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Smart Analytics Cloud med Cognos (IBM Information Management)

Date post: 22-Jun-2015
Author: ibm-danmark
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En Cloud-løsning kan give kontante besparelser på både hardware, software og service samtidig med, at man kun skal fokusere på anvendelse og ikke drift. Hør hvordan Cognos Business Analytics indarbejdes i en virksomhedsstrategi, samt hvilke fordele en Business Analytics Cloud-løsning giver. IBM har selv taget en Cloud-løsning i brug på Business Analytics-området med over 200.000 brugere og har opnået en markant besparelse. IBM Smart Analytics Cloud er en ny service leveret via IBM System z. Læs mere her: bit.ly/softwaredagim4
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Smart Analytics Cloud med Cognos Juha Teljo Business Analytics Solution Executive, Nordic
  • Smart Analytics Cloudmed CognosJuha TeljoBusiness Analytics Solution Executive, Nordic

  • IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERThe Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.

    The information contained herein is IBM Confidential and may not be used or disclosed without express written permission from IBM Corporation

  • IBM Building a Smarter Planet

  • The Two Dimensions in Cloud

    ComputingCloud enables customers to consume IT as a service, without burdening customers about

    how the service works behind the scene

    ExistingEnterprise ITCapabilities

    NewEnterprise ITCapabilities

    Third party capabilities

    Capabilities On demand self serviceDelivery via the Cloud

    Key Characteristics1. Common services2. Location independent3. On demand4. Utility based5. Dynamic


    Dimension 1 - Service Models

    1. Infrastructure as a Service2. Platform as a Service3. Software as a Service

    Dimension 2 - Delivery Models

    1. Public cloud2. Private cloud3. Community cloud4. Hybrid cloud

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Business Analytics and Cloud Computing1) Not all Clouds are Created Equal - the right cloud based

    solutions based on needs and to minimize risks2) Delivers faster time to business value through

    standardization, virtualization and automation3) Leverage the larger IBM Cloud Computing value

    proposition and technological investment

    EnterpriseData Center



    IBM/3rd party hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community Cloud Services


    Turn computing platform CAPEX spend to OPEX spend

    Up and running in minutes

    Cognos BI on IBM Compute Cloud

    IBM BlueInsights with 150K+ users and $20m saved over life of program

    Platform for self serviced provisioning of standardized BI services increasing service adoption and utilization

    Clients retaining complete control of the solution stack and security policy

    Smart Analytics (private) Cloud on zLinux


    New York Times

    IBM Process Outsourcing HR workbench solution using Cognos BI

    Proof points

    Industry specific applications on demand (e.g. Customer churn, community cloud for banks)

    LOB solution with minimal IT involvement and investment

    Insight from Cloud resident data

    Reduce IT complexity by leveraging standardized cloud platform services


    Cognos BI as OEM

    SPSS Online Data Collection SaaS

    Cognos Consumer Insights

    Many Eyes

    SPSS Managed Services (data collection)

    Offering & Capabilities

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Customers and Partners in Cloud today. Just not calling it Cloud

    ISV/OEM offerings powered by Cognos 8 Delivers reports & analytics to 800 member banks, Collect

    Market Research Peer Benchmarking Information marketplace for supply chain partners Sharing insight beyond the enterprise Want to lower cost, increase time to value

    Want their analytics next to their data centers

    Strive to connect to salesforce.com

    Visualization & social media analytics


    Community Cloud

    Private Cloud



    Public Cloud

    OEM Clouds

    50+ ISVs a

    nd OEMS ho

    sting IBM

    Cognos toda



    deploying sta

    ndardized B



    using Privat

    e Cloud (e.g.


    Analytics C




    Increased Flexibility


    Cost Increased Flexibility

    EnterpriseData Center



    IBM hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Blue Insight: IBMs deployment is the worlds largest private cloud computing environment for business intelligence and analytics that will empower IBMers from around the world with information and business insight to make smarter decisions no matter where the data resides

    IBM Blue Insight results: Consolidating +20 multi-product, departmental BI

    deployments to Cognos 8 BI on System z Realizing value from +60 data sources across

    IBM representing +1PB of data Deploying private cloud self service to support

    +200,000 named users across our global workforce (120K by mid-year 2010, expanding to 200K by 2011)

    56% cost savings per user (grows with volume) $7,775,767 - Infrastructure cost savings

    realized with z10 technology $2,558,525 - Business Intelligence

    Competency Center (BICC) cost savings; Elasticity in a shared server model supporting

    SLAs for diverse tenants; Speed to value and reduced capital spend (26 weeks to 2 weeks)

    Smart Analytics (private) Cloud in the IBM corporationOur commitment to informed decision making led us to consider private cloud delivery of Cognos via System z, which is the enabling foundation that makes possible +$20M savings over 5 years.

    -IBM CIO Office

    What IBM has done is come up with a perfect application for a private cloud.

    -- John Webster, CNET, Nov. 18, 2009

    EnterpriseData Center


  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Smart Analytics Cloud

    A private cloud within the enterprise

    A solution for delivering business intelligence to the entire organization

    Creates That delivers

    The Smart Analytics Cloud solution offering

    Open, enterprise-class BI platform

    Web OfficeSearchMobile

    Cognos 8 BIA broad range of BI capabilities

    IBM System zCentralize, Virtualize & Simplify the BI infrastructure

    IBM software

    IBM hardware

    Phase 1: Create awareness of, a strategy for and a governance foundation for BI across the organization

    Phase 2: Preparation for the Smart Analytics Cloud

    IBM Services

    Phase 3: Install the base cloud, integrate into the corporate enterprise and test the cloud use cases

    Phase 4: Educate the enterprise for on-going success with the Smart Analytics Cloud

    The solution components

    EnterpriseData Center


  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    SPSS Online Data Collection

    Dedicated hosted


    Customized for each


    Guaranteed Service Level


    Data collection capabilities to capture attributes, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes for customers, employees or constituents

    Augments internally captured data with sentiment and opinion data and use this combination as part of the analytic process

    Two delivery models available

    Avoid IT Roadblocks

    No on-premise infrastructure

    Monthly Subscription

    Optional transaction based


    Managed Services SaaS


    IBM hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community Cloud Services

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    IT benefits from cloud computing are real

    Test provisioning Weeks Minutes

    Change management Months Days/hours

    Release management Weeks Minutes

    Service access Administered Self-service

    Standardization Complex Reuse/share

    Metering/billing Fixed cost Variable cost

    Server/storage utilization 1020% 7090%

    Payback period Years Months

    SOURCE: Based on IBM and client experience.

    Increasing speed and


    Reducing costs

    Results from IBM cloud computing engagements


    IBM hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Cognos BI on IBM Cloud

    EnterpriseData Center

    PrivateCloud Enterprise

    IBM/3rd party hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services

    Optimized Business System

    Enterprise Software


    IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud V1.1 Convert Compute Platform spend from CAPEX to

    OPEX On-demand provisioning of scalable, virtualized

    development and testing resources in an automated cloud platform

    A self-service portal designed for ease of use, with a catalog of standardized infrastructure services (e.g. storage, server size, O/S)

    Data centers in USA and Germany

    IBM Cognos BI Software Bring Your Own Licenses for Cloud Deployments Up and running only few clicks away Rapid provisioning an instance of an IBM supplied

    pre-configured and optimized Cognos V8.4 image with all pre-requisite middleware in minutes

    DeveloperWorks articles and book on IBM CognosAnalytics and Cloud Computing with considerations on data architecture and security

    Available IGF financing for monthly payment options


    IBM hosted &operated

    HostedPrivate Cloud

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Public Cloud Example

    "The work we did with IBM fundamentally changed our business strategy and how we looked at our own brand". - Simon Talbot Kraft Australia

    How IBM Steered Kraft to New Market OpportunitiesBusiness challengeKraft to go on a journey of discovery with the IBM research team, with hopes to identify what was on the minds of its Vegemite customers worldwide by analyzing social media

    SolutionIBM Global Business Services used IBMs Corporate Brand and Reputation Analysis (COBRA) to analyze unstructured data across the Internet to provide deep insight and root cause analysis as well as statistical tracking and advanced alerts to events and conversations across Web 2.0 activities.

    Actionable Insights Kraft Australia found a native Australians had a very strong personal

    identification for the brand The analysis also identified numerous new recipes for an opportunities to

    market Vegemite The COBRA analysis also identified an opportunity introduce Vegemite to a

    new Autstralians to expand the market potential The new marketing strategy helps capitalize on customers loyalty to and love

    for the Vegemite product

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    IBM Cognos Consumer InsightGaining Market Insight with Voice of Customer Analysis

    Business problem

    Explosion of consumer feedback on social media has created a powerful new consumer influence that is out of reach of traditional business analytics

    Companies are actively looking for ways to pro-actively monitor and leverage social media content to establish a direct and timely connection with the voice of the customer

    Brand managers, market analysts, competitive intelligence all want to correlate social media information with their internal business data for better business outcomes

    Consumer Insights solution:

    Configured for hosted or on-premise deployments

    Analyzes large amounts of cloud content for discussions of brand, products and key topics and correlates with sentiment

    Offers sophisticated IBM Cognos Software reporting and alerting capabilities combined with unique search-based exploratory user interface

    Allows integration of analysis and content with on-premise applications and analytics assets

    Many IBM patents in data discovery, manipulation, visualization


    Consumer InsightVoice of Customer dashboards

    Web blogs, social media, reviews

    100,000+ discussion forums

    30,000+ news feeds

    2 billion+ blog postings

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    Public Cloud: Visualization & Social Networking

    Next Generation Knowledge worker is used to being connected and to sharing information (Blogs, Wiki, Twitter, Blackberry, Facebook, YouTube..)

    Today, were taking the next step in reader involvement with the launch of The New York Times Visualization Lab, which allows readers to create compelling interactive charts, graphs, maps and other types of graphical presentations from data made available by Times editors.

    NYTimes.com readers can comment on the visualizations, share them with others in the form of widgets and images, and create topic hubs where people can collect visualizations and discuss specific subjects.

    Public Cloud Example

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services

  • 2010 IBM Corporation

    Business Analytics

    IBM Cognos Many Eyes

    Leveraging the Clouds power for collaboration and networking

    Democratizing data visualization Easy to use:

    Empowers all users to explore their data No training needed

    Fast: Even on first use, time to create can be measured in

    seconds/minutes Because its on demand, no installation, set-up,

    configuration needed

    Discovering new insights through Unique and interactive data visualizations Input from multiple perspectives

    Providing convincing fact-based support for decisions Compelling visualizations

    Available for free trial on IBM Alphaworks

    On premise and Hosted Editions in the labs

    Enterprise AEnterprise B Users

    Public/ Community

    Cloud Services