 12 (9.5 X 305)3/e X 18 (9.5 X 457)


    10V2 (267)12V2 (317)14V2 (368)16V2 (419)235/ie (592)


    ooSuper-Long ScrewdriversHeavy-duty, long-reach screwdrivers for reaching into walls andother hard-to-get-to places where added length is necessary. Eachscrewdriver features Vaco's oversize Comfordome61 handle.

    ScrewdriverCat. No. Type70155 Round slottedP202 Round Phillips No. 2C718 Square slotted

    Shank Tip Width Overallx Shank Length Length

    V« x 20 (6.3 x 508) 24V2 (622)V4 x 20 (6.3 x 508) 24V2 (622)3/8 X 18 (9.5 x 457) 235/ie" (592)

    WARNING: Do not use any screw-driver on live electrical circuits.

    All screwdriver dimensions given ininches and (millimeters).

    Round-Shank Profilated® Phillips-TipProfilated tips fit more accurately and torque without slippage.

    Precision-fitted tips in stubby style for close-quarter work.Pt. Shank Overall

    Cat. No. Size Length LengthP5 2 1% (35) 35/8 (92)P6 1 1 1 / 4 (32) 3 (76)

    Pocket-Clip Round-Shank,Profilated® Phillips-TipDesigned for the smallest-size Phillips screws and with convenientpocket clip.

    Shank OverallLength LengthCat. No.



    0 2V2 (63) 415/ie (125)

    Extra-Long Round-Shank,Profilated® Phillips-TipFor hard-to-get-at screws. Has oversize Comfordome® handle.

    Cat. No.P18P28P212P202



    ShankLength8 (203)8 (203)12 (305)20 (508)


    1 1 V 2 (292)11 5 / a (295)155/e (397)24V2 (622)

    Round-Shank, Super-HardProfilated" Phillips-TipCombine accurate fit plus specially-hardened tips for long, reliableservice. In three most-used Phillips-tip sizes.

    Pt. Shank OverallSize Length Length

    1 33/a (86) 77/e (200)2 4 (102) 8V2 (216)

    Cat. No.P10P20P30 6 (152) 1 1 3 / 1 6 (284)

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    Introduction CONT>DKlein Cushion-GripScrewdriversKlein Cushion-Grip screwdrivers areexceptionally strong, made of carefullyheat-treated and tempered steel. TheCushion-Grip handle resists slippagewhich allows you to apply greatertorque. Bolster on blade at handle pro-vides added strength and rigidity forheavy-duty Cushion-Grip screwdrivers.Blades are fully chrome-plated withblack tips. The handle grip is super-comfortable to provide hours of fatigue-free usage. A cushion sleeve makes thedifference. This soft, black grip inter-locks permanently with a slotted plastichandle. Its deep-ribbed design andcushioning action permit the use ofmaximum turning power without dis-comfort. Grip is resistant to oil, gas andwater. Handle tops of Phillips-tip andstandard-tip drivers are permanentlyinscribed with a tip-description symbolfor easy identification.

    Vaco Plastic-HandleScrewdriversVaco plastic-handle screwdrivers aremade of the finest-grade steel, heat-treated and tempered for extra tough-ness. Most styles feature exclusiveComfordome® handles, full-fluted withchamfered edges for comfortable,fatigue -free driving. The Vaco screw-driver line includes plastic-handle BullDriver® screwdrivers featuring a 35%larger-than normal handle diameter todeliver up to 50% extra power. All Vacoscrewdrivers meet or exceed applicableANSI and MIL specifications. Handletops of Phillips-tip and standard-tip dri-vers are permanently inscribed with atip-description symbol for easy identifi-cation.

    Grip-It8 ScrewdriversA completely new handle surface tech-nology has been added to the provenjob-performance standards of Kleinscrewdrivers. Klein Grip-It" screwdriversresist slippage to allow the transfer ofmore torque even with wet or oilyhands. The large, ergonomic, triangular-shaped handle provides greater contactarea with your hand for maximum turn-ing power and a more comfortable grip.The handle features a patented, oil-resistant, anti-slip, plastic flock cover-ing. The special geometry of the handledesign incorporates a generous hollowfor the thumb, providing more turningpower. The spherical end virtually elim-inates pressure points in the palm ofthe hand. The exceptionally-strongblades are made of special, high-alloysteel and are^ chrome plated for longlife. All Grip-It" screwdrivers are perma-nently marked with the Klein catalognumber for easy identification and haveKlein's special black tips.

    Klein Cushion-GripScrewdrivers

    Deluxe Cushion-Gripscrewdrivers are designedfor extra-long, dependableservice and unbeatablecomfort.

    The comfortable Cushion-Gripis locked around a solid-plastichandle. Grip extends upto handle end.

    Shank has integral flangesto provide a solid, torque-proof anchor deep in theplastic handle.

    Heavy-duty screwdrivers havespecial bolster constructionto reinforce againsthard use.

    Fully chrome-plated bladewith black tip.

    Vaco Plastic HandleScrewdrivers

    Exclusive Comfor-dome* handle. Nosharp edges.

    Full-fluted handlefor better grip andmaximum torque.

    High-impact, break-resistant handlesare imperviousto most acidsand alkalies.

    Tough, temperedblades of chrome-vanadium steel,nickel-chromeplated for long life.

    Fully chrome-plated bladewith black tip.

    Grip-It ScrewdriversThe spherical end virtuallyeliminates pressure points inthe palm of the hand

    Handle size and shapeprovide greater contact areawith your hand for maximumturning power and a morecomfortable grip

    Handle made of high-impact,matte-black plastic

    Patented oil-resistant, anti-slip, plastic flock on the han-dle helps prevent slippage

    Triangular handle shape foroptimal torque transfer

    Hollow for thumb allowsgreater turning power

    Exceptionally-strong blademade of special, high-alloysteel and chrome plated forlong life

    Black tip

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